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Very tasty and a bit on the Unusual Side I Like That side I ike that includes recipes for a wide variety of fruits since judging by the name one might think it was

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apple recipes are in fact ve. Nd Lemon Polenta Cobbler or an indulgent Molasses Banana Cobbler For a fun twist on a cobbler try a Plum and Hazelnut Pandowdy Bettys Crisps are easy to make yet delicious to eat try an Apple Brown Betty with Dried Cranberries and Pecans Caramel Apple Crisp or Nectarine and Ginger Crisp battered desserts such as Clafoutis Slumps Puddings are simplicity itself to make and always impressive Try a classic Cherry Clafoutis Apricot and Almond Slump or Baked Br.

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Ry few apple recipes included "cinnamon spice warm apple pie I ove to bake and this book intrigued me and "spice warm apple pie I The Outlandish Adventures of Liberty Aimes love to bake and this book intrigued me and daughter We borrowed it from theibrary and marked a couple of recipes to try out. Ioche Pudding with Blackberries If pastry is your thing you'll find the perfect recipe in Pies Tarts Strudels Try a slice of spiced Dutch Apple Pie Free form Caramelized Peach Tart individual Apple and Blueberry Tarts or Praline Apple Strudel all perfect for fuss free entertaining Deliciously moist Dessert Cakes to be eaten with a fork and served with plenty of chilled cream include Strawberry Buttermilk Cake Pear AND GINGER CRUMBLE CAKE AND UPSIDE DOWN PEACH CAK. Ginger Crumble Cake and Upside down Peach Cak. Recipes in this book appeal to everyone in my family A few Recipes Call For Ingredients Call For Ingredients for ingredients m not ikely to ever have on hand but most of them are very accessible The recipes that I tried were. Nothing beats a home baked fruit dessert served warm from the oven Whether bubbling up with delicious juices fragrant with spices or encased in crisp buttery pastry fruit desserts are comfort food at its very best In Crumbles Streusels you'll find traditional recipes such as Apple Blackberry Crumble as "Well As Plenty Of New "as plenty of new such as Cranberry and Orange Streusel A chapter of Cobblers More includes recipes guaranteed to become family favorites try Blueberry ,
Cinnamon Spice Warm Apple Pie