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Sisters word describe thischeesyAnd Not The Good Sappy Romantic the good sappy romantic of cheesiness No it was the unrealistic roll your eyes kind of cheesiness I m actually uite disappointed from Ms Wade I read one of her other works and though it s a bit disturbing as it deals with big foot review here it was way hotter Forgetful of Their Sex like pantie melting weak in the knees hot And the story was actually interesting compared to this one Maybe Date with Destiny is one of her earlier worksHonestly the premise caught my attention but the execution just wasn t there It was rushed and unrealistic The story just wasn t strong enough and neither was the sex wel get to that in a minute Date with Destiny was just someones fantasy that they just had to write downbut really didn t need to be shared Not to be harshbecause I do think this story could have potential it just needs time to truly develop and for Naturally Naughty Wicked Willing like theast half of the book to go away and be rewritten Seriously how can a man rush home to his daughter because her nanny just had a heart attack watch his nanny get taken away and then put his daughter to bed and then have sex with a stranger in another room afterwards That just seemed unbelievable to me I m surprised your five year old daughter wasn t traumatized fro. After breaking up with her boyfriend Destiny Handler finds herself working for a New York City escort agency dating balding men who want than drinks and dinner But everyth. M finding her nanny ike that And the sex Destiny may have been satisfied but this reader surely wasn t Not gonna Walled (The Line, lie the foreplay in the beginning of the book was hot and I was excited for what was to come But once they got to the bedroom it was an unsatisfying uickie Like that s it Let s just say the climax fell short in this one Didn tike this one As another review mentioned it was cheesy That probably sums up this story best There were story Cruel Attachments: The Ritual Rehab of Child Molesters in Germany lines that could have been followed but weren t and this isn t something I would recommend 45 stars No wonder why this was free Date with Destiny is a great name for this cute short story Destiny it seems has found her man as an escort when she meets Branson Lakewood The story offersight BDSM conversation that is real but also humorous and an ending that eaves the author able to continue the story with the hope Of Of This Unlikely Love Story As A New Year of this unlikely ove story As a new year punishment I ve been reading throught my collection of freebies most of which I ve never touched before but had for years Some of them should hace been eft untouched ike this one Definitely not good and barely entertaining enough to finish I think this is of a short story than a complete novel It acked a full well rounded plot It seemed to me that it was si. Ing changes the night billionaire Branson Lockwood strolls through the door tall dark and sexy as hell Tongue tied and embarrassed Destiny spills a drink on her borrowed Mply a chapter or two of the 50 shades trilogy or bared to me book Yes it s well written but it jut felt ike the beginning of a book that could be so much and ended flat Could have been a great erotic novel but oh well My issues with this story 1 It was cheesy It was a uick PRETTY WOMAN IF THE MAN DECIDED TO DATE ESCORTPROSTITUTE Woman if the man decided to date escortprostitute one date 2 What idiot man would introduce his daughter to his night escort Really I was really annoyed by that Given that their relationship was supposed to be devoid of emotion he should not have involved his child in the mix 3 This girl worked for an escort service that was obviously providing than just a female companion for events on date night Where is the romance in Hero s offer for her to be his girlfriend Seems to me THAT HE WAS TRYING TO GET HIS MILK FOR he was trying to get his milk for as it were With an ending ike that considering the fact that they really do not know each other besides the physical compatibility she better save her money since it is highly One Giant Leap likely that he will dump her in the futureRead of my reviews at my blog Good but shortGood but shortI really couldn t get the effect of the book cause it was over too uickly I guess this was get escort go out with escort and then make escort into girlfriendI wish the book wasonger uick and dirty bab. Ress beginning an evening of near disasters intense attraction and a Apocalyptic Cartography love story that nobody saw coming8000 word erotic romance All characters are eighteen and above Adult.