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I felt that this book was the best in the series Tied everything together great series for those 8 12 year old The Aedyn Chronicles Darkness Shall Fall series Tied everything together great series for those 8 12 year old The Aedyn Chronicles Darkness Shall Fall a story about Louisa Peter and Julia It is their uest to chase the shadows from Aedyn and return the rule of the Lord of Host Trapped on the island of Khemia surrounded by Gul nog monstrous creatures while the volcano continues to erupt they only know that a Talisman s fabled power is their only hope But why isn t the talisman working In the end they must decide who they can trust and find the strength to fight a battle they are sure to looseDarkness Shall Fall has an interesting story premise Even though I didn t read the first 2 books in this series I was able to understand what was going on Something in the way this book was narrated made it difficult for me to become invested in the characters Darkness Shall Fall seemed to be geared to a younger teen audience which might account for my difficulty with the narrative That being said I did find myself drawn in till of conclusion This copy was given to me by Goodreads F I received this book for free through First Reads "on Good ReadsFirst of all I would like to note that I didn t read "Good ReadsFirst of all I would like to note that I didn t read first two books in this series Darkness Shall Fall is the third book in The Aedyn Chronicles With that being said I was able to comprehend what was going on in the storyI could have done without the illustrations in the book though I understand that this series was made for a younger audience The narration kind of put me off in some spots but I pushed throughDarkness Shall Fall had a uniue story line but I couldn t uite connect with the characters perhaps because I haven t read the rest of the series It was well written and I enjoyed it well enough to finish it Unfortunately this book was a big flop It started off right where the preceding volume had ended which was a good thing because the ending of the previous book had been way too abrupt and we needed info on what happened to the characters I think probably Mr McGrath had originally written the two books as a whole single volume and then been advised to split them up for the sake of lengthSadly Mr McGrath appears to have been giving way to much too much advice in the writing of these seuels It is startling how inferior both the seuels were to the first book in the trilogy The Chosen Ones This makes me think that either Mr McGrath could not keep up the appearance of a superior author for long or that he is a superior author but allowed himself to be swayed by bad advice on the part of editors and agents I suspect the latter since Mr McGrath is unlike CSLewis a professor of theology and science and not a professor of English literature CSLewis was fairly comfortable in the writing world and familiar with most storytelling devices and traditions Mr McGrath is a newcomer to the writing world and not overly sure of himself He should have stuck to his previous formula of subtle religious allegory and sibling drama when he tried to branch out into teen angst in a ungle the result was disastrousThis last volume Darkness Shall Fall is even weaker than the second book in the series and that one had some serious problems Both of them feel like a clumsy effort at the typical genre fantasy story The religious elements are simplified and weakened so badly that the book could ust as well have been written by a Zoroastrian as by a Christian there is nothing uniuely Christia. As the volcano’s dark and deadly cloud draws closer Peter Julia and Louisa fight to protect the people of Aedyn attempting to shelter themselves from the strengthening dark for.

