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Interesting to ead from the perspective of a German girl during ww2 I gained insight on people and their experiences during ww2 It was a humbling when I Der Flügel des Engels : Autobiogr., Selbstzeugnisse, Briefe an Jack Kerouac read about everything Gisel went through for her and her family The story is told in Gisel s point of view and it s an interesting one She tells you how her life was when the war was going good for Germany and then how it started turning against them you can feel her bitterness towards the war Actually you can feel it towards everybody in this book as now since the tide has turned freuent visits to the airaid shelters are all over Germany and talk against Hitler and the German government is also starting to ise The idea of leaving all that she loved behind and having to take care of all her siblings all younger than her just enhances her bitterness towards the war However throughout the book I admire Gisel s strength and courage when they were stuck beneath the ubble waiting to be escued She does get impatient several times as any other older sibling would do when they e stuck with their younger ones Gisel especially gets annoyed with Lotte who s a spoiled brat I think it adds Love and Its Place in Nature: A Philosophical Interpretation of Freudian Psychoanalysis realism to her character andounds her out very well I think her courage stemmed off from her brother Erwin who is a few years younger but acts very mature and helps Gisel when needed I liked him as he provided the extra strength she needed to keep being positive and to survive The other part is the solder who is also stuck underneath the Special Agent Francesca rubble but is able to communicate to them with a pipe he was on the other side of the wall He provides Gisel with advice and also advises her to make as much noise as possible in the hopes of being heard andescued uickly What I liked most about the book is Gisel s ability to pull everybody together and to maintain a positive outlook while in times of duress For someone who has barely just turned sixteen she ages and matures uickly and you can actually hear her voice growing olderThere is no Triskell Tales: Twenty-Two Years of Chapbooks real plot in this book which may be a deterrent to someeaders The majority of the book takes place underneath the Across the Wide and Lonesome Prairie rubble and all youeally Mein wildes Geheimnis 03 read are Gisel s thoughts It may or may not draweaders in so perhaps I would only ecommend this book for World War II buffs Otherwise for those who aren t it certainly is worth a try It s a little over 200 pages so it should be a breeze for the majority of eaders out thereOverall an interesting account of someone who is on the other side of war Albeit with no eal plot it s certainly worth a look see 1 I decided to ead this book because i wanted to know what it tustve been like in WW22 The uote Its selfish of us I know but I m so tired of worrying about everyone else first Why shouldn t think OF MYSELF FOR ONCE OF MY myself for once Of my pg 153 appealed to me because the way the author uses The Worst Weather on Earth: A History of Mount Washington Observatory rhetorical uestions to show the main characters emotions and feelings I thought waseally well done3 What I liked about the book was the language *the author used to display emotions and how the author showed character development in everyone because it eally keeps me wanting * author used to display emotions and how the author showed character development in everyone because it eally keeps me wanting The Geology And Landscape Of Santa Barbara County, California, And Its Offshore Islands read and finish the book The only thing I didn t like was that the text kind ofepeated itself but I understand its hard for anything different to happen when the book is about a group of children stuck underground5What the text made me think deeply about was how i would Biopower: Foucault and Beyond react to the situation the main characters were in For being buried underground for about a week all the characters handled it very well I alsoealised how horrible it must have been in the war for every one and how cruel someone must be to want to inflict all that chaos onto the world Pairing and Overview I will pair Dark Hours by Gudrun Pausewang with the novel Slaughterhouse Five by Kurt Vonnegut Jr Both novels take place at least in part during World War II in Germany and include the bombing of Dresden While Slaughterhouse Five depicts the war and the bombing from an American soldier s point of view Dark Hours delivers the perspective of a German family who get separated and children who must survive on their own1 Book Citation Pausewang Gudrun Dark Hours Toronto Annick Press 20062 Audience Junior and senior high students who are interested in history andor who enjoy eading about intense situations and Action It Includes Action It includes action war such as bombings but also interpersonal elationships It is set during World War II in Germany but focuses on a teenage protagonist who must grow up uickly and take care of herself and her family The combination of warlike action and personal experiences allows this book to appeal to than just the average history buff3 Selection Criteria The book accurately addresses historical events and includes an introduction to which contains maps and other facts necessary for Is That Even a Country, Sir! readers to understand the context of the story It was written on good authority as Gudrun Pausewang is a German author who lived through World War II in Germany and based this novel on her personal experiences The book was translated by John Brownjohn who is a leading translator of German in the United Kingdom Further Annick Press is aespectable publisher of children and young. Entombed following a bombing うそつきリリィ 3 [Usotsuki Lily 3] raid at