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Reviewed for Romancing the Readers Blog have so many feelings about this book that I m afraid I won t do this review justice I "KNOW THAT SOUNDS KINDA CRAZY BUT " that sounds kinda crazy but s how I feel I started writing this review in my head and I have to tell you it was ood Unfortunately If you re looking for a sweet holiday themed romance with a few uirky characters and a supernatural element Christmas In Harmony Harbor has Boy Soldiers of the Great War: Their Own Stories for the First Time got you covered Read my full review here I haven t read a Christmas based romance that I didn t like Reading about two people falling in love during the most magical time of the year alwaysets me misty eyed So when I saw that Debbie Mason had written another book in her Harmony Harbor series I couldn t wait to read itI loved the plotline of Christmas in Harmony Harbor It was fast paced and well written There was a spot in the book where it lagged But the author was able to Making Sense of Leadership: Exploring the Five Key Roles Used by Effective Leaders get the book back on trackThe storyline of Christmas in Harmony Harbor was interesting It was a mixture of A Christmas Carol and The Grinch Who Stole Christmas It reminded me of A Christmas Carol because of the journey that Caine took during the time he was with Evie Each task he had to complete had him reflecting on his past present and future It reminded me of The Grinch Who Stole Christmas because Caine s heartrew three sizes too large towards the end of the bookI was surprised to find out that Christmas in Harmony Harbor was oing to be the last book in the Harmony Harbor series That upset me because I didn t want the series to end Hopefully the author will start a new series that features a least some of the unattached characters thinking Clio here That way I can catch up on what the characters in this series have been doingChristmas in Harmony Harbor can be read as a standalone book But considering the intertwining storylines I would read the previous books I wish I did because some plotlines were mentioned that had me oing Huh I loved Evie but she was a hot mess She was trying to save her family business and disrupt Caine s plans for her house But she did make me laugh during the book I thought her idea to win Caine over by using the Angel Tree was perfect I also liked how she saw the best in everyonething Like her shop It was a rat and mice also liked how she saw the best in everyonething Like her shop It was a rat and mice mess yet she loved itI didn t like Caine for the first half of the book He was hellbent on Gandhi Churchill: The Epic Rivalry that Destroyed an Empire and Forged Our Age getting revenge on the Gallaghers on behalf of hisrandmother But then he met Evie and he started to thaw He agreed to 3 wishes from the Angel Tree It was after that scene that I began to like him But I wish that he stood up to his Les Innocents grandmother soonerCaine and Evie s romance was cute They weren t expecting to develop feelings for each other Caine viewed Evie as a PITA and Evie thought Caine was the second coming of Satan But I saw that spark The minute that Caine went into the basement and faced down rats I knew it I loved it even though it was InstaloveI thought that the secondary characters made this book Caine srandmother GG Seamus Evie s mother and all of the characters from the previous book added depth to the story My favorite Was Seamus I Had This Seamus I had this picture of this barrel chested handsome Irishman helping his nephew My least favorite was Caine s randmother Up until the end she insisted on doing things that harmed everyone I also couldn t et past what she told and do to Caine I did a mental WTF when that came outThe end of Christmas in Harmony Harbor was bittersweet I liked it because I ot to see Caine and Evie s HEA But I was sad because the author is ending the series Copy received via Netgalley for an honest reviewFor me it is never too early Fans of RaeAnne Thayne and Debbie Macomber will love this USA Today bestselling author's latest holiday romance about enemies to lovers who fall for each other in a small Massachusetts coastal town Evangeline Christmas will do anything to save her year round Christmas store Holiday House when high powered real estate developer Caine Christmas in Harmony Harbor Harmony Harbor #9O be reading Christmas books And when it is an installment in a favourite series well let me at itYou do not have to have read the previous books in this series but that being said you really don t want to miss out on the oodnessI have enjoyed the times I have spent in Harmony Harbor and this installment is no exceptionWhen Scrooge comes A Perfect Hallmark Christmas kind of bookThis book is the perfect mash up of A Christmas Carol and It s a Wonderful Life I can t put it any better than that Throw some sexy romance into it and you have this book It was beautifully sweet and I look forward to reading and in the Harmony Harbor series Christmas in HARMONY HARBOR IS THE NINTH BOOK Harbor is the ninth book the Harmony Harbor series and although there is a lot of history in this story I did not feel lost at all It was a splendid enemies to lovers romance that had two characters at odds with each other despite the rowing attraction that was developing between them Over the past year Evangeline Christmas had been fighting having her property and business which had been in her family for over a century taken over by Wicklow Developments With how much resistance she "put up and believe me there was plenty and with how much money she was costing him Caine Elliot " up and believe me there was plenty and with how much money she was costing him Caine Elliot have iven Up On His Idea on his idea unfortunately he was committed to building an office tower in Harmony HarborWhat Caine had planned would indeed bring a ton of business to Harmony Harbor but his motivation for the development was truly not economical He was committed to following through on this deal for the sake of his dying randmother whose motivation was one of revenge Caine had been doing his best to et the deal done but his Gone: The Disappearance of Claudia Lawrence and Her Father's Desperate Search for the Truth grandmother was one who was willing to bend any rules if the end served her purpose and he did not want anyone hurt in the process It was because of his fear of what levels hisrandmother would stoop to that Caine made a trip to Harmony Harbor to try and reason with Evangeline in person to 1,000 Awesome Writing