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Danger in the ShadowsOld Oh sure writing has changed over the years The book is dated by its style and word choices But a story about a woman trying to overcome fear is pretty timeless if you ask me Almost every woman in every eneration faces it at one point or another I love Sara s journey to finding peace and learning to trust in God It s not an easy one iven what her past is and you ll have to read the book to learn all the details But it just the book to learn all the details But it just to show you how much God cares about all the intricacies of our lives and how He s with us especially in our darkest days I love that And I long to row closer and closer to Him each day He blesses me withIf you haven t yet read the O Malley Chronicles I highly recommend them and you should begin with Danger in the Shadows Come fall in love with some of my favorite literary characters I read the O Malley series a long time ago pre GoodReads but loved it so much I knew I wanted to read it again A friend s challenge in a Rescuing Gus group here on GoodReads was the perfect excuse to begin the series againIt has been long enough since I ve read the series that while I had slight memories of the main characters I d forgotten enough of the plot to make it as exciting as the first time I read Sara and Adam s story I really liked how the suspense played out though it was hard to read what especially Sara had too through in order to catch the culpritI appreciated the reminders that God numbers our days and that we can safely trust in His Class of 92: Out of Our League goodness no matter the outcome45 stars My mom told me years ago that her friend s daughter wrote books andave me one to read Her friend s daughter was Dee Henderson Over the years I ve read most of Dee s books and have decided to start rereading them Her novels aren t the sueaky clean perfect charactered sugary romance novels some Christian women authors write that I just can t stomach They are in depth novels you want read almost in one setting and yes even reread I like the fact that the romance thread is there but isn t the yes even reread I like the fact that the romance thread is there but isn t the line story usually it comes in as the undercurrent to an intense story In Danger in the Shadows she takes the themes of a child s kidnapping living in a life of fear and weaves in trusting the Lord and what it really means to do this when times are not smooth I found heart pounding moments tearful moments and joyful moments while walking through the lives of Sara Dave and Adam I wish I could sit down with Dee and ask about her motivation and interest in writing novels about people in law enforcement I bet there is a Portrait of a Starter: An Unhidden Story good story there as well If you haven t read Henderson s books start today You ll thank me for the recommendation won t want to put them down and will keep reading until all her books are on your shelf If you read this book he said you have to list it on Goodreads Think long and hard about that Staying invisible and loving Adam couldet her killed Her brother FBI agent Dave Richman O'Malley series book one The Negotiator has his hands full providing her security from the man who kidnapped her and her ,
O JD here I am being transparent But How the West Was Lost: Fifty Years of Economic Folly--and the Stark Choices Ahead golly I just needed something brainless that wasn t the television I loved the O Malley series by Dee Henderson so very much but I never read the preuel about Sara Dave s sister and Adam I m solad I chose this one for one of my challenges this month Sometimes it s for one of my challenges this month Sometimes it s to read a story where I don t have to substitute words in my head for every bad word I read and when people say God they are actually talking to GOD I love Dee Henderson s books because she takes Christian principles and places them so perfectly within really reat stories about regular people oing through intense situations Faith is a big theme in her books and a big theme in every Christian s walk Sara was tortured and hunted and never believed she would have a normal life Adam was a dream come true and so wonderfully willing to do whatever he could to help Sara He was unselfish enough to put her first which can be a hard thing to do A must read for anyone who enjoys Christian romance This book was painful to et through The characters were completely unbelievable a totally chaste former NFL superstar a woman with a stalker who ets the highest of FBI security her whole life including her brother who is the head of her detail as if the FBI would do that and so are their interactions with each other which were a snooze fest The book is one long whine by are their interactions with each other which were a snooze fest The book is one long whine by main character about how restricted her life is and it s full of repeated conversations between her and her love interest about how they shouldn t be together The book is so full of awkward religious references that are in no way seamlessly integrated into the story I believe this is my fault though as I didn t realize it was labeled as Christian Fiction or I would have expected it That said I think the references should have been integrated much skillfully for them to work By halfway through I was skipping whole pages just to Moonrise get to the end And then the end was ridiculous If a friend of mine completely hijacked the wedding that I dreamed about and planned so that she couldet married at the SAME TIME I would be LIVID That s not a happy ending in my book Also the main character seems to find it charming that her love interest is completely pushing her to have kids when she has a perfectly ood well thought out reason for not having them Ridiculous the whole thing I m pissed it cost me 10 on my Kindle Wish I could return it I read all the other books in this series years and years ago While visiting MY LOCAL BOOKSTORE I NOTICED THAT local bookstore I noticed that had written a seuel Of course I had to et itReading the preuel now was a bit nostalgic I appreciate these books for their clean romance their faith filled characters and easy reading styleI have several series that I m dedicated to and this is one that I ll look back on with fondness. Win sister and caused her sister's death Soon they are caught in a chain of events that brings Sara face to face with terrorand with the sure knowledge that only God can set her free from the Danger in the Shadows.

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This is my kind of Christian Fiction I love that this book has flawed characters who can own their mistakes and occasionally struggle with their faith in a very realistic way The mysterysuspense elements are pretty After Tamerlane: The Global History of Empire Since 1405 good too It was every bit asood on a second read i ve been told to read read I ve
been told to 
told to O Malley series for a while now It will probably take me a few monthsyear to work through the entire series but I ve finally begunI really liked the characters in this preuel They were diverse and believable Dave and Sarah were also Christians from the start but they weren t perfect Sarah definitely had her difficulties and struggles and I admire Henderson for the vivid Christian lesson that Sarah learnedNow the romance I m sorry I just don t like kisses all around everywhere So yeah the romance was a little than I prefer It wasn t necessarily inappropriate just not my preferenceFor some reason I didn t find this one very intense While I tried to understand the overreaction that Dave often Alien Alpha gave I didn t understand it The threat didn t seem real to me because it was just vague from the beginning It wasn t until I saw a face to the antagonist that it actually felt like it was than a shadow which Iuess could be what the author was oing for Well this book was fairly painful to read I don t know what it is about Christian books that make them synonymous with poor writing but this book does nothing to break the stereotype Here are some examples p 73 The reception area was a profusion of flowers and fauna Did the author not know that fauna refer to wildlife of which there was none in this particular office area Or what about the tedious types of sentences like this one on page 170 The oven timer went off Sara helped se by Andrea Renee CoxFear It s a driving force that freezes us in our tracks I ve experienced it in several different ways in my life and I m uessing you have too But what would it be like to live in constant fear for your lifeDanger in the Shadows tells the story of a woman who was held captive for years by the fear that her sister s killer would come back for her Sara longs for freedom but her past demands tight security surround her at all times When she finds herself stuck in an elevator with a high profile former football player her world ets rocked in than one way She expected the increase in her protective detail as stifling as it is but she didn t expect love to come knocking on her door The only problem is this love comes with the limelight and media attention she s skirted around her entire life Will she be willing to risk her safety to pursue a future she had iven up hope of havingThis book is the preuel one of two preuels now Jennifer is the second to Dee Henderson s O Malley Chronicles my favorite book series This is the third time I ve read this one and it never ets. Sara's terrified She's doing the one thing she cannot afford to do fall in love with a famous man former pro football player Adam Black Sara is hidden away in the witness protection program her safety dependent on.
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