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Reading Colette s short novel Ch ri felt like munching on a box of fancy Belgian truffles and in this case washed down with a bottle of fine vintage French wine everything is all very French and all very luxurious On it s first publication in 1920 both Marcel Proust and Andr Gide deemed it as a masterpiece I wouldn t o as far as to say that but was pleasantly surprised how pleasurable a read it was I love how the female lead character L a de Lonval is described as a magnificent and aging courtesan facing the end of her sexual career erexcuse me the poor irl hasn t even hit 50 ive her a break and to make matters worse she is madly in love with the exuisitely handsome and spoilt brat Ch ri who I would describe at times as an arrogant sniveling little toad The fact Ch ri is half L a s age doesn t stop the flowers blossoming in love for the pair the dashing playboy would first lead her up the The Monk as Man: The Unknown Life of Swami Vivekananda garden path and advantageously marry someone else seeing a sombre L a reluctantly deciding their relationship must end Without Ch ri L a does experience a new wanted freedom but both lovers would finally realise just how deeply they are connected in ways than oneSeven years prior L a a courtesan in the Parisian demi monde before the first world war agreed to take Ch ri to help supervise his amorous education their lavish time spent together is awash with servants boudoirs silks and satins pearls and sapphires warm bodies and moonlight It s as if all the house fronts of Paris were thrown away leaving an open view of men and women talking dressing bathing brooding and loving Colette s sensual prose with a twist of melancholy was as rich and charming as it s characters worked so well without the need to be overly sexual and never falls into the trap of being aeneric sentimental romance novel in the mold of say Mills Boon Love is deeply entangled with maternal love in this book that for a modern reader may surprise with wit and wisdom Colette is ultimately concerned with the human heart and the transgressive emotions it might shelter I read this looking at it from L a s perspective a wonderfully drawn and pragmatic business woman filled with kindness Mixed with a tenderness and passion for Ch ri but tingled with a sad realization that she feels age is not on her side any She felt much pain on discovering Ch ri s marriage plans although his overly protective mother plays a pivotal role in his lifeSumptuous and beautifully written with a warm human touch Colette at it s core simply writes of love and aging and tells us how love sometimes binds and keeps a woman from breathing freely or how it may shape and support her and help her to be beautiful It s not that I disliked Monsieur Ch ri through all his lavish living he was still driven by human emotions just like anyone elseI can t hold that against him He still deserved a smack in the chops thoughFor me it #s hovering somewhere between 35 and 4 stars #hovering somewhere between 35 and 4 stars is worthy of a four Writing of romance is not always easy and it did tick most of the right boxes Colette herself is one of the The Tomb of Iuchiban great stories of literature Indentured as ahost writer by her lecherous husband a writer of trash she escaped from his shadow and the marriage to become the novelist he never was Openly bisexual she was considered a leading light of French literature and became the president of the prestigious Academie Goncourt She eventually won the reatest honor of all being played by Keira Knightley in a r This book is so wonderfully written The dialogue is too realistic it s painful to read the conversations between Ch ri and L a and between Ch ri and Edm e Colette s treatment of relationships is excellent She builds the characters and their interactions with each other uickly This book is less than two hundred pages yet I feel like I ve known Charlotte L a Ch ri and Edm e I understand their world why and how they are the way they are with each other The last ten pages are the best for me and the most heart wrenching When two people who love each other have been away from each other for months the first feeling is relief to be back together joy and pleasure But then reality settles in How have they changed or not changed over the course of three months Sometimes just by being away from each other out of context they change because the world around them has changed What I love most about this book is that it s less a story and a portrait of a relationship To see the evolution of Ch ri and L a s relationship is beautiful and sad The thing I love next most that s awkward is the tone of the book I m not fluent in French so I didn t understand every single word I read Yet I didn t want to keep stopping to look up words or phrases I wanted to read and absorb the story *as i could with my knowledge of french *I could with my knowledge of French I was really able to understand a lot through the tone of Colette s writing It s nostalgic and deeply sad yet also lovely and bittersweet That really allowed me to understand the characters and their connections to eac. Molti conoscono Chéri prima di aver letto Chéri Perché uesto ragazzo «coi capelli dai riflessi blu come le penne dei merli» è passato direttamente dalle pagine del breve romanzo di Colette al cielo degli archetipi Con la protervia della bellezza iovane Chéri irrompe nella vita di Léa donna leggera e sapiente «cortigiana danarosa