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Dark Art (Whispers of the Gods, #2)

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I absolutely love this series and I can t wait for it to continue I have so many things I want to experience with the world and the CHARACTERS AND THE MAGIC NEW CHARACTERS and the magic New characters and powerful entities were introduced I loved them all especially a certain clever priestess and some powerful warrior women Yet all the things Ioved from the previous book Tagebuch remainedA strong hero in Lann the fiery Astrid and even the morally complex Kelewulf Add in the great side characters and theirelationships to one another plus the inventive action and cliffhanger ending and there is tons for eaders of epic fantasy adventure to enjoyA definite ecommend if you love classic fantasy adventures Dungeons Dragons and great ACTION THIS WAS A REAL STEP This was a eal step in uality for me which was a pleasant surprise It tells the continuing tale of Lannigon and Astrid as they hunt down monsters and try to prevent Kelewulf from achieving his goals The world has expanded a great deal in this second installment and there was a maturity to the writing that I felt was a little lacking in the first book Lann This is a lovely book The images are amazing similar to Kim Lewis and the story is simple but unusual This is a great story to share with young children It feels like forever since I ead Dark Blade but it s such an easy world to fall back into and actually a eally great job was done with weaving in just enough of the backstory to bring back those key moments from book one I loved the alternating chapters between locations and how the author wasn t afraid to move the focus away from Lann or Kelewulf at times to help ound out the story Whilst book one was Deconstruction in Context: Literature and Philosophy really focused on Lann I felt that weeally got to Learn About Kelewulf This about Kelewulf this and actually he stole the show for me He had the benefit of a new area and new characters and his battles with both the Lich and being a stranger in a strange land made for utterly compelling Hoffnung Mensch reading Whilst Kelewulf has the benefit of building a solid base in Hasz Lann and Astrid find themselves trave. The second book in the sweeping epic fantasy series Whispers of the Gods perfect for fans of the Summoner trilogy by Taran Matharu and Shadow and Bone by Leigh BardugoWHEN DARKNESS FALLS WHO WILL FIND THE STRENGTH TO LE. Rsing several locations and even planes during their journey Their valiant efforts in hunting down those who escaped through theift feels like a elentless task for them but they make AN AWESOME TEAM AND I LOVE awesome team and I love they bounced off each other in battle They have uite the oller coaster going on so I m not going to let slip much of their adventure but it s compelling There are some uite visually graphic epresentations of their experiences at times which tips it at the slightly darker end of YA fantasyThis is still a very much character driven series and whilst I do miss my beloved world building it s fine because I knew this going into it from book one I did get a little sprinkling here and there though Specifically with Hasz and the Citadel it eminded me a little of The Black Church from Nevernight there s a wonderful little magic system in play and some great teachers and set ups to eally drive Kelewulf s arc forward There were a couple of occasions towards the end where I would have liked to have known though because it felt a teeny bit ushed and I had to ead back because I thought I had missed something There is no word wasted though it s because I thought I had missed something There is no word wasted though it s
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punchy and ead that a thoroughly enjoyed and I m very grateful to Bloomsbury YA for providing me with this opportunity to continue this fantastic story I Little Shop of Horrors: 8 Selections from the Musical: Easy Piano received an ARC of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honesteviewI ead the first book in this series last year and eally enjoyed it so I was delighted to eceive an ARC of this book and got to it as soon as I could In a lot of ways the books in this series have a very classical fantasy feel about them which is just fine by me because I love that There s the farm boy who has to leave his village and go on a uest a magical sword plenty of politics and scheming appearances from the gods some of which are of a hinderance than a help dark magic and monsters However this series also has several things that make it feel fresh and not just the same story being told all over again The. AD THE WAYLann is lost Haunted by ghosts and desperate for vengeance he is struggling to maintain control of the Dreadblade Its call is growing stronger and Lann's esolve is at an all time lowAcross a dark sea Kelewulf.
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Main character actually has several unherolike weaknesses he s not great at politicing or public speaking and without his sword he s a long way from being an unbeatable champion The better fighter by far is Astrid a Princess turned Shield Maiden who s skilled with a sword dagger and bow and arrow a sword dagger and bow and arrow of characters and aces also have well thought out back stories and world building so it s definitely "not a clear cut fight of good against "a clear cut fight of good against seuel begins soon after the end of the first book and we get to see how the characters are dealing with the aftermath of those events This time we are introduced to of the world and visit lands outside the Six Kingdoms The different viewpoints were handled well and I felt genuinely interested in the storyline for each of the POV characters though I definitely have a favourite and I ve got my fingers crossed that their story ends well There were some clever uestions What It Takes: Fighting for My Life and My Love of the Game raised about whether the ends justify the means and just how far you can go using thiseasoning in my opinion they went too far This book builds well on the action the first book the various plots weave together brilliantly and the ending leaves you wondering what is going to happen nextI particularly like the way the Luftwaffe Fighters 1945 (Topcolors) romance is handled in these books Too many YA books either have instaloveomances or for me go way beyond the content that I would be happy to Revenant recommend to a 1213 year old In this book we see a genuine growth from friendship and attraction to the beginnings of aelationship All with content suitable for younger YA and without getting in the way of the main plotI would Pumpkinflowers recommend this book obviously aftereading book 1 to Wonderful Memories of It's a Wonderful Life readers aged 12 who enjoy fantasy or are interested in getting into the genre People who have enjoyed the Wereworld series Inheritance Cycle Eragon and Abhorsen Series Sabriel will also like thisContent warning there is aather gruesome death near the end of the book It is not shown on screen but it is discussed and what is left of the body is seen afterward. Is searching for the heart of a god This powerful and terrible object is the final piece of the puzzle that will eturn darkness to the world forever And with each day that passes Kelewulf is closer to achieving his go. .