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Thology; animals machines and consciousness Extensive use is made of interesting phenomena throughout the book ranging from blindsight synaesthesia and blindness to phantom limb syndrome split from blindsight synaesthesia and change blindness to phantom limb syndrome split cases and identity disorder "DIDThe Inclusion Of Chapter "inclusion of chapter annotated further reading and a glossary make this book ssential reading for anyone seeking a clear and informative overview of the problem of consciousness not only in philosophy but related fields such as psychology and cognitive scienc. Consciousness is arguably the most important interdisciplinary area in contemporary philosophy of mind with an xplosion of research over the past thirty years from philosophers psychologists and scientists It is also perhaps the most puzzling aspect "OF THE WORLD DESPITE THE FACT "the world despite the fact it is familiar to ach of us Consciousness also seems resistant to any straightforward physical xplanationThis book introduces readers to the contemporary problem of consciousness providing

A Clear Introduction To 
clear introduction to overall landscape Nd a fair minded critical survey "OF VARIOUS
OF CONSCIOUSNESS BEGINNING theories of consciousness Beginning ssential historical background to the problem of consciousness Rocco Gennaro xplores the following Key Topics And Debates topics and debates metaphysical problem of consciousness including varieties of dualism and materialism; consciousness and neuroscience particularly the uestion of whether consciousness can be reduced to brain activity or attentional mechanisms; representational and cognitive theories of consciousness; consciousness and psychopa. Consciousness

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