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Nly things aren t over yet as than ust the one body turns up in Alex s shop But we don t get answers to anything after the first body s case is done So I guess we ll ust have to wait and see I hope so ARC generously provided by the Alpha Book Club in exchange for an honest review I thoroughly enjoyed both Murder and Mayhem the Alpha Book Club in exchange for an honest review I thoroughly enjoyed both Murder and Mayhem Tramps and Thieves so I was ready to give Cops and Comix all the loveUnfortunately this short read fell below my expectationsIn this preuel to the Murder and Mayhem series we re shown how Rook s cousin Alex Martin got together with his homicide detective James CastilloThe lovebirds were secondary characters in Rook and Dante s story so I was looking forward to finding out how they became an itemPerhaps unsurprisingly Alex and James were thrown together like most of Rhys Ford s couples through a case of murder and being at the wrong place at the wrong timeIn this case Alex comes in to work one morning to find a decomposing body in the middle of his comic book store James is the detective assigned to the caseFrom the moment they met sparks fly Neither man would say no the detective assigned to the caseFrom the moment they met sparks fly Neither man would say no getting in the other s pants And James brash as he is makes no secret about his interestSo it was g It s a bit of Murder and Mayham Cops and Comix is a short story taken from Rhys Ford s world of Murder and Mayham but what it s not about is Rook and Dante This is a story about Rook s cousin Alex Martin and how he and homicide officer James Castillo came to be a couple and can I ust say I love Rook and Dante but these two have popped up in both of the Murder and Mayham booksespecially in the Tramps and Thieves and I knew for sure that I wanted to know about this pairingthey re adorableIt seems that as well as being cousinswell being cousins and apparently a weakness for men in uniform Rook and Alex have something else in common and it s a bit lethal because it s murderthat s right both of these seem to attract murder and that s how Alex ends up on James s radarJames knows as soon as he sees Alex that he wants to know him betteron a personal level but there s a murder that needs to be solved first and once that s donelook out Alex because James is a man who knows what he wantsThere was only one thing about this story that bothered me and "that was the fact that the I read the I liked and for me it ust all ended "was the fact that the I read the I liked and for me it ust all ended soon and I really would love Alex and James I think these two are every bit as adorable as Rook and Dante but in a very different way and if there s a book in the offing for them I want ityes I m making grabby hands Knocked Up by a Thug just in case Unsurprisingly the one thing I can say for sure is that if Rhys Ford writes itI want to read itAn ARC of Cops and Comix was graciously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. Climb the man like a tree and giving him a wide berth Luckily for Alex the handsome detective isust as interested in him as a suspect in the murder Previously published in Grand Adventures by Dreamspinner Press March 2014. ,


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Cops and ComixOnce part of an anthology I d never read this or knew of it until Alex appeared briefly in Murder and Mayhem So I m happy I finally got to read Alex s story Rhys Ford has packed a novel s worth of character plot and sense of place into a very short space without a hitch There s dead bodies an investigation side characters love sex and a happy endingsort of Mostly I mean Alex and James are happy it s someone else with a problem No not any kind of cliffhangerIf you haven t read Murder and Mayhem or its seuel yet this is a great place to start This story is not actually connected to the series so it will stand alone and would be a terrific chance to sample Rhys Ford s wonderful way with words Loved it 375 StarsThis book is super short only like 40 pages or so But it was really cute I enjoyed reading it and I really liked "The Characters The Ending Was A Little Abrupt And Open "characters The ending was a little abrupt and open so I am not uite sure how that will factor into the series this book belongs to but hopefully that means we will get to see of these two I have yet to read the Murder and Mayhem series so don t hold that against me Lol Alex was adorably geeky with his own comic shop and James was his perfect opposite match being a Homicide detective It was super weird that dead bodies kept showing up around Alex but perfect that James was there to make sure he was ok with everything that kept happening The two guys had great chemistry together for it being such a short book I really ust wanted of these two I will be adding This Full Series To My To Read full series to my To Read Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie by Dreamspinner Press for my reading pleasure a review wasn t a reuirement I love the Murder and Mayhem series and couldn t wait to read the story about how Alex and James met to get a bit backstory into a universe I love so much For Alex Martin strange is kind of the norm What else could it be when he runs a comic shop where the geeks and wonderfully weird comes knocking on a daily basis but when he finds a dead body on when he finds a dead body on floor of his shop he knows that it was going to be a day he d never forget Detective James Castillo is called to the scene of the crime and as soon as they set eyes on each other they are gonersThere was a lot of potential to the story I loved the Alex and James and the plot was interesting and fun at times but it felt too rushed I never felt like I got the chance to really get to know our main characters or that they really got a chance to form a connection It fell a bit flat and that really hurts me to say because I know that their story could have been a great one It s all there but in the end it wasn t uite enough it needed to be a full length novelIn the end I m still glad to have read the story to know about Alex and James but at the same time. Second EditionIt’s all fun and games until someone leaves a dead body on the floor Life for comic book store owner Alex Martin usually runs to the mundane Sure he has a regular influx of geeks and freaks but for the most It s not one I m likely to read again A copy of this book was generously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review This was cute short story about how Alex Martin Rook s cousin met the love of his life James Castillo a police detective Since I already love LA and those who inhabit it aka Dante and Rook plus I was always curious about Alex I did enjoy this little snippet was full of fun unexpected turns and a bit of "was full of fun unexpected turns and a bit of It s hard to make a short story stand on its own and mostly I loved what Ms Ford came up with I ust needed a bit to love it It felt slightly rushed in the end I ust needed 5 extra pages to the story to make it complete Otherwise I can t wait for adventures the geeky residents of LA have to offer Using this to anchor Will delete once released Cute As much as I love some Rhys Ford s got to admit her Murder and Mayhem series hasn t worked for me that could have a lot to do with this If you re a fan of that series added context could make the differenceBut I didn t like it In fact I really disliked the copThe story is about 30pages which isn t a lot of space to cover two murders a slow romance and the reuisite sex scene The murders are solved immediately off page with zero investigating I d not expect great depth from a novella but it was so fast it left me thinking is that it and wondering what the point of reading on was The romance is uncomfortably insta insta without enough time to develop the characters beyond one being rich and owning a cat while the other wears tight clothes while investigating and is overbearing at best boorish at worse At halfway James has an opinion and I had to stop to incorporate that James was in fact Detective Castillo His attitude could translate to Sinner S KANE S CONFIDENCE BUT THERE S NOT ENOUGH Kane s confidence but there s not enough to soften it and Alex is too weak drawn as a counterpart he lacks Miki s fire At the end I didn t even know if he likes comics They were declaring love but I was left coldSadly a big fail for me One for fans of the series I think Was going to give the series another shot but think I ll stick to her others 35 stars rounded upThis was a cute uick read that I would have given a full 4 stars to if it wasn t for that ending Why Are we going to get a full length novel with these two or will it bleed into Rook and Dante s next book Idk but that ending frustrated the hell out of meBut James and Alex were adorable as hell together and had great chemistry so I rounded up for that because they certainly caught my interest and I wanted so much of them Alex was sweet and adorable and James was kind and gentle They fit so well togetherBut Alex found a dead body in his shop and once James finishes investigating it he asks Alex out and they start dating Art it’s a familiar weird That all changes when he opens up Planet X Comics one morning and finds a corpse in the middle of his shop When Detective James Castillo is called in to investigate Alex is torn between wanting to. .