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Feminism and the Women's Movement Dynamics of Change in Social Movement Ideology and Activism Perspectives on Gender lNse from there with a never slow for a moment pacingayers of intrigue and twists and just enough romance to balance the murders and mysteriesHeroine Annabelle the intrepid wedding planner and accidental crime solver is faced with one of the most challenging weddings of her career No not the one with the elephant But one with a sweet demure bride for a chance and a helpful wealthy consideration father of the bride So what s the problem Well the demanding Domineering Step Mother In Law step mother in aw fact the wedding is to be held on a giant yacht which Annabelle is told to call a ship that a TV crew will be filming the whole thing the odious meddling stylist from New York oh and that the harbormaster s body floats up beside the ship well before the count down to the wedding begins Did I mention there is a huge ugly weather event brewing which threatens the whole wedding plan And that a crew member goes missing And then another body is found in the steam room of the yacht And that a flying suirrel is oose on the shipThrough it that a flying suirrel is The Passport That Does Not Pass Ports loose on the shipThrough it Annabelle is assisted by heroyal side kicks Kate of the high heels and her cliche malapropisms Richard the chef now assisted by Hermes the dog Fern the hairdresser and two of my favorites the Christian Biker Florists And of course the handsome detective that makes Annabelle s heart race is back for crime solving and romancing Author Laura Durham infuses these characters with enough complexities foibles and talents that they transcend stereotypes and develop as real intriguing and delightful characters Fern s antics after a few bottles of champagne are The Arcav Princes Captive (Arcav Alien Invasion, laugh outoud funnyThis is a delightful book I am glad I was able to read an Advanced Readers Copy Of Readers Copy of and I know the final book must be even better One of the main strengths of this series for me is this author s ability to describe people very well with just a few words The world building in general is very good but the character descriptions are fantastic I also Southern Women at the Seven Sister Colleges Feminist Values and Social Activism 1875 1915 like that the wedding planning business plays an i Love this seriesThe characters are spectacular and original Every book is an enjoyable read and keeps you guessing with great misdirectionIove the author s humor that comes through in all the crazy interactions and situationsDefinitely teachers Manual African American Literature looking forward to the next boo. In resort with a history of ghosts sightings and paranormal activity so aittle bit of a supernatural cozy mysteryhaunted hotel adventure will be in the mix And soon the series will take Annabelle and her team overseas What order should I read the books inA – You won’t be Agricultural Innovation in the Early Islamic World lost if you read the books in this cozy mystery series out of order but if you do want to read them in order I’d suggest the following seuence Better Off Wed For Better Or Hearse Dead Ringer A Novella Review To A Kill Death on the Aisle So why should readers give these books a tryA Because the Annabelle Archer cozy mystery series is funight and the perfect escape or beach reading Better Off Wed has hit number one in the Kindle store and the series has hit the top ten bestsellers ist on Kindle for Cozy Mysteries Amateur Sleuths and Women Sleuths Plus the first book in the series won the Agatha Award for the Best First Novel And thanks for readingAnnabelle Archer Wedding Planner Mystery Series eBook Categories Mystery Series Women Sleuths Cozy Mystery Culinary Mystery Amateur Sleuths. ,

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Death on the Aisle Annabelle Archer #5

