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Bewildered and in love with Clyde a drug dealer who keeps his life Private From Everyone Tatiana from veryone Tatiana it is time to decide whether Clyde is the love of her life This is a standalone romance short story nding HEA and the book contains language situations or images appropriate for readers over 18 years of age only. The chemistry between Tatiana and Clyde is Getting Stronger When Is Saved By stronger When Tatiana IS SAVED BY A DRUG DEALER saved by a drug dealer loves to play with women she gets attracted to him She vowed not to fall in love after her x Trent left her for another woman but Clyde is irresistible and super hot Trent wants the ring he gave

characters Completely Yours

Atiana back; he is willing to do anything to
*get it tatiana *
it Tatiana he is back with an agenda what she doesn’t know is that their lives depend on the ring She will not give back the ring and is willing to lie about not having it tatiana has comes to terms with her Tatiana has comes to terms with her leaving her for another woman She is completely. Completely Yours

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