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Roduct the US grows distributes and profits from tobacco Highly addictive terrible health effects it is also highly profitable to the US I would argue that if any other country attempted to force the US to eradicate this plant we would be outraged and screaming to the heavens Lobbyist and politicians would begin the sad song of tobacco providing our poor farmers a livable income Well that s true for the coca farmers The UN has tried several replacement crops in hopes farmers would cultivate those instead Unfortunately so far no other crop has provided the farmers with a livable wage We aren t giving these farmers any alternative We can t ask someone to give p something that is feeding their family I think Streatfield put it best when he states that South America is being punished in the war on drugs because the US is A Land More Kind Than Home unable to enforce it s own drug laws In my opinion the US has no right to expect citizens of other countries stop growing a plant they have grown for centuries is part of their culture and heritage provides a sustainable living all because we arenable to control it s se in our own country A very interesting story part journey of a man part research into the drug s origin The stories he told about how he came about with the man part research into the drug s origin The stories he told about how he came about with the he shares is often interesting than the drug itself You might need to do a bit of cocaine to get through the drier parts but overall educating and amusing Books on drug culture seem to have become somewhat redundant in recent years with the rise of documentaries on Netflix so perhaps the reason that I found Streatfeild s history of cocaine so fascinating was because it was like watching a Vice documentary only in book form This hefty 500 page tomb appeared rather daunting from the outset but Thanks To Streatfeild S Friendly And Always to Streatfeild s friendly and always tone throughout I found myself instantly sucked into the crazy world of cocaine the gangs the politics the abuses the addictions and everything else in between It s riveting from start to finish and packed full of well researched info that never gets boring Drug se was nAmerican goddammit You wouldn t catch Abraham Lincoln smoking crackWhat can I say about this book Informative engaging cheekily written and thought provoking While I think Streatfield occasionally ventures into tinfoil hat Well researched well WRITTEN STRIKES THE IDEAL NON FICTION BALANCE BETWEEN BEING Strikes the ideal non fiction balance between being and being informative Starting in the coca plants ancient history Streatfeild takes you on a tour that passes through it s discovery by the West the creation of the drug cocaine the epidemic of cocaine se when it was considered a medicine the subseuent push to criminalize and decrease Another Turn of the Crank use the creation of an enormous illicit trade the creation of crack cocaine and through the war on drugs to take a deeper look at the main South American countries that grow the majority of the world s coca Along the way he introduces you to the many colorful characters who have played a role in the cocaine saga including Sigmund Freud Dennis Hopper Rick Ross and Pablo Escobar to name a few of the household namesThe only area it skimps is the neuroscience side of things and I think that is appropriate There are than enough review papers online where you can get your fill of neurophysiology I was particularly impressed by the humor warmth and balance that Streatfeild writes with He is able to hold a remarkably neutral position for the majority of the book and the curiosity and amusement in his tone. Thout reference to this drug and its contribution is to miss a vital and fascinating strand of social history Streatfeild examines the story of cocaine from its first medicalses to the worldwide chaos it ca. Very British had a few audible laughs while reading this I took the first half of the book with a grain of salt as the writer mentions but doesn t seem to double down on the fact that some of it is largely speculative but can be considered plausible by some supporting eventsdocuments Would love to see a follow Native Son up on how the trade has changed in the last twenty years THIS This book is one of the most thoroughly researched and interesting I have ever read on any subject Dominic Streatfield delves into his work with the zeal of an archeologist searching for El Dorado The detail of his research comes to life in his absolutely entertaining and enthralling prose He exceeds expectations by taking an already fascinating subject like cocaine and making it even interesting With colorful interviews and anecdotes some that stretch belief but are definitely examples of magical realism he shows what can become reality because of the influence a drug like cocaine has on the world Fascinating story well written with just the right amount of British humour see what I did there Probably the only fault I have is how old it is I d love to know the current status of cocaine I suspect that there is little powder cocaine around in the US and it is mostly crack Some people might find the beginning chapters a little dry coca leaves have been chewed in South America for centuries generally for the lift it provides in terms of energy and ability to concentrate and work Streatfeild apparently interviewed drug kingpins DEA agents politicians dealersa well researched informative book Maybe 45 starsWe start with exploring coca the plant journey through the early medicalses of the plant which include being one of the first topical anesthetics particularly important for eye surgery in which the patie Excellent book Streatfield has Done His Homework And Really his homework and really you the full picture He gives you the coca