Free read Death on the Aisle Annabelle Archer #5

I enjoyed the book overall but with reservations There is always uite a bit of silliness around her friends but this time there was too much silliness for my taste I enjoy the Annabelle and ove that she had a good heart The central plot was good and I almost cried when the victim was revealed Would ove to central plot was good and I almost cried when the victim was revealed Would ove to a New Writing, New Approaches (African Literature Today, Vol. 12) less zany series from this author and usually enjoy the series inspite of and sometimes for the silliness DYNAMICThis is my first time to read one of Laura Durham s books and I am hooked Death on the Aisle is dynamic from beginning to end Annabelle Archer is a wonderfulead character for the series She s a bright energetic diplomatic caring entrepreneurial Wedding Planner in DC Talk about a tough market She has assembled a team of talented professionals to work with her that includes a Caterer Floral Designer Cake Specialist and her right hand woman Kate Together they ve become one of the most sought after groups for taking care of even the most challenging brides What happens when the challenge is in the form of an insufferable stepmother who tries to manipulate all the wedding form of an insufferable stepmother who tries to manipulate all the wedding and the wedding is taking place on a Super Yacht A fantastic entertaining tale that will keep you entertained and challenged to determine who are the good guysbad guys as the body count goes up In spite of all the mischief mayhem the Wedding Belles will not be deterred in carrying out their duties to see that their Bride has an unforgettable day I was provided an ARC by the author The opinion expressed here is my own and without any influence Love 80s decor and gunsI ove how Laura writes such wonderful descriptions From the tangerine saari to the beige toga and garbage bag wrapped duct tape sealed prada suit The comedy of errors with Leatrice and how Kate continues to #Terribly Misuote Sayings Kept Me Laughing Throughout #misuote sayings kept me aughing throughout book Entertaining as alwaysI don t know why but I always prefer Richard over Reese I know he s gay but hmm The characters The amount of characters contained in the story was exactly what was needed to carry it everyone was in their place for their purpose The author hit a good balance in describing them the wacky neighbor and the caterer for example They were a good pair to over describe but the author refrained and gave you just eno. Agatha Award winning SeriesA society wedding on a client’s yacht could make Annabelle’s career or get her killed Wedding planner extraordinaire Annabelle Archer and her zany team are used to working under challenging conditions but a shipboard wedding during a torrential downpour makes all their past weddings The Alien Huntress Series Alien Huntress lookike a piece of cake When a dead body turns up floating in the Potomac River Annabelle knows that all isn’t what it seems on board the Activism and the American Novel luxurious yacht As the body count begins rising faster than the waterevel Annabelle must stop the killer before they strike again or risk having her career go down with the ship Death on the Aisle is the fifth book in the Annabelle Archer cozy mystery series If you Agriculture at a Glance Revised Edition like charming characters fast paced comedy and behind the scenes glimpses into the wild world of weddings then you’llove the atest installment in Laura Durham’s Agatha award winning wedding planner mystery series Buy Death on the Aisle to read Annabelle’s next adventure todayInterview with the Author So what makes the Annabelle Archer seri. Ugh to be able to picture them so you could appreciate their added flavor to The StoryThe Backdrop I Am A Visual storyThe backdrop I am a visual I do ike to picture in my mind the Places of Their Own: African American Suburbanization in the Twentieth Century (Historical Studies of Urban America) locations depicted in a story so it was important to me to be able to visualize the yacht since the action in the story is veryocation based Once again the author didn t rely on too much filler in describing the yacht which would have been very easy to do The story The resolution of the crime was believable not something I even suspected although in hindsight the author provided clues throughout the story I was surprised By The Identity Of The the identity of the I felt the resolution and conclusion to the book were wrapped up nicely and didn t appear to be too rushed which I find is very common and takes away some of my enjoyment of a book I prefer a bit of romance with my cozies so I appreciated it in the book and it did not overpower the story My overall feeling after reading was that this was a good book that didn t drag on or happen too uickly had The Arcav Kings Mate (Arcav Alien Invasion likeable characters and a nice backdrop to the story that was unusual a wedding on a yacht I would recommend it for a cozy reader and I would definitely read that the author has written I doove the new cover art it totally catches my eyeI did receive an ARC of this book from the author but the opinion expressed is my own honest one and totally voluntary I ve been waiting for the end of this book since 2011 I remember reading a chapter on the author s event s blog I was surprised by the ending I did enjoy the funny bits such as Richard s weather proofing and the inevitable flying suirrel cameo It s a good read and the author worked hard to pick up the timeline for her 3 original wedding planner books It wasn t perfectly seamless considering the gap between publication years but it was good uick easy fun cozy with a hint of romance Annabelle ArcherI The Billionaires Arranged Baby 3 lovelovelove this series My favorite character is Lattrice She is so wonderful and funny Actually Iove the the whole gang and I can t for the next book to come out When a novel starts off with a wedding planner frantically trying to hold together a ceremony involving a groom riding to the altar on an elephant you the reader know you are in for a fast and fun ride yourself DEATH OF THE AISLE only gets inte. Es specialA The Annabelle Archer wedding planner mysteries are based on my 20 plus years of planning society weddings in Washington DC That means I’ve seen tons of crazy things happen and I’ve worked with ots of colorful characters I bring that ight hearted sense of fun and zany characters into the novels A ot of the humorous details I include in my books lot of the humorous details I include in my books happened at my weddings And since the books are about weddings there is plenty of food décor and behind the scenes details The Annabelle Archer books are fast paced cozy mysteries featuring a female protagonist with a ittle romance and comedy thrown in You’ll find the series focuses on murder mystery and amateur sleuth genre overall with a jewelry heist caper in the mix to keep things interesting I’m working on an Annabelle cookbook to share the recipes for all the culinary treats mentioned in the books Richard is a caterer after all and he oves food and cooking So in a way these books are also culinary mysteries I’m working on another “between the brides” novella set at a mounta. ,