e buona figliola a cui la vita Chéri author ColetteS Colette would live a long life 1873 1954 and she wrote well into her later years Her novel Gigi was published in 1944 and later made into a movie I believe she is one of the most underrated writers of her time I enjoy reading her stories and look forward to reading her biography My first time trying Colette The novella set in the Paris suburbs circles the relationship of L a de Lonval an ageing courtesan and Fr d rick Peloux her handsome supercilious lover boy the set of his head uite a statue But what a little beast he is When he laughs you d swear it s a reyhound snarling Although they ve been together for six years the young man whom she simply calls Ch ri dear one is just 25 about half her age When Ch ri s mother arranges a financially beneficial marriage for him he and L a convince themselves that it means nothing but later uestion whether they ve lost their one chance at true loveThese are both aloof characters who sometimes have trouble accessing their emotions My temperature s normal so it s nothing physical I see I m just unhappy L a realizes Well why shouldn t I have a heart like everybody else Ch ri asks To what extent is L a a replacement mother figure for Ch ri Does love always entail possession and a loss of freedom These psychological uestions and the complex characters held my interest though in the end the story is fairly thin I find that I often say this about novellas which makes me sound like I lack imagination but it s a conclusion that doesn t just have to do with a book s length some novellas like Silk and Ghost Wall cram tons into their low page count I d read by Colette her memoirs come recommended for instancePS Oh no There s a seuel I read this book in readiness for a roup discussion There are lots of positive reviews around so clearly many readers have found much to enjoy I found nothing to enjoy indeed I thought it was one of the worst books I have ever read and ive it one star a rating I have never used before The basic plot is very straightforward and as it was on cover of my edition I don t think the story is meant to be the point 25 year old Ch ri real name Fred the son of a wealthy courtesan has been in a long term relationship with 49 year old L a a friend of his mother Ch ri ets married stops seeing L a misses her and oes back to her There s a bit to it but that s it in a nutshellThe story is described in a deadpan manner all surface and appearance There is no reference This is like a 25 stars but as always I round down I read this book to practice my French and if you are reading the book for the same reasons Colette is both a ood and bad Choice Good Because She Uses A Lot Of Different Words Good because she uses a lot of different words now know a bunch of ways to describe how people lean on things lol but bad because some of her words are so idiosyncratic I uess that some of them weren t in dictionaries I looked at Her French was also kind of difficult for me at times that I had to look up a translation then again my French is #rusty Anyway this is a frustrating book to rate much less review #Anyway this is a frustrating book to rate much less review throughout much of the book I absolutely hated it but Colette also addressed rather masterfully I have to admit much of what I had hated about it in the last twenty pages or so of the novel my copy was 222 pages btw So about the first 200 pages of the novel is maybe a 1 15 stars the5 added for the writing which is lovely at times and then another star for the ending alone Ch ri is a love story and love stories are only as strong as the romances they describe Therefore if I find the romance "Unconvincing Or Weak Or Whatever "or weak or whatever the whole story falls apart for me This is exactly the case with this book I never ot the sense they truly loved each other in the way that Colette wanted me to feel about them and so that made the story much slow oing because the entire time I was thinking BUT WHY TELL ME WHY I was very caps locks y throughout much of the bookThe romance was incredibly creepy to me because Colette establishes that L a has known Ch ri since he was a baby Ch ri calls her by a pet name he ave her when he was a child and there is a very disturbing sentence in the book that view spoiler now he called her that in the throes of his pleasure like ew hide spoiler Free download available at Project Gutenberg From BBC Radio 4 15 Minute DramaColette s tale of a love affair between a courtesan and a man half her age set in Paris before WWI15 After a six year affair Cheri announces to Lea he is about to enter into an arranged marriage25 Lea has to face the harsh reality of her young lover Cheri s marriage to another woman35 Cheri returns from honeymoon dissatisfied yearning to know where Lea has fled45 Lea has returned to Paris lonely and yearning for her young lover Cheri Mme Peloux Cheri s mother brings news of him55 Cheri has returned to Lea but can their love affair surviveNarrator Lindsay DuncanCheri Joseph MillsonLea Frances BarberMadame Peloux Brigit ForsythDirected by Pauline Harrishttpwwwbbccoukprogrammesb009j9hs. Smalto di Chéri vengono spiati in ogni attimo da un occhio a cui nulla sfugge Così uesta vicenda scandita dalle scene di una magistrale commedia demi mondaine diventa la cronaca di una catastrofe dove il sentimento è delicatamente avvolto nella fisiologia e brama di sprofondare «in uell’abisso da cui l’a risale pallido taciturno e pieno del rimpianto della morte.

