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Keepers Compendium eMong the Amazigh tribes in the real world It saddened me how the Vath dismissed them as all the same and sought torase their cultures but unfortunately that also reflects our world too However I wish we got to see of the universe the book is set in and understand Andala and the Vath s position in it There are multiple references to a galactic law but we never know who The Man with the Golden Gun (James Bond role-playing game) [Box Set] enforces it and why it matters so muchAll in all Court of Lions was a brilliant conclusion and I d highly recommend this duology toveryone as I love it with all my half Moroccan heartThank you to Flatiron Books and Caffeine Book Tours for providing me with a copy of this book in RckenYoga: Die DVD exchange for an honest review All opinionsxpressed are my own read on my blogrep ownvoices Moroccan inspired world and characters lesbian main character and love interestI received an ARC from Netgalley These are my honest opinions and in no way was I compensated for this review Sacred fire only Schmerzmedizin - 1000 Fragen ever came to the brave and courageous Hope was given to a person who might reshape the world This was the long awaited seuel to Mirage which I hadn t read in a while so I reread in preparation for this book I liked itven the second time around and found this story of rebellion against colonialism Psychologische Homöopathie. even refreshing so I was particularlyxcited to read the seuel Court of Lions takes us back to this lush world amidst a bed of beautiful prose and wonderful characterizationAfter revealing her rebel connections Amani is kept isolated only to be brought back into Maram s life for her wedding to Idris She returns to her duties as Maram s body double but she also starts plotting to keep Maram on the throne as the rightful ruler of Andala Meanwhile Maram faces her fears of being ueen and of being married when she forms a relationship with her mysterious new falconerThe prose was stunning as always It had such a soft tone which lent beauty to the words I also thought it was fascinating to include Maram s chapters albeit how few of them we have Being in her head allowed us to see of her her doubt her wanting to be loved and not feared her desire to be known as someone other than the cruel princessThe plot was drenched in political intrigue so much so that I had a little bit of trouble following certain details It was interesting though and I liked how The Viva Mayr Diet: 14 days to a flatter stomach and a younger you everything resolvedI also liked the characters it was nice to return to them Amani is strong willed and resilient Maram finds herself anew and Idris realizes that he doesn t have to live his life in fear They all have such compelling dynamics as well Despite her seeminly traitorous betrayal Amani really does believe Maram will be a good ueen and she rebuilds her sister like relationship with her They put trust inach other as well as with Idris For some passion and love "are separate but for you they run parallel along your heart line I think for you it is impossible to have "separate but for you they run parallel along your heart line I think for you it is impossible to have without the other The romance was as passionate as the first book but now we have two to follow in this book Amani and Idris are wonderful and I loved the growth in their interactions They do have to face the fact that Idris is technically married to Maram but I thought this was handled with grace Anyways Maram is a lesbian and she has a love interest their romance was so soft I loved them and I loved seeing all of them happyI did have a few complaints about this book First much like the first book I found that the romances moved far too uickly Amani and Idris build up their relationship here but I thought they declared their love for ach other without much development in the first book Similarly Maram and Aghraas have very little build up before they were suddenly at the I would do anything for you stage Don t get me wrong I loved both of these relationships and thought there was attraction between them and there s nothing wrong with falling in love uickly I just would have preferred a little build upThe other issue was the

pacing maram only 
Maram only a few chapters which was fine because they were about her personal characterization and didn t contribute much to the plot However the first few of them took place before the contents of this book and then they caught up in the middle which felt very uneven to me Also while I really njoyed the first and last uarters I thought the middle half dragged a bit None of these were big issues and were to My Personal Tastes But I Did Still personal tastes but I did still R High Performance Programming enjoy this bookCourt of Lions was a wondrous seuel that had all the passion and heart of the first book It was plot heavy full of political intrigue and machinations but the character development was carefully interspersed particularly in Maram Pick up Mirage if you haven t already because this series is not to be missedoriginal reviewthis was goodddd but it kinda dragged in the middlealso Maram is a lesbian and has a love interest and their romance is so soft Definitely not a book to be rushed Subtle and far from the flashy action you dxpect yet ually piercing Do not read if you are not willing to give it the time it is worth Let Court of Lions settle around you swirl in your mind sink in to truly xperience it To be honest not a fan of this cover The original design was so much ye catching and aesthetically pleasing Oh well let s see what s inside. To fight for her people's freedom But she must make a devastating decision will she step aside and watch her people suffer or continue to aid them and put herself and her family in mortal danger And whatever she chooses can she bear to remain separated forever