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She d totally had those right where she wanted them This had the possibility #of being a good book had a few major hangups 1 It s backbone #being a good book but had a few major hangups 1 It s backbone all references to other books comics and stories We aren t talking a peppering here we are talking a whole goddamn spice rack With maybe an xtra spice rack thrown in for good measure Die Hard Twilight Marvel Comics DC Comics LOTR Etc Everything in the book was a reference to something A dark heroThis story is like a magical Jason Bourne movie Mac has no memories The Art of Memoir except who he is which is better than Bourne s predicament Even though dealing with demons would usually be a stupid move it sounds like Mac had no choice if he wanted to save someone close to him He is a natural hero but he is dark and doesn t mind killing to get the job done I had a hard time with a few things The memory issues made it hard to follow sometimes Also he talks in his head a lotspecially when he feels guilty or is about to make a decision that is stupid and goes through his thinking process Comic book action hero and shallow plotThis is a good book for some "fast gory action In fact it s non stop action no character or story development We don t know Mac " gory action In fact it s non stop action no character or story development We don t know Mac but we learn he never gets hungry thirsty or tired never has to use a bathroom or sleep never goes into shock never gets seriously injured We know he The Day Christ Was Born: The True Account of the First 24 Hours of Jesus's Life expresses his thoughts almostntirely in similes They flew at me like dive bombers The door was like the lair of a dragon I was like a dog with a bone And so on And so on We know Mac Brennan for that s how he refers to himself thinks and talks in wacky one liners them s the breaks that probably sounded funnier in the author s head And that s about itAny wizard book inevitably is going to be compared to ither Harry Potter or Harry Dresden and this one falls in the latter category Overwhelmed hero with a of gold underneath it all Magical protective overcoat Nonsense words shouted out to make wizard stuff happen Chivalrous toward the ladies But unlike Harry Dresden Mac Brennan never suffers never has a moment of introspection never uestions his purpose or impulses. Hy a vicious death cult is after meActually that last part isn't true I know why the death cult is after me It's because I saved that damned girl from them I didn't know who she was at the time but I'd hav. All of a sudden before he knew it in less than #a blink of an yeI only made it through 54% of the book I didn t measure it mpirically but it #blink of an yeI only made it through 54% of the book I didn t measure it PostgreSQL Server Programming - Second Edition empirically but it like there wasn t page in the book that didn t include someone getting hit in the head shot stabbed set on fire run over cursed blown up irradiated beaten to a pulpviscerated tc The writing wasn t terrible just the content No character development just a lot of spontaneous and *UNEXPLAINED VIOLENCE THE MAIN CHARACTER IS BARELY 2 DIMENSIONAL *violence The main character is barely 2 dimensional the others bear so little description they barely xist until they inexplicably die again Sorry I read as much as I did I gave it 2 stars because I held out longer than I should have hoping something would change So one The Taste of Night (Signs of the Zodiac, extra star for hope I need Holy cow This is a no holds barred non stop action thrill ride the likes you ve never seen before in urban fantasy Mac Brennan is a gun shooting hellfire wielding badass with amnesia who battles werewolves gargoyles and demons in order to save the day and find out just who he is and what the hell is going on The voice dialogue and h If you want a book that is just action scene after action seen this is perfect for you it was a very uick book to read though It just wasn t my idea of a good book what I love is characters I wont be reading the rest of the series sorry 35 starsI liked the story It s a nonstop action packed noir story It was a bit short but there is never a dull moment and the author makes use ofvery minutepage It was great There are tidbits of nerdy pop culture distributed throughout the "story And the camp oh the camp I loved itI did find myself wincing than a " And the camp oh the camp I loved itI did find myself wincing than a of times however Some of the sexist things that came out of Mac sometimes made me want to throw something at him I ve listed the first one that smacked me across the face below Could it be worse Of course but it could be better also Who knows Maybe I m just being overly sensitive Are you okay I asked moving across the laundromat and offering her my left hand I wasnt sure if she was one of those I don t need a man s help girls For all I knew she d be pissed at me for saving her when. My name is Mac Brennan and that's the only thing I can remember about myself Not why I woke up in a dumpster Not why my right arm is as black as pitch and covered in glowing red tattoos and certainly not Mac senses he s almost out of time to finish something vitally important but instead goes chasing after some stranger he met so he can save her why What the hellAlso annoying are the ultra convenient powers Mac suddenly uses as different needs come up It makes it hard to care if he s in peril because what the class="1bcaa84e9bd16b38d110b63ef30eb8c7" style="color: #FFFFCC; font-size: 40px;">"HELL HE LL PRODUCE ANOTHER MAGIC ABILITY HE " he ll just produce another magic ability he t know he hadThree stars if you want non stop #mindless action and blood splattering gore with no real plot or depth Two stars if you like an actual story with #action and blood splattering gore with no real plot or depth Two stars if you like an actual story with developed charactersOne star if you re looking for something original and not another superficial take on a disheveled wisecracking rune wielding reluctant hero of a wizard While listening to this all I could think of is that this author must be a fan of Jim Butcher cause it really had that sort of feel to me Not that that is a bad thing cause I love The Dresen Files It just sort of falls flat hereMac Brennan wakes up in a dumpster and has no memories xcept what his name is or at least what he thinks it is His arm is black and it has red tattoos on it and he has no idea how it happened or what it isWhen he helps a young woman get away from some men at first she is nice to him then she sees his black arm and throws him out Apparently he has made some sort of pact with a demon and that is why his arm is in the shape it s inWhen the thugs come back and he helps her again he finds out they are werewolves Well if demons xist he figures why not werewolves No matter how much he tries to keep the lady out of trouble she nds up getting kidnappedMac is a Cursed what veryone calls a person who made a A wild nonstop action packed devilish ride I love how the pacing of this novel kept going always keeping me on the The Road From Home: The Story Of An Armenian Girl edge of my seat I read that someone compared it to a comic and I would agree It was like a dark fantasy comic It actually reminded me of Constantine Mac was a humorous antihero that was fun to read I m interested to see where the story goes from here I received a copy inxchange for a review A fun campy romp that feels like a love letter to Noir and Nerdy Pop Culture. E done it anyway I just don't like it when girls get beat up call me old fashionedStill I can tell she's hiding something behind those devilish yes and if I want to find out what it is I'll have to help


Cursed The Thrice Cursed Mage #1