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Peekaboo Baby Town yThan a little rushed butou will have to read it to understand why I think that Overall I thought this was a cute collection of Christmas stories and I did appreciate the military twist who doesn t love a guy in a uniform That said the stories were a little two uick to have the development they a uniform That said the stories were a little two uick to have the development they in my opinion so it felt an awful lot like insta love rather than taking the time to develop something organically But if ou want something uick and sweet with a Christmas feel this would definitely "Be Your Cup Of "your cup of For this review and visit my blogComing Home for Christmas is a festive anthology made up of three stories Christmas Angel by Lindsey McKenna Unexpected Gift by Delores Fossen and Navy Joy by Geri KrotowNormally I uite enjoy anthologies epically Christmas ones but I really struggled with Coming Home for Christmas and only enjoyed one out of the three stories I had really been looking forward to this because I love Christmas stories and enjoy military romances also in the fact that each of the authors served in the military so I really thought this would be the one for me but I ended up disappointedThe anthology started with Lindsey McKenna s Christmas Angel It s not a secret that I ve struggled with this authors work in the past I thought I would give it another shot thinking that maybe I would prefer her style in a novella but if anything it was even worse McKenna isn t it bad writer it s her style of writing that irritates me there is just too much detailed explanations of feelings the characters cannot even have sex without stopping to have a conversations about how they are feeling These descriptions are also incredibly cheesy Here is an example Anna would swear she d gained five pounds It was Kyle s love for her she realized that was feeding her soul infusing her heart and body Riiiiiiiight ok thenI have read uite a lot of McKenna s books now but I think it s time I admit defeat and give upThe second book in the anthology is Unexpected Gift by Delores Fossen Frankly this story saved this book for me I really really liked this and wish it had been featured in a different collection It ticked all the boxes for me It was funny romantic and sweet The storyline was great and Fossen s timing when it came to humour was spot on Gabe and Kelly were great characters who I felt I knew despite the story only being short I could have happily read a few hundred pages of thisBring up the rear is Geri Krotow s Navy Joy which much like McKenna s Christmas Angel just didn t do it for me I preferred the writing but didn t like the characters I found both Ian and Wendi really annoying and presumptuous In the end I skimmed this oneThe publisher provided me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review Shelly s review posted on Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews4 STARSReview copy provided for an honest reviewThree great homecomings that will warm our heart make Hatch you smile laugh and makeou want to sit by the fire while turning the pages by the fire while turning the pages some great love storiesKyle takes leave to come home and help Anna after finding out she was in an accident Kyle left Anna Sodoms Sons years ago after she turned down his proposal but neither of them really understood the full meaning behind the turn down After some growing up and understanding he comes to realize that Anna is worth the wait and he loves her still Anna has lost a lot over theears and seeing Kyle here to help her brings back memories and love that never diedGabe returns home for Christmas to deliver his best friends sister a message only to be surprised by a little bundle of joy that he realizes is his from a one night stand with Kelly Kelly had good intentions of telling Gabe about Noel but just never uite knew how This is a funny romantic and sweet read of coming home to than ou expectedWendi is suffering from the loss of her sister and trying to ad. E's daughter Navy Joy by Geri Krotow Chief Petty Officer Ian Cairne arrives stateside for Christmas with a four legged friend his late buddy's military service dog Fortunately the beautiful town vet Wendi Cooper is willing to take this odd couple into her home and her hear. Me comings to devour right before the Holiday Season begins With all novellas ou get a little bit of everything with Coming Home for Christmas ou get each author s signature writing styleso there is something for everyone Christmas Angel by Lindsay McKenna was a cute romance but a bit flowery for my personal tastes I liked it but didn t LOVE ITI LOVED UNEXPECTED GIFT BY DELORES FOSSEN SHE itI loved Unexpected Gift by Delores Fossen She the essences of the holiday home coming with a heartfelt but difficult reunion Navy Joy by Geri Krotow was a highly entertaining story I found it to be a little rushed but ou couldn t help but fall in love with the niece and the menagerie of animals Heartwarming and utterly charmingIf Freezing Point you are looking for a little something to getou into the holiday spirit Coming Home for Christmas would be a marvelous startI received this ARC copy from Coming Home for Christmas from Harleuin Anthology in exchange for a honest review This book is set for publication November 5 2014AnthologyPage Count 304 pagesPublisher Harleuin Publication date November 4 2014Rating 4 StarsISBN 10 0373838042ISBN 13 978 0373838042Genre Military Holiday RomanceFind this book on Barnes NobleReviewed for Christmas Angel by Lindsay McKenna When Navy SEAL Kyle Anderson gets a call saying Anna Campbell needs him he doesn t think twice On the Montana ranch where they grew up holiday magic permeates every acre kindling long awaited love But will duty trump desir To read this review and others like it check out my site at wwwhomelovebookscom So this book is another collection of Christmas stories with a military twist I seem to be on a short story Christmas kick the past few days Christmas Angel Lindsay McKenna was my favorite of the short stories out of the three I really think the reason why it was easy for me to like this story than the others is because the characters had a long term relationship before hand so it was easy to see how a relationship could be rekindled in the very short amount of time the short story provided for Kyle and Anna