[Pdf/E–pub] (Complete Works Volume VII Translations from Pahlavi)

Complete Works Volume VII Translations from Pahlavi

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Published in Farsi language by the Sadegh Hedayat Foundation and the No Beast So Fierce: The Terrifying True Story of the Champawat Tiger, the Deadliest Animal in History renowned Iranian Burnt Books Foundation this is the seventh volume of theevised and according to original manuscripts comparatively updated complete works of Sadegh Hedayat the enowned Iranian novelist This volume contains his complete translations from the Pahlavi language including zande vahuman yasan karnamehye ardeshire papakan gojasteh abalish shahrestanhaye iran gozareshe gamanshekani yadgare jamasp and amadane shah bahrame varjavand Sadegh Hedayat was born on 17 February 1903 in Tehran at his father's house His father was Hedayat Gholi Khan e Hedayat E'tezad Ol Molk son of Jafar GholiKhan e Hedayat his mother was Ozra Zivar Ol Moluk Hedayat daughter of Hossein GholiKhan e Mokhber ol Dole the second His parent was from the line of Reza GholiKhan; who was one of the famous Iranian writers poets and historians in 13th century; that was Kamal Khojandi descents He "went to elmieh primary school tehran in 1909 "to Elmieh Primary school Tehran in 1909 after completing his basic education and then started his high school at Darolfonun in 1914 Because of eye trouble there was a break in his education in 1914 but he continued his Ducation in Saint Louis "School at Tehran where he got familiar French language and literature "at Tehran where he got familiar with French language and literature 1917
completed his secondary and was with the other Iranian students to Belgium for higher education in 1925 At first he studied in Gand Port University but he declared his dissatisfaction because of bad weather and his education situation so he was transferred to Paris to continue his studies In1928 Sadegh Hedayat attempted to his first suicide by throwing himself into Marne River in Samoi but he was escued by the people in a boat Finally in 1930 he Berlayar di Pamor Badik returned back to Tehran and in that year he was hired in Bank Melli Iran In those days Rabe Group was formed including Bozorg Alavi Massud Farzad Mojtaba Minavi and Sadegh HedayatIn 1932 he traveled to Isfahan and also started his work at General Department of Commerce In 1933 he traveled to Shiraz and stayed in his uncle's house DrKraim Hedayat for awhile In 1934 heesigned from General Department of Commerce and commenced his work at Ministry Of Foreign Affairs; he esigned from Ministry Of Foreign Affairs in 1935 and in that year he was summoned by Police Investigation Department and interroga. .
Ted for the context of the book Mister Bow Wow In 1936 he commenced working at General Department of Construction and traveled to India he started learning Pahlavi Language with an Indian esearcher and professor; Bahram Goor Anklesaria In 1937 he Münchhausen's Pigtail, or Psychotherapy Reality returned back to Tehran started working in Bank Melli Iran again heesigned from there again in 1938 and started working at State Music Department "and also cooperating with Music Magazine In 1940 he commenced his work at Fine Art Faculty of Tehran University as "also cooperating with Music Magazine In 1940 he commenced his work at Fine Art Faculty of Tehran University as and cooperating with Sokhan Magazine in 1943He went to Tashkent by the invitation *of the state university of middle asia in *The State University of Middle Asia in in 1945 and also cooperated with Payam e Now Magazine In that year a ceremony for honoring Sadegh Hedayat was held in Iran and Soviet Union Cultural Society in 1949He was invited to participate in The World Congress of Peace but he could not attend because of his administrative problems In 1950 he went to Paris and on April 8 1951 in that city he committed suicide by gazHe was 48 years old when got himself free from life pains his grave was in Pere la Chaise Cemetery in Paris He spent old when got himself free from life pains his grave was in Pere la Chaise Cemetery in Paris He spent his life in his father's hous.

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