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H other without understanding every word I found the dialogue in this book much moving than the narrative Colette s descriptions are lovely and the dialogue in this book much moving than the narrative Colette s descriptions are lovely and but when the characters speak to each other her writing really comes alive I found myself reading aloud to practice my pronunciation with feeling really Mi karma y yo getting into the emotions behind the words The arguments are passionate and display the chemistry between the characters in a way that not all writers can master I mlad I read "this book in French There s something very expressive about an Ah "book in French There s something very expressive about an Ah la Eh bien hein Ta ta ta that just couldn t translate into English Or a switch in the use #of tu versus vous There s a lot of shrugging of Les paules that only #tu versus vous There s a lot of shrugging of Les paules that only French can turn into another mode of self expression effective than Les paroles But I can imagine that the tone and the nuances of the relationships would translate Overall I recommend this book very highly she lunched in solitary bliss with a smile for the dry Vouvray and for the June strawberries served with their stalks on a plate of Rubelles enamel as Everything Happens for a Reason: And Other Lies I've Loved green as a tree frog after rain Sidonie Gabrielle Colette 1873 1954 the author widely acknowledged as the first literary feminist though she always insisted on her political antifeminism based much of her fiction on personal memories She wrote this novella as she was turning 47 and it is rumoured to be based on her own experiencesCh ri is the pet name for Fred Peloux a thoroughly spoiled petulant and idle 25 year old man child described as having hair with the blue sheen of a blackbird s plumage and with a penchant for pearls His 49 year old mistress L a de Lonval is a richly kept courtesan still beautiful but nearing the end of her successful career This absurdly moody playboy is the son of L a s friend cum rival Charlotte Peloux and she has devoted her middle years to furthering his erotic education Their relationship could hardly be described as romantic in the fluffily over sentimental sense of the word and they freuentlylare at each other with open hostility but both in their own ways are devoted to each other she captivated by his youthful ardour and beauty he beguiled by her passion and worldly sophistication It appears to me their affection stems from a combination of sexual desire and maternal longingAfter six years together the time has come for Ch ri to commit to an advantageous marriage leading the lovers to realise how deeply connected they have become Their relationship must now end but secretly neither one of them wants this to happen As we follow them through the final few weeks of their affair it becomes apparent their bonds will not easily be severed Ch ri is something of cautionary tale in that it exposes the tragedy of self delusion and the cruelty of time Colette described it her most moral work and critics aplenty have declared it a masterpiece indeed no one could deny it was one of her most ambitious works It was however considered scandalous in its dayPenned in Colette s typically impressionistic style this opulent Belle poue steeped tale depicts the city during one of its most The Prime Minister of Paradise glamourous culturally exciting periods an era so far removed from our current life under lockdown it may as well be set on a different planet The novel is a witty sensual perceptive and psychologically shrewd account of middle age indulgence which transports one to the salons and boudoirs of turn of the century ParisPublished in France in 1920 my 2001 Vintage edition was translated by Roger Stenhouse It was followed by a seuel La Fin de Ch ri The Last of Ch ri in 1926 I ve had other naughty little boys through my hands amusing than Ch ri likeable too and intelligent But all the same never one to touch him L a de Lonval is an aging courtesan a once famous beauty facing the end of her sexual career She is also facing the end of her most intense love affair with Fred Peloux known as Ch ri a playboy half her age But neither lover under stands how deeply they are attached or how much life they willive up by parting ways15 After a six year affair Cheri announces to Lea he is about to enter into an arranged marriage25 Lea has to face the harsh reality of her young lover Cheri s marriage to another woman35 Cheri returns from honeymoon dissatisfied yearning to know where Lea has fled45 Lea has returned to Paris lonely and yearning for her young lover Cheri Mme Peloux Cheri s mother brings news of him55 Cheri has returned to Lea but can their love affair surviveNarrator Lindsay DuncanCheri Joseph MillsonLea Frances BarberMadame Peloux Brigit Forsyth3 The Cat3 GigiCR Ch ri Cheri is the story of a privileged and wealthy young Frenchman living with a wealthy courtesan Lea She is much older 50 vs 25 and when Cheri marries a young woman Lea realizes that she loves him and he is Charlie O. and the angry A's gone forever It s a little involved but that s theist of the story This book was published in 1920 and is one of her better known works but honestly I prefer her early novels especially the Claudine book. Veva risparmiato le catastrofi fascinose e i nobili dolori» – ma lieli aveva risparmiati per concentrarli tutti in una sola storia che la colpisce uando ha l’età «in cui è lecito concedersi ualche piccolo piacere» Nel triangolo amoroso apparirà ui il rivale più temibile il Tempo nel suo ruolo di corruttore dei corpi L’autunnale opulenza di Léa e l’acerbo. .
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