Cornered (Free E–pub) ´ Brandon Massey

It at his head AND DOESN T SHOOT DOESN T SHOOT IN THE EFFIN FACE Really Really hide spoiler Just ordered an autographed copy CANNOT WAIT Really good fast paced thriller Massey did a FACE Really Really hide spoiler Just ordered an autographed copy CANNOT WAIT Really good fast paced thriller Massey did a ob at creating a tightly woven plot and fleshed out characters I liked several of the characters including the protagonists Corey and Simone Their daughter Jada was also well written I really enjoyed this and I m a fan of Massey s simple yet engrossing writing style DNF Absolutely did not like this gentleman s writing style one bit ust not for me especially the scene near the start involving the main character s LITTLE GIRL JUST UGH CORNERED WAS girl ust ugh Cornered was not Brandon Massey s best work It was a pretty formulaic thriller that didn t contain any of the supernatural elements that first drew me to Massey I read this book in about 4 hours Nevertheless it was a worthwhile read but I know he can do a better Forgetful of Their Sex: Female Sanctity and Society, ca. 500-1100 job of entertaining me I liked the story Eveyone has a past and sometimes itust catches up with you Brandon Massey gives you enough twists to keep you intereste. Ith the dark past he'd long since left behind Corey knows the threat to his life and family could be deadly. .
Isit It was not a friendly visit by far Corey not

Understanding Leon Thought 
why Leon thought owed him totally confused him But find out his long term business partner was in the mix of things totally through him off guard Todd Corey s business partner was an obsessive gambler and stoop to the low by crossing Corey to be able to run with the big dogs Setting Corey up cornering him to have no choice but sell his part of the business if he ever wanted to see his family alive again Without being able to get the cops involved 1 Because of his past life with Leon Leon could rat on him which COULD CAUSE COREY DOUBLE DIGITS IN PRISON 2 HE cause Corey double digits in prison 2 He not risk it if he wanted to see his family alive againSo what is a desperate man that has been cornere SPOILER ALERTI m actually pissed off that I read this book view spoilerFirst VERY disappointed that the 58 dogs didn t attack maul and eat the bad guy That would have been a way better endingAlso a woman and her daughter are kidnapped beaten threatened with murder and rape She gets the gun from the bad guy points. Worked so hard to achieve is about to become a nightmare When a chance encounter brings him face to face

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This is the second book I ve read by this author well 3 if you count the short story After Reading The First Book reading the first book sought out to read by him I really enjoyed this book I figured it would end how it ended but it was still a great read Corey Webb family man successful business man respected in his community and church has some skeletons in his closet They have been safely locked away until one day when an old friend who holds the key comes back into his life and wants what Corey has all of itGood solid thriller There are few twists to keep the reader guessing but this book is pretty straight forward Massey can tell a story and can provide twists and some insights to the psyche of us all Ok what can I say about this book It was a ok read for me Lots and lots of typo errors I think the editor was out to lunch on this one Corey who left his past life in the past well he tried to anyway But running into an old friend ended turning his whole world upside down Leon who Corey ran the streets