Prompts get the deal done What Caine hadn t been expecting was to meet as much resistance as he didHe knew that Evangeline was notoing to make finalizing the business transaction easy for him but he had not considered how far she would take things or how much local support she had For many reasons but trying to Moonrise (Snowfall, get the job done being the foremost idea Caine agreed to a fulfill three Angel Tree wishes from Evangeline s tree at her store He figured he darner some ood will with the locals and win a bet fair and suare in order to move forward with the project What Caine had never anticipated was that he would enjoy his time in Harmony Harbor or that spending time with Evangeline would change his heart in ways than oneI found Christmas in Harmony Harbor to be utterly charming I was very excited that it had all the wonder of a holiday story but loved that it also had elements of a saucy romance mystery suspense and the paranormal All that just made this book that much better I thoroughly enjoyed my time reading this story and was thrilled with how enuine the characters were I liked most of them ha ha ha there were the antagonists in this story and of them I was not a fan They were plenty naughty but despite having no love for certain characters all of the characters in this story were memorable and added much to the plot Overall Christmas in Harmony Harbor is the perfect read for cold winter nights when you want to Hello, Snow! get lost between the covers of aood bookThis review is based on a complimentary book I received from Forever It is an honest and voluntary review The complimentary receipt of it in no way affected my review or rating Evangeline Chr. Lliot uses his money and influence to push through his competing property next door When her last desperate attempt to stop him fails she ambles everything on a proposition she prays the handsome blue eyed player can't refuseCaine agrees to Evie's bargain because how hard can it be to fulfill three wishes on the Angel Tree at Holiday. Istmas owns a Christmas Store and a developer Caine Elliott is buying up all the stores to put up a new property She is refusing to leave even though her business isn up all the stores to put up a new property She is refusing to leave even though her business isn doing well What Caine s randmother is demanding of him is really cruel She wants to ruin a family in Harmony Harbor and won t stop at anything to make their lives miserableI received this from Forever and NetGalley for review Not exactly a page turner but a Mastering the Art of Saying No Without Feeling Guilty: Tips, Techniques and Strategies good story to read Wasn t overwhelmed Iuess I ve watched too many HC movies and I but a Yuganta, The End Of An Epoch good story to read Wasn t overwhelmed Iuess I ve watched too many HC movies and I not too impressed with them at all Like someone said on FB 600 movies 15 actors 2 screenwriters 2 locations and so on 45 Stars Every time I read a new book from Debbie Mason and sit down to write the review for it I can t help but wonder what people must think about my reviews when I continuously talk about how much I dislike her heroes or their behaviors for a majority of every book then proceed to rate them 4 5 Stars Today s review will not be much different Lol I really really disliked Caine Elliot for than half of this book and most of the last book He was uite frankly a big old jerk and so focused on money and pleasing his Once a Wicked Lady: A Biography of Margaret Lockwood grandmother that he was simply not a nice person Knowing that I always end up loving Debbie s heroes I was hopeful but I was pretty worried this time around There was a point in the book where even when we Received in exchange for a honest reviewSo I live Evie but didn t like all of her actions I like herenerosity and caring but she didn t show that completely to Caine She only saw him as an enemy She didn t think that there was to what was Forbidden Reading going on She thought of her endoal That I didn t like Yes the bet changed Caine but also caused harm than A Northern Line Minute: The Northern Line good It created friction and caused him to lose alot than he could have imagined Caine was than meets the eye He is kindentle loyal and sweet He has a past that breaks the heart and his love for his Future Focus grandmother and uncle is strong and wonderful to see He has some insecurity that he hides well but he is also wicked smart Little did he know that taking on Evie for hisrandmother would turn his world upside down Evie does HELP EVIE SEE BEYOND HIS GRANDMOTHER Evie see beyond his Major Problems in American Urban and Suburban History: Documents and Essays grandmother helps him see he is a amazing person worth than his money Caine helps Evie see not everyone and everything is as they seem The story was entertaining and endearing Watching Caine help others and his family he didn t really know was heartwarming Watching him with his uncle and the love he had for him was sweet Seeing him care for Evie even when she thought he was trying to take her down was wonderful He only ever wanted her safe and hisrandmother happy He didn t want to hurt anyone and he knew that his A Sting in the Tale grandmother s wishes would but hisrandmother was his world She raised him and he felt he owed her so much but also couldn t lose her like he did others in his life She was his safety and he was afraid of losing her Evie turned his world around and he began to see things differently He wanted her in his life He found her to be a breath of fresh air but he didn t want to hurt his randmother You feel for Caine because he is in a balacing act and has the most to lose yet his feelings for Evie can t be denied and the leap off the pages His kind heart does as well You see what an amazing uy he is Even in the end you see how big and amazing his heart is Debbie Mason has wrapped the series up with a wonderful story of family loyalty love and forgiveness She Devil's Red Nickel gave us two strong stubborn and yet caring and kind hearted characters in Evie and Caine that you fall for and love seeing them fall in love and find their way to one another and their happy ever after. House The wishes have him reliving the Christmases of his past and taking part in the holiday festivities of Christmas present But just when he begins to believe Evie might be his Christmas future dark secrets from his past are revealedWill the last wish on the Angel Tree be enough toive Caine and Evie the happy ending they deserve.

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