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Age it was magnificent and compelling i would love to see this compelling I would love to see this in production again This was so good and exciting play that I finished it under an hour Every scene was so vivid

and witty and 
witty and all made sense to the whole I wish only the story did something with Maria It is fine though because the focus of the play was on the acting itself and the love of doing it There are no limits if there s a passion for it and talent. To act By the stroke of a pen Kynaston's world is turned upside down He loses his cachet his livelihood his lover and his sense of self And as such women as the king's own courtesan Nell Gwynn and Kynaston s former dresser Maria become stars his own light disappears until fate and his desire for revenge give him a chance to take the stage again. .
G the time women were not ALLOWED TO APPEAR ON THE ENGLISH to appear on the English When women were allowed back into the acting profession many men who had made a career playing women were no longer in demand audiences wanted the thrill of seeing a woman playing the part of a woman With no other apparent career options the main character hits bottom before coming up with a new role for his talents This is a complicated read but when I saw it on up with a new role for his talents This is a complicated read but when I saw it on Dies Ophelia Cleopatra especially his Desdemona and his famous death scene He s the toast of the town and the very secret mistress of the powerful Duke of Buckingham But when an unknown named Margaret Hughes plays Desdemona one night at an illegal theater instead of stopping the show the ever game King Charles II changes the law to allow women. It was unexpected but I enjoyed reading the story I liked how the
female was portrayed 
was portrayed the story It felt long the story I liked how the female was portrayed throughout the story It felt long I have a feeling it will go uite fast I have no sympathy for Kynaston so I kept being aware of the development of the women This is a wonderful read and I cannot wait to audition for it in the coming weeks I will add a full review later This is the story of an actor who specialized in female roles durin. In 1661 the most famous portrayer of female roles on the London stage was a performer named Kynaston Like every other player permitted to enact such roles Kynaston was a man A celebrity artist shining bright at the crest of the Restoration Ned or Mr K as he's called is applauded onstage and off for his interpretations of Shakespeare's tragic la. ,

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Compleat Female Stage Beauty

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