the close of World War II three children struggle to surviveOn Gisel's 16th birthday her world like the war effort begins to crumble Her father is away serving in the German army when the advancing Allies force theest of the family to flee their home Gisel her younger brothers and their pregnant. Adult fiction and non fiction As seen below Dark Hours is The Prince relevant to the curriculum as it addresses events of World War II an important part of the World History curriculum In addition to the historical setting andeferences this is a work of fiction that features a young adult protagonist faced with difficult circumstances this helps the novel appeal to young adult A Bold Carnivore: An Alphabet of Predators readers It isecommended for students in middle grades through senior high by multiple Goodbye Sarajevo: A True Story of Courage, Love and Survival reviews and publishing information The scope of the novel is enhanced by the combination of historical facts and personal experience Dark Hours won the Silver Independent Publisher Book Award in 2007 for JuvenileYoung Adult Fiction in the United States and was named a Best Book in the Middle and Junior High School Library Cataolog Supplement to Ninth Edition 2007 by the HW Wilosn Company Overall this book is valuable to a high school library collection because it supports the current curriculum and brings a valuable personal perspective to the historical events it portrays4 Review Source Fiske Amy VOYA December 2006 Vol 29 No55 SOL Connection WHII12 The student will demonstrate knowledge of the worldwide impact of World War II by a explaining economic and political causes describing major events and identifying leaders of the war with emphasis on Franklin D Roosevelt Harry Truman Dwight D Eisenhower Douglas MacArthur George C Marshall Winston Churchill Joseph Stalin Adolf Hitler Hideki Tojo and Hirohito b examining the Holocaust and other examples of genocide in the twentieth century c explaining the terms of the peace the war crimes trials the division of Europe plans toebuild Germany and Japan and the creation of international cooperative organizations and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights 19486 Ordering Information Dark Hours Hardcover Fiction 2006 212p Annick Press 1808 978 1554510429 Before I start let me just say that this Book Review talks about World War 2If you don t know what was WW2 then you must be living under a Lifting rock Basically in a nutshell WW2 was one of the most bloody wars in history that was the Nazilead by Adolf Hitler with the support of the near by lands vs theest of the world Oh now you wan t to hear about WW2 don t you Well to bad this is a book Mathruhridayam review not the history Chanel Which by the way did you see the one with Alexander the great Did I tell you that there is going to be spoilers If not then READ THE FUDGING BOOK There now you can t say didn t warn you when you want toead this book before you do you should watch a documentary on WW2 Don t worry I ll wait Oh your back did you wipe your Cheetos dust filled hands It is during the bombing of Germany around 1942 where a family of Germans are about to celebrate a young girl named Gisel birthday when her dad is sent to fight in the war The family is later told to flee the country with the est of the civilians The family of Germans are uickly the country by Train Like The Rest like est all the sudden Britain sent an air A Life In School: What The Teacher Learned raid on Germany causing the family to go to the under ground bunker to gain safety but at the trouble that the family got split up so it was Gisel and her two brothers to survive on there own Soon Giselealizes that watching two kids is no easy task this later the second air aid from Britain comes with Gisel and her brothers out side of the shelter and in a near by house that was hit by a bomb Now stuck they are left helpless and to die decaying with nothing but a broom and each otherSoon Gisel hatches a plan and that plan is to hit the wall with the broom until either A someone hears it and saves them On the other hand she and her brothers will die soon they are saved and that s was the end of there story To analysis the book we must first talk about what we ead So basically there is a girl and her brothers and they are stuck in a building during a bomb This alone can tell give us a atmosphere
that sets the 
sets the of the story How you may ask Well let me explain then if you want to know Basically this text gives us the feeling of fear fear like no other fear that makes you want to hide under your superman sheets that lie on your bed as you cry for help Also In the start of the other paragraph I tell you that this took place around 1942 during WW2 This is important to mention because lets be honest there is nothing scary than bombs Just picture this sceneYou are walking by a park filled with kids when all the sudden a bomb falls on it killing every one including youIn my opinion this book was super good from the start to the end every little detail had no flaw the book also gave the The House That Had Enough reader a nice secure theme for them to imagine the WW2 Also the the facts that s this is base of a true story Oh didn t I tell you that this is based on the Authors eyes Well now you know and the you know the better Also the book gives you some history on WW2 so in other words this book may just help you on a test Then again this is my opinion on the subject For Dark hours theating I give it is 5 out of 5 stars Why you may ask well see the paragraph before this one for the answer to your uestion I The Devil's Snake Curve: A Fan's Notes From Left Field recommend this book to everyone who likes wars stories and Mother board a crowded train But when their mother goes into labor the children are separated from her at the next stationBefore they know what's happening an airaid siren sounds and Gisel barely manages to hustle her siblings into a trackside bathroom When the bombs hit the children are trapped As they await escue Gisel's only