from Maram's fiancé Idr. Dynamic and complex female characters yes arc around colonialism yes focus on a friendship between two women yes the concept of love under colonialism played out with two romances one in which they re both girls yes villain to hero arc for secondary female protagonist yes nding that made me start crying for no reason yes best ya series I ve read in at least two years absolutelyalso when I say the The Qur'an, Morality and Critical Reason: The Essential Muhammad Shahrur ending made me cry I m not joking I was holding it together just vibing and then for some reason thepilogue made me absolutely lose it I m going to go scream now thank you for listening longer review to comegod I can t wait for this after book one I NEED this seuel Ways you can make my life less miserable1 Give me this book2 Go back to way 1 In this book the tyrant king played a secondary role The plot was centred around the women pushing boundaries forging alliances and battling Vermeer to Eternity evil One of the cruelest person was also a woman a servant living vicariously through the princess Eventually the princess instead of letting herself get pushed around grew a backbone and stood up for herself and for her people All with the help of Amani the brave and courageous main characterThere was a lot of strategy and politics and it was nice to see women play a pivotal role in reshaping a sovereign ruined by pure crueltyInjoyed some parts of the book than others probably because the novelty of the Heaven to Betsy exoticness of the book had worn off after the first book Nevertheless it was a brilliant plot and overall uitenjoyable 3 stars A huge thank you to Caffeine Book Tours for including me in the Court of Lions blog tour and to the publishers for providing a gifted review copyI was so So B. It excited to be a part of this tour I read Mirage very recently and I devoured it in about a day and a half because I just couldn t put it down I m here to tell you that it wasn t any different with Court of Lions I felt like I couldn t read fastnough I wanted to take my time with it but I was also looking forward to what the next page would bring It was a bit of a slow read at first but after reading the first 4 chapters I started feeling immersed in the story and I got back into the worldI just adore the writing and Cabaret especially the prose You can t help but be invested in what s happening The author has the most amazing way of holding your attention with the detail characters and world I kept reading and only when I checked how much I had read did I realize how far I d gottenAmani is my favorite character I just love seeing things from her perspective How much she loves her culture and where she comes from Hermotions are so raw and it tends to rub off on you At times I felt her motions so strongly and that added to the overall amazing xperience I had with this book We also have Maram After the vents of book one I wasn t so sure how I felt about her I felt bad for her and I knew there must have been something going on but I was still conflicted In this book we got a glimpse of things from her perspective There weren t many chapters from her point of view but it definitely gave a much better understanding about her character I loved reading her point of view but it definitely gave a much better understanding about her character I loved reading chapters And Learning About How learning about how felt along with her fears and hopes Idris was a favorite from the first book and I loved his relationship with Amani We got a lot of his character in this one which I appreciated a lot There was also so much yearningThe political intrigue in this one was very prominent The first book seemed focused on Amani coming in as the body double While this one has so much planning and talk about rebellion I loved this one so much for that The stakes were also much higher The whole thing kept me on the dge of my seat which is Trading Places: The Netherlandish Merchants in Early Modern Venice exactly what I was hoping for The booknded before I was ready but I m so happy with the way it En plein coeur ended I didn t think my heart would sueeze the way it did when I turned the last page but I m so happy I got toxperience this bookOverall this series The Bookshop on the Shore ended up meaning so much to me Books written by Muslims are making their way into our lives freuently and I m so so happy about that The stories are always so rich andnd up meaning a lot to so many readers As much as I m sad to see Amani and Maram s story Dance Real Slow end I m also really thankful that I got to read this series I loved so much of this and I know it will be on my list of recommendations from now on If you haven t read Mirage I urge you to The story is unlike anything you ve read before and you won t regret it Mid series cover changes are the bane of myxistence And no I do not like the new cover style I received an The Art of Memoir earc of this book from the publisher inxchange of an honest reviewCW physical assault violence murder of a child off page grief trauma colonizationAfter reading Mirage and loving that book with my whole The Day Christ Was Born: The True Account of the First 24 Hours of Jesus's Life entire heart I hadxtremely high xpectations for the seuel I was unsure of where the story was headed but I hoped that wherever that was wouldn t be a let down But now I m realizing that was a silly fear The moment I started reading Court of Lions I was overwhelmed with such a sense of right such a sense of home and belonging that I burst into tears before I ven managed to finish the first chapter And my love for it and that feeling of home just kept on growing page by Two identical girls one a princess the other a rebel Who will rule the mpireAfter being swept up into the brutal Vathek court Amani the ordinary girl forced to serve as the half Vathek princess's body double has been forced into complete