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Ctions of a friend who told her it wouldn t be safe And this was after the same man had sexually assaulted her Perhaps there is no explanation but it s hard to make sense of this crime without oneFrom the killer and his bizarre relationship with his mother and habit of violently raping the same women over and over again to the woman who just sat by while another female was murdered there are a lot of "aspects of this book that could make for an interesting if "of this that could make for an interesting if disturbing story But ltimately Dangerous Attraction was too disjointed and there were too many Brothers unanswer True CrimeThis a horrifying book which describes the rapes of several women and the murders of several people The violence of this skin head gang isnimaginable The book is ver Liars murderers sociopathsWhat a despicable bunch of skin heads I can t find words to describe the pain and suffering caused by Merriman his baddies and his mother Women were treated like dogs two murdered These are dangerous people sociopaths BoringToo drawn out and repetitive It needed to be put together to be enjoyable One needs patience to continue to the end. O keeping silent He eluded justice for six years ntil cops attempted to stop "him for a minor traffic violation and he bolted On January 30 1998 after a wild chase and seven hour standoff "for a minor traffic violation and he bolted On January 30 1998 after a wild chase and seven hour standoff a bomb threat Ventura County Sheriff's Officers arrested him As police dug into the cold case of Katrina's murder they found what they needed enough for a jury to declare that Merriman should die by lethal injection in California's San entin PrisonIncluded 16 pages of shocking phot. Scary StuffI didn t know what to expect from this book It was "Not Only Riveting But "only riveting but incredibly frightening It horrified me to think about all of these young lives wasted and ruined by the teachings of a maniac the likes of Hitler and his warped followers my heart went out to warped followers My heart went out to MontgomeryHendrix families who lost their beloved daughters Scary to know this happens in our neighborhoods Sure this girl is pretty but not smart If she was smart she wouldn t hang out with such a hateful and violent crowd If you are like me and like to read true crime this is a good one to read Scary when hatred is held for no reasonGood book about a murder that may have stayed on the cold case list without the hard work of a Deputy DA and his investigators in Ventura County CA Scary to think about gangs and young people who hate and sometimes kill others for ideals that are pure evil Fairlygood story the beginning was riveting but after about 34 of the way through it slowed simply due

details in court Justin s Beverlee Sue Merriman wow no wonder he was an idiot After all with a mother like that raising a son not to ta. Double Life Girl next door Katrina Montgomery 20 was blessed with beauty brains and a loving family But inexplicably something drew her to the dark side As a teen she had begun sneaking off to a party with a violent drug abusing Neo Nazi gang and she couldn't seem to resist her attraction to tattooed skinhead Justin Merriman 20 a brutal boozing speed freak The two kept p a correspondence while he did time for assaulting a correctional officerDance Of DeathWhen Merriman was re. .
Dangerous Attraction

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Ke any responsibility no conseuences for his actions what can society hope for A gentleman Nope Skin Head Dogs should be instead stand for Stupid Halfwitted Dumbasses A walk on the wild side would end in rape and murder for an all American Girl This is a true story After I read this book I looked p this case online And still to this date they have not found her body It is a good read if you all enjoy true crime books You will "enjoy this one Being one of the people who he held hostage "this one Being one of the people who he held hostage kellogg that night and knowing everyone involved personally reading it just brings back floods of memories i thought were gone I hadnt spoke his name in 20 yrs and after reading this book im terrified of him all over again This book begins with the crime the terrible senseless graphic crime before we ve been properly introduced to the victim or even nderstand what s really going on We never Really Get A Sense Of get a sense of Katrina Montgomery was or why she was drawn to the Skin Head Dogs and the man who ltimately killed her He d been cruel and dismissive of her all night why did she insist on following him to his house over the obje. Leased from jail he and Katrina resumed their dangerous relationship On Thanksgiving weekend 1992 Katrina went to a gang party and wound The New Competition up in the townhouse where Merriman lived with his mother There Merriman raped Katrina in front of two of his skinhead buddies Then he stabbed her in the neck bludgeoned her with a wrench and finally cut her throatCase ClosedKatrina's body wasn't found Meanwhile Just Merriman continued his orgy of brutality and rape terrorizing his victims int.

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