were childhood sweethearts and when he joined the military he broke her heart It s really easy to read the pain between these two characters but at the same time the love they have for each other is palpable from the beginning of the story It was really easy to pull for these two to find a way to work it out and I just really liked the characters in this one Unexpected Gift Delores Fossen was probably my least favorite but it was of a personal hang up then a problem with the writing So Gabe comes home to find that Kelly his best friends little sister has had a baby girl and the baby is his Yeah talk about a dramatic entrance I really don t like women who don t tell the father of their child they are pregnant unless there is some kind of legit reason like they tried to find them and couldn t or it was an abusive situation or something barring that it s hard for me to ever be okay with it So from the beginning Kelly and I really didn t mesh I also thought she was really wishy washy Gabe I liked I liked that he was an honorable guy I liked that he took his daughter immediately and I liked that he tried to do considerate things for Kelly I did think the insta love needed a bit fleshing out to be believable though Navy Joy Geri Krotow I liked for the most part I really liked the inclusion of animals into the story Wendi is a vet who has than a few animals at home and has recently adopted her twin sisters three ear old daughter after her sister and her husband died Ian is recovering from the loss of his friend the previous owner of his dog and needed to find a place to stay that was pet friendly enter Wendi I liked the two of them individually and together I liked how the animals all interacted with each other and were catalysts for the two of them getting closer I did think that the end of the story was. G awaited love But will duty trump desire Unexpected Gift by Delores Fossen Tailed by a camera crew Air Force Captain Gabe Brenner returns to Texas to deliver a Christmas message to his best friend's sister Kelly Coburn But she's had her own delivery beautiful baby NoelGab. ,

Due to my husband serving in the Navy I m usually a huge fan of military romances When I saw that this book was made up of three Military romances that take place during Christmas well sign me up I felt like I had hit the jackpot and I couldn t wait to get my hands on itNow normally I will find one novella that I just love and one that is just ok and one that is just not my favorite in a book like this Unfortunately all three novellas were just ok In fact I actually struggled wanting to read them after I got started I really wish it wasn t the case but not one of these novellas really stood out for me in the way of a plot or chemistry with the charactersI am giving this book three stars because while it didn t meet the high hopes that I had for it it still was a decent enough way to spend a uiet afternoon Military Christmas storiesI loved each one of these stories All slightly different but heartwarming I appreciated the military heroes and their daily struggles This book is about a veteran and his love story When he was oung he dated a girl named Anna her father owned a ranch that Kyle worked on When he got older he asked her to a ranch that Kyle worked on When he got older he asked her to him she declined After that he decided he wanted to join the seals book skips 5 Pure Excitement years into the future he learns th I enjoyed reading all three stories Each story is about a military person coming home at Christmas time They are each independent from each other and novella size So great ifou just have a short time to enjoy a bookLot of tender moments and memories Some love scenes easy to skip over Leaves Auksaviriai I d you with good feelings whenour done reading themChristmas Angel by Lindsay McKennaI love the ideas for the Christmas ornaments for the tree The memories are specialUS Navy Seal Kyle Anderson has come home to the Montana ranch he was raised on He has not been back for The Gentle Art of Tramping years He was notified that Anna Campbell had been in a bad accidentHe has not seen her forears since he asked her to marry him and she turned him downUnexpected Gift by Delores FossenAir Force Captain Gabe Brenner has come home to deliver a gift from his best friend to his sister followed by a news camera When he is the one surprised to find Kelly Coburn with a baby Noel his daughterI love how he falls for Noel right away He tries right away to figure out how he can be a big part of her lifeLots of cute tender scenes Love what he buys for Christmas presentsNavy Joy by Geri KrotowChief Petty Officer Ian Cairne arrives home to find he can t stay at his home He inherited a military dog So he has to find place to rent that accepts pets His first pet tooWendi Cooper has a place on her property to rent She is in mourning too She has just adopted her two ear old niece Has lots of pets Helps give Christmas a helping handI really like watching them togetherThere is so much love not just romantic love in these three stories It is what Christmas should be not expensive decorations and presents Helping and sharingI was given THIS EBOOK TO READ BY NETGALLEY AND HARLEUIN IN ebook to read by Netgalley and Harleuin In I agreed to give a honest review of Coming Home for Christmas 35 stars All three of these authors have experience with military homecomings how hard up it must be to be away from love ones often than not So here s some guys coming home for the holidays and getting a HEA for ChristmasChristmas angel Lindsay McKenna A reunion for a SEAL And a long time love that finally gets its HEA I liked this even though this is sort of meanderingUnexpected Gift Delores Fossen I am not fond of the secret baby as a trope and it adds in love with the best friend sister into the mix I did like how fast he fell in love with his childNavy Joy Geri Krotow This was my favorite of all the stories a soldier and a pet vet connected by grief find love at Christmas timeARC via Netgalley 114 release date Coming Home for Christmas provides three holiday military ho. Three stories salute the romance of holiday homecomings Christmas Angel by Lindsay McKenna When Navy SEAL Kyle Anderson gets a call saying Anna Campbell needs him he doesn't think twice On the Montana ranch where they grew up holiday magic permeates every acre kindling lon. .

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