isolation The cruel but complex princess Maram. Age until I reached the very last oneThe writing in Court of Lions Is Just As is just as as in the first book if not better It s breathtakingly beautiful lyrical and atmospheric It transported me into the story and for a few hours I managed to forget where I was Reading this book felt like I was sitting at the feet of one of my khalat aunts listening to her tell me stories when I was a kid all starry yed giddy and invested in the stakes of what was being recounted Court of Lions felt like one of those Moroccan fairytales of old with a moral to the story I was told growing up and I was completely riveted and mesmerized by itOne thing that I loved about Court of Lions is how much it PostgreSQL Server Programming - Second Edition expended on the world While Mirage stayed focused and confined within the walls of the palace this seuelxpands the world to the rest of Andala One of my favorite things in series is one books Integrity Restored: Helping Catholic Families Win the Battle Against Pornography expands on the previous one and not just story wise I like when the physical space the book takes part inxpands as well and Somaiya Daud did so The Taste of Night (Signs of the Zodiac, expertly and while the places belonging to different tribes the characters traveled through were similar there were small nuances and changes that showed for that change in location And this to me was so very reminiscent of my own culture and people From the outside looking in Amazighi tribes probably look the same similar attire similar languages and dialectstc but verything is so different when you re in the thick of it living it our customs are so varied our dialects so numerous and different and I could see that in very detail of the bookFind my full review on my blog Word Wonders Court of Lions was a stunning seuel to Mirage that concluded the duology perfectly I loved how much Moroccan culture was incorporated into it More delicious food descriptions this book made me crave sfenj so badly clothes language references henna haggling in the souk small cultural details that made my heart swell with joy and ven Moroccan marriage traditions including the all important wardrobe changes which made me wish someone would invite me to a Moroccan wedding although that s impossible with the current situation And the cover of the book is so gorgeous I never thought I d see a book cover with two Moroccan girls resplendent in aftans and selhamsContent Warnings violence death physical abuse grief themes of colonialism Plot 455Characters 55Writing 55This book had a much slower pace than the first with of an mphasis on politics and forging alliances and I thought it worked really well and seemed realistic All the choices the characters made sense and came together at the The Road From Home: The Story Of An Armenian Girl end nicelyAmani shone through in this bookven than she did in the first She was brave smart and versatile in a way Maram for all her strengths was not I was already impressed with her growth in Mirage but in this book she grew ven Although she hadn t been raised to navigate courts she was smart she knew how to influence people and understood the importance of symbolism I admired the way Amani held to her hope of a better world and never ver stopped fighting for it I also loved how her relationship with Idris developed and how they dealt with the bumps on the road Maram also had her time to shine uite literally because she gets her own 3rd person POV chapters Although they were few and far between they gave so much insight into her and her character development in this book was top tier I loved her journey of accepting and loving her Kushaila heritage and working through her father s conditioning Seeing the grief fear and anguish beneath her icy xterior seeing the soft parts of her that were always there but pushed down by the Vath seeing her take the time to xplore herself and come into her own was so Hannah Montana: The Movie emotive and touching If Mirage was where Amani found her strength and resilience to act Court of Lions was the same for Maram I loved her romance with Aghraas The way they saw and acceptedach other immediately and the slow burn of their relationship was xuisitely done For someone who was taught that motions were weakness and was used to constantly being on the defensive it was amazing to see Maram xamine her motions and lower her defenses completely around someone Daud really does write romance wellAmani and Maram s friendship was so well fleshed out The way they slowly regained ach others trust and rebuilt a strong sisterly relationship based on trust was beautiful to behold Further the side characters and the complex web of relationships between them Amani and Maram were also xtremely well fleshed out and ngrossing And I loved how many strong brave women were introduced into the storyCourt of Lions dealt with rebellion liberation and the trials that come with them How do you dismantle an imperial structure built to break you when it has become so interwoven with society How do you convince people that rebellion is worth the risk It also xplored trauma and how the ach dealt with their ownI loved how much world building we got in this seuel We get to xplore so many places in Andala through the characters A Companion to Peter Martyr Vermigli eyes as well as learning about the world s history and lore Themphasis on the different tribes and their cultures was lovely to see The Best Four Years: How to Survive and Thrive in College (and Life) especially as it reflected the diversity With whom Amani had cultivated a tenuous friendship discovered Amani's connection to the rebellion and has forced her into silence and if Amani crosses Maram once her identity and her betrayal will be revealed toveryone in the courtAmani is desperate to continue helping the rebellion.

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