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The role of the state of Missouri n the American Civil War You Come to Yokum is terribly complex as any student of the Western Theaters painfully aware Besides the difficulty of divided loyalties shattered nto so many different factions and nterests political social pro and anti slavery pro and anti Union economic Zbogom, dragi Krleža interests German and Irishmmigration etc one must also have a facile working familiarity with Bleeding Kansas as well as with the guerrilla war which n some ways can be seen as a second personal and ugly war contemporaneous with the Civil War While providing appropriate coverage of all these Aspects Of The Story of the STORY WOULD TELL IN DAMNED YANKEE THE LIFE OF would tell n Damned Yankee The Life of Nathaniel Lyon Christopher Phillips has also provided a superb biographical recounting of the life of one of the most pivotal players Jonathan Franzen: The Comedy of Rage in the early part of Missouri s Civil War tale Let me tell you somethingn technical terms alone You Are the Rain in the level of research and private reflection reuired to produce this kind of book thiss no mean featAlthough Phillips prose flows smoothly enough this very well researched book Cycle Style is not particularly easy to read and understand A certain degree of familiarity with the storys not reuired but Artscroll Children's Siddur it s most definitely helpful and even then thiss a book that demands real ntellectual engagement and not nfreuent pauses to let the. Nathaniel Lyon 1818 1861 was the first Union general to die n the Civil War Killed at the Battle "of Wilson's Creek Missouri he became the North's first war hero famed as the man who saved Missouri "Wilson's Creek Missouri he became the North's first war hero famed as the man who saved Missouri the Union In Damned Yankee chosen by Choice as an Outstanding Academic Book n 1991 Christopher Phillips portrays Lyon not as the savior of a border state. Te clearly and even f I hold "differing opinions or even divergent opinions I respect Phillips sufficiently to recognize that his viewpoint may be "opinions or even divergent opinions I respect Phillips sufficiently to recognize that his viewpoint may be to the truth than my own In other words I will continue to grapple with this book now that I m finished reading tMany students of the Civil War are partisan than I and depending on their starting point

They Will Have Very Strong 
will have very strong about Nathaniel Lyon and so will probably reflexively praise or loathe this author and some or all of this book That s a shame I think All of our heroes eg Nathaniel Lyon andor Sterling Price Say Have Human Hearts All Of Them Make Price say have human hearts all of them make all of them make some choices on the spur of the moment which n hindsight strike us as genius or as evidence of a heinous soul Whichever way your partisan leanings tend I think n this book you will find Lyon to be as terribly complex a character as the times n which he lived and died Great book this guy was Torah With Ramban's Commentary Translated, Annotated, And Elucidated: Devarim/Deuteronomy (Artscroll) irascible bullheaded and may have been somewhat psychotic The first Union General to falln the Civil War this s one of those Civil War tales that somewhat go by the wayside but this book gives such a solid account of this man his times and especially the powder keg that was Missouri leading nto the Civil War I enjoy books about hot tempered Generals moving on to the next one shortly. S campaign to eliminate the secessionist element n the state He contends that Lyon's actions n Missouri n 1861 were congruent with his dogmatic personality and troubled past Damned Yankee s a complex often shocking portrait of one of the most controversial figures of the Civil War and a sobering study of how the faults of men may greatly affect histor.

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Damned Yankee Life of General Nathaniel LyonImplications of the text sink n to wrangle with them to engage with Phillips and his arguments and evidence to struggle with complex personalities long dead and to try to reach one s own conclusions about the subject matter under consideration I will tell you that this book has caused me to rethink my own assumptions about the character of Nathaniel Lyon and Time Capsule in truth to conclude thatn certain ways I don t understand this man and perhaps I never will This kind of ambiguity about character Hot Under the Collar is the opposite of what we expect to findn a biography but perhaps Horses its fitting with regard to Lyon who died so early n the war before leaving a substantial body of evidence for us to examineSometimes when reading this book I felt I detected a little "Bit Of Authorial Bias Seeping Through This "of authorial bias seeping through This me a few times but not overly so this s a balanced book and when Phillips The Luthier's Apprentice is expressing his own opinions and conclusions these are usually apparent for what they are what s we all have biases of which we are generally unaware and these lead to whats called style and tone n an author s voice Some of Phillips conclusions I disagree with whether these are about Lyon s personality or the significance of his stance at whether these are about Lyon s personality or the significance of his stance at and Wilson s Creek although I freely admit that Phillips lays out his reasons for his conclusions ui. Threatened by secessionist extremists but as an unbalanced monomaniacal Unionist zealot who purposely and perhaps unnecessarily brought war to a fragile state whose populace had voted overwhelmingly to stay out of the conflictPhillips meticulously examines Lyon's role n the Camp Jackson affair his Uest To Oust The to oust the southern governor of Missouri and hi. ,

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