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Adly it does not give anything to me I don t mind if there isn t any session but I would hope I will at least learn anything about the place lifestile habits people who go there something I didn t know or read 1000x beforeAnd I can hardly believe in this naivety when doms say I have seen him #10 times and even though I never talked to him he s mine he will move on with me #times and even though I never talked to him he s mine he will move on with me now heaven I wish life was so simpleMaybe if there is book about Lindi and his shy sub Will and how he feels about club I will try it again but like this it may be as well short love story from supermarket and it isn t for me It was nice and I liked the switch around of Ralph being this huge muscled but soft hearted sub It did end too fast though Did not feel finished Time transitions were a little hazy again as well Then again I generally don t much like weeks or months going by in one sentence Even if I see the need in many cases Plus it trumps the let s go out on a date fuck and decide to be together forever in one day mentality of certain other authors at least in their shorter worksSo yeah still cute If there s one thing I can rely on it s that the lovey dovey stuff is on full steam in this author s newer works 3 Another fun short story set in the

Same Universe As Wooing Master 
universe as Wooing Master This story focuses on Ralph the bouncer and Stephen s friend from the above mentioned story and Carlyle another Dom and friend of Victor s In this story Ralph is convinced that he ll never get a chance with Carlyle because of his size and dominating physical presence even though he is a natural sub Due to a string of mishapsinjuries Carlyle ends up taking care of Ralph for a while but won t touch him Ralph decides to push a little and thinks work out for them. Hip What Ralph doesn't understand is that Carlyle has watched the young sub and he not only wants him but he plans to keep hi. ,
Reviewed for Hearts On Fire ReviewsThis book would have gotten four stars #Just For The Character #for the character Ralph He is so sweet so wonderful such a big brawny strong subby guy He s so afraid no Dom will want him he s bigger than everyone else He works as a bouncer in a BDSM club a ob he This was a very short very to heart and sweet story very much like the first It was cute and sexy but also dramatic and emotionalRalph really is a big cute buff and his kitten Princess gave him even cutie points He was someone you could never be angry with and you ust have to cuddle with Sexuality aside I would so love to crawl into his lap curl into a ball and watch TV because he would be warm and cozy and homeyCarlyle did seem like a rather unconventional Dom but then his tastes aren t uite the cliche either since he set his eyes on Ralph instead of one of the twinks However there was a hint to his much darker side which we didn t get to see Maybe that was for the bestArea Scan Flow 35 Vocab 355 Plot 45 Heroes 55Romance 45 Smut 35 Drama 45 Action 45 Humor 25 This was a fun read of how a relationship can be developed between people who appear to be opposites if you like Tara Lain s Fire Balls or Jet Salutary lesson Do not buy books without ALWAYS checking out my friends reviews 15 rounded down for ust well stuff like thisRalph was supposed to be his damn it More a 25 somewhere between a meh and a it was good I bought the bundle of all 4 books so I ll be reading the other two soon I read Considering Carlyle straight after Wooing Master Jones It s good that I did because the books build the charactersThe action centres around the BDSM club but I wouldn t call them BDSM books ust light BDSM mentions here and thereThe books are short bu. Sometimes love is found in unexpected placesAfter months of secretly watching Master Carlyle Ralph wishes the Dom would notic. ,

Considering CarlyleT we get introduced to Greg Stephen Ralph Victor Carlyle Lindi and Will #in the first book Everything occurs over a few short monthsA nice short #the first book Everything occurs over a few short monthsA nice short This is the second story in the world of Greg s BDSM Club Where Wooing *master ones was all about a sub seducing *Jones was all about a sub seducing master he wanted Considering Carlyle focuses on a Dom Carlyle figuring out that he actually wants Ralph as a permanent subRalph is a bouncer and not many people would suspect he is a sub He is very interested in Carlyle and his domineering personality but has no hope or so he thinks of getting the other man to notice him Once the Dom has his eye on him Ralph Is Pretty Clueless As To What To pretty clueless as to what to next since he is really inexperienced and other than thinking he wants to be tied up he doesn t really knowCarlyle is not one to tie himself down until he meets Ralph He is very tempted already but when Ralph is attacked and ends up in the hospital Carlyle decides the waiting is over I loved how he does everything he can to make Ralph feel at home he even accepts the sub s cat despite his hatred of animals as petsThis story s tone is sweet and focuses on the process of both partners realizing that what they want is within their reach Both compromise interestingly the Dom than the sub which makes for some funny situations and an overall light hearted tone No actual whipping here though there is some talk of it If you like a spicy love story with a bit of kink and if a physically powerful man with a big heart submitting to a smaller man is what you are looking for you may like this short story Story about bdsm without bdsm is like fishing in the pool for me It s the second book by Amber Kell what I have read after Wooing Master Jones and even though it is not written E him But why would he want a sub who is bigger and taller than him when there were so many delicate twinks begging for his .