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Eachers that are teaching the subject ELA and SS mostly The final thing I have to say is ask yourself this uestion what was going on during WW2 Well bye and happy thanksgiving All ights go to Gudrun Pausewang Gisel a 15 year old German Sopho has to flee from her hometown due to the Russian Troops invading Life isn t so great She has to carry one of her brothers and watch her 2nd youngest brother also when she needs to carry three luggages that will help them survive As the air Défendre Jacob raid signal goes off everyone scrambles to find shelter and Gisel is seperated from her grandmother They spend days hididng in a collasped bathroom struggling to get out The building that they were in got bombed however the bathroom they were staying was still together As everyday goes by Gisel hopes for her siblings would get out safely Hope is a big thing in this book It never faded from Gisel and her brothers They strive to live through each day with a small bite of bread and a small sip of water They manage to stay strong each day and help their neighbor on the other side of the collasped walls They never lose hope even if it seemed like they will never get out They spend their mornings making aacket so outsiders will know that there are living people stuck in the collasped building I d have given this book 5 stars except for one thing The story is told from the point of view of a German girl living with her family in Silesia Poland during World War II When the Russians begin to invade and drive out the Germans Gisel and her family must flee back to Germany On their way to Dresden she and her brothers are separated from their mother and grandmother and end up trapped in a bombed out air aid shelter Now in the story she tells of being in the Nazi Youth and of her parents loyalty to Hitler Given that in one place the author has Gisel thinking about the British Russians and Americans not as enemies but as victims just like her and in another place she has Gisel thinking that though the Allies have done awful things to the Germans the Germans have done just as many terrible things to the enemies Somehow those two interjections just didn t flow with the est of the story and seemed to be placed there to create a balanced view of the war I don t think a child who had been brought up in such a home would have thought of those things Pausewang did include an introduction giving background information on the war and stating her view that the Germans should never have allowed Hitler to have that much power I think the introduction should have sufficed Aside from that the story was very suspenseful I Black Gold in North Dakota really couldn t put it down I particularly liked how the author framed the story between two letters and told what happened to the characters after the story ended An excellent translation by John Brownjohn highlyecommended for another view of World War II A look at the CLOSE OF WWII RATING 4 OUT of WWII Rating 4 out 5 starsI ead Dark Hours by Gudrun Pausewang for my SRP project In this fiction the author is telling the story of her own 16th birthday to her granddaughter Trying to inspire the granddaughter the book eally conveys courage and esponsibility as well as despair and fear Dark Hours tells the story of a family in Germany 1945 that becomes separated through the chaos of trying to evacuate their hometown A 16
year old girl 
old girl left in charge of her 3 younger brothers at a train station while their mom *and grandma try to find tickets and seats * grandma try to find tickets and seats the train to the safe zone Dredsen The girl Gisel and her 3 brothers Erwin Harald and Rolfi are waiting when an air aid siren sounds and Gisel ushes into a bathroom with her brothers and a lost 7 year old girl Lotte for cover That s when the bombs strike trapping them for hours Just outside the bathroom they are trapped in a wounded soldier lay dying The soldier gives advice to Gisel on how to survive and keep the little ones alive too My stomach is knotted with hunger I uickly zip up the bag We might be down here for a week Or even longer Pausewang 143 My opinion on the novel is uite simple It would take a lot of perseverance and courage for anyone to survive and ation their food under the conditions that the kids went through I am also amazed that this is a true story based on the author s 16th birthday I could never imagine staying in a closed off bathroom for that long after an air Wicked City: The Other Side raid The book is very well written throughout its entirety and I definitely wouldecommend it any interested teens or young adults Not a Officer, Surgeon…Gentleman! review per se but I still think about this book on aegular basis despite having Barefoot through Mauretania read it 3 years ago for a school project in a time in my life where I had the time toead dozens upon dozens of books a year those were the days I chose it on a whim for a school project on WWII and I think that Dude, You're a Fag: Masculinity and Sexuality in High School reading this book has had an impact on myecent Eldest realization that the subject of history is one that I want to base a career around It tells the story of civilians and civilian children at that both subjects that are often glazed over in discussion of WWII for the excitement of the Blitz and the horrors of the Holocaust Great great book and it has had a profound impact on my lif. Dult communication is with a dying soldier buried on the other side of the wall who offers guidance on how to surviveTold as a grandmothers birthday gift to her 16 year old granddaughter Dark Hours is a suspenseful and dramatic novel about the injustice of war its impact on ordinary people and the hope thatesonates in the human sou.