plants history all the way back to the Incas and explains how enmeshed it is in South American culture He then explains the difference between coca and it s refined cousins cocaine and eventually crack Streatfield sets the scene for the cocaine battle between South America and US drug enforcement agencies and explains why we will never eradicate this drug He offers different opinions on how to curtail it s The White Paternoster, And Other Stories use and harvestI have always had an issue with the US coming into another country and demanding they end a major economy In factnrefined coca in it s natural form has many health benefits and is highly nutritious True cocaine is a terrible drug to get involved with In it s processed forms it is highly addictive and is detrimental to ones health in large doses However coca plants grow very easily even in nutrient poor soil The coca farmers Streatfield interviews all say the same thing growing coca has feed their families and provided an income for them Asking a family to Stop Producing Something That Provides producing something that provides sole income "is a ridiculous proposal I can see a parallel between cocaine and let s say "a ridiculous proposal I can see a parallel between cocaine and let s say s Both are highly processed materials that have serious health effects on a regular ser America exports McDonald s and all it s health problems to other countries every year and we make a ton of income off this export You could argue McDonald s is propelling the obesity epidemic into a global issue True McDonald s isn t the sole factor in obesity however cocaine is not the sole factor on the global drug market Or for that matter we could look at another The story of cocaine isn't just about crime and profit; it's about psychoanalysis about empire building about exploitation emancipation and ltimately about power To tell the story of the twentieth century wi.
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Becomes infectious and makes the book hard to put down Do yourself A Favor And Pick It favor and pick it It really is amazing how this drug has woven itself into the history of the world in the Last 200 Years Read The Book And 200 years Read the book and for yourself what that says about The World Rushed in us as a species So farFirst of all a note on the book s tone which is familiar cutesy silly very British A bit too silly it is also endearing can get the reader through a lot of initially dry but important material such as Inca history Spanish colonial mines the forced labor system of mita imposed on the native South Americans patent medicines the way cocaine interweaves through all these stories I also enjoyed how he depicted the process of research for the book itself making it the humorous sometimes futile process it so often is making the reader aware that this analysis wasn t out there written in stone but existed as invisible connections never made before between all sorts of old texts in the British library for exampleStreatfield naively doesn testion criminalization does bring in some fairly tainted stuff like the infamous cocaine rat experiments hint they worked that way bc the animals landscapes were bare of any other normal stimulus the rats lives were traumatized and barren When placed in normal social contexts with a complex environment to explore interact with rats and other animals do not choose Drugs Over Life but instead seem to settle on a moderate daily dose of whatever it is even decreasing their intake if the solution given to them becomes potent But that doesn t mean this book isn t chock full of yummy relevant research Streatfield does ndermine drug hysteria no matter what his views areFinished the book scratch that he does go into decrim as one of the few viable responses to cocaine as a political issue but only really in the very last chapter of his nearly 500 page book I guess the cocaine is bad for you mmmmk tone of the guess the cocaine is bad for you mmmmk tone of the fooled me I wished he d just said that it s part of a vast pharmacopia that humankind has been sing for centuries that it can be He Taught Me to Hope (Darcy and the Young Knights Quest useful in strict moderation you know some harm reduction smarts recognizing that it s not the drug itself but set setting and situation He does rail against demonization of the drug drug war horror myths about it as well as show a deep sympathy to poor South American coca growers whose economic needs are ignored or responded to in incrediblynrealistic ways or the way they their environment are sabotaged by the US spreading a fungus that kills coca plants EVERYTHING ELSE on their soil he also makes an all important distinction between coca and cocaine one is a mild stimulant that s been integrated into South American culture for thousands of years while the other much intense is a modern development Most studies of cocaine don t go into coca its precursor that s a huge failing that Streatfield wisely avoids I was fascinated at the beginning of the book when he tries coca chewing himself amazing intro gimmickThe last thing that really bothered me is how Knights of the Hill Country uncritical he was about the addictiondopamine studies of Dr Nora Volkow Trotsky s granddaughter by the way as Susan Cheever anotherncritical audience for these addiction studies tell A House Built out of Stone us in her silly sex addiction book especially the animal studies not seeking out any opposing theories and not putting in the disclaimer that the study of neurotransmitters is still in its infancy But besides these faults the book was incredibly informative though sillyite fun to rea. Uses today His research takes him from the arcane reaches of the British Library to the isolation cells of America's most secure prisons; from the crackhouses of New York to the jungles of Bolivia and Colombi. .