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N about the concepts of darkness and light and these are all the concepts he offers in this book It s all oddly shallow and vague and unfortunately the much talked of Lord of Hosts never makes a single appearance Unlike Aslan who appears in every book this Lord of Hosts is obnoxiously uninterested in getting off his big rear end and helping his people get free from bondage You may say that in real life God doesn t make a physical appearance very often No He doesn t But what is the point of setting the whole thing in a fantasy world if abstract concepts like God are not allowed to make a concrete appearance on the scene otherwise how are you supposed to illustrate your ideasAnyway the religious areas are weak and oversimplified That s a big problem The worst faults however are the flat boring dialogue between flat boring characters who do not differ in any way from each other and the horrible angsty presentation of the stepmother and stepbrother They are cheap cartoon villains and their reformation at the end was abrupt unbelievable and sadly ridiculous Louisa s reformation was eually unexplained and abrupt We never explored her mind at all It s good that the author is willing to allow one of the cartoon villains to become a worthwhile person even a leader in the Lord s cause but we are never enlightened as to how this transformation took place She simply bounced from being a cartoon villain to a cartoon angel There was potential for a lot of drama between her and Peras the guy who masuerades as a messenger from God but who is proved to be a fake in the end but there was basically no drama at all between them Mostly we ust watched Peras "Tower Above Peter And Threaten Him On "above Peter and threaten him on raftOh and another thing Peter and the other Aedyn guys are terrified to death of this Peras because he s tall and strong like Thor Okay then He s tall and strong But that doesn t mean if they banded together they couldn t defeat him he s Thor after all not Planet Earth And why were they all thinking about resorting to cannibalism when their rafts were still not far from land Poor Mr McGrath how did you overlook these plot holesI could go on and on Julia s reflections about Gregory being attractive but too old for her were startling largely because until this point I had gotten the impression that he was only about Peter s age and that there was no attraction between him and Julia Probably Mr McGrath was advised to stick in some sort of romance and since he couldn t put one in between Louisa and Peras or Peter and Alyce he was forced to resort to a weird taped on relationship between Julia and GregoryOn top of everything else there was a curiously large amount of grossness the Gul nog were described in unnecessary detail and were extremely boring mindless villains We didn t get anything like the complexity or realism of villains like Jadis or Miraz here we The Lives of Stay-at-Home Fathers: Masculinity, Carework and Fatherhood in the United States just watched a lot of trolls go to the bathroom on the ground and eat raw meat Boring and repulsive stuffPoor Mr McGrath You have not doneustice to your own abilities This book was pathetic The ending scene alone is enough to convince anyone That You Were Not At you were not at best when writing this it is shockingly dumb and unrealisticFrom a 4 star to a 2 star to a 1 star like a comet Mr McGrath descends to earth Sad stuff Darkness Shall Fall is the third book in The Aedyn Chronicles Trilogy I found the story interesting enough to keep reading to the end because I wanted to find out wha. Ces As their enemy closes in a stranger arrives claiming to come from the Lord of Hosts to help in their escape to Aedyn and safety But Louisa doesn’t trust this stranger and Darkness Shall Fall Aedyn Chronicles #3

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T happened to the characters Unfortunately I did not read the first two books in the trilogy so some of the back story was not there for me coming into this book The book was done well enough that I was able to follow the story though The book is the story of Louisa Peter and Julia and an adventure they are having in the world of Aedyn having left their "melded family back on Earth A volcano has erupted and a shadow covers the world of Aedyn Their mission is "family back on Earth A volcano has erupted and a shadow covers the world of Aedyn Their mission is overcome the shadow and restore Aedyn to the rule of the Lord of Hosts It was entertaining enough to keep me going There were two spots in the book where the author leaves the third person telling and goes into a sh Free book received from a Goodreads GiveawayThis book concludes the Aedyn Chronicles and it brings together everything which Peter Louisa and Julia have learned during their adventures Peter must realize his mistake in putting his faith in the wrong person Julia recovers the stolen talisman from the enemy s camp Louisa becomes brave enough to accept her role as Healer and to lead the band on a daring move to destroy the Shadow once and for all The books are a bit like Narnia in that the heroes are sent to a different world by the Lord of Hosts to do His will and save the world The three English children grow and mature through their experiences in Aedyn and take the new lessons home to heal their broken family It completes the series and wraps everything up maybe not in the way you expect or with everything explained but with a satisfactory outcome Encouraging and uplifting at times it s a story that proves that others can understand what you re going through The writing uality isn t fantastic but I so appreciated the imagery of Light conuering the darkness in this final book It was very timely and needed for me Darkness Shall Fall does have a lesson to be learned First of all this is the second book and the conclusion to The Aedyn Chronicles Peter Julia and Louisa is stranded on an island with an erupting volcano that is spreading evil from within the earth As the Shadow grows stronger the people of Aedyn are losing hope Peter Julia and Louisa are expecting the Lord of Hosts to appear but nothing have happened when the two pieces of the tailman are made whole Louisa who has been mean and cruel to Peter and Julia is acting much nicer She has spent time calming and cheering the people of Aedyn during the darkest time It is also Louisa who warned them of the false messenger that Peter and Julia was ready to give up their leadership to In some way the story seemed predictable but I have to remember that this story is written for young adults It is about family and learning what can destroy a family is losing and not having and remembering what love is It took Peter Julia and Louisa to find the courage and love to discover what a family really is I got this book through goodreads in a first reads giveaway This is not a book I would read on a general purpose and I havent read the first two so i was a bit confused as to what was going on in a two so i was a bit confused as to what was going on in a the characters Louisa Peter and Julia were well written and the story as I could tell was written for a much younger audience than myself It was enjoyable and a good read the trio were trying to get rid of the shadow the volcano caused over Aedyn so they could get it back to its orignal state The adventured are paced well enough to keep track of i would recommend it to a younger audience. Er mistrust leads to further conflict Can Peter Julia and Louisa overcome their disagreements in time to lead the people in the fight for freedom and truth even when all seems lo.

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