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Harry Potter en de Vuurbeker (De Harry Potter-serie) yVery well done This is one series thatou won t want to pass up WhatHow twisted the hand of fate turned out to be I can t t want to pass up WhatHow twisted the hand of fate turned out to be I can t to see what happens with Kae and Issa Purchasing book 3 So I won Book 3 from Good Reads and I bought Book 1 2 to be fair to Vanna Smythe with an honest reviewBook 2 a lot exciting because it s the middle of action the story is coming together and the characters are playing their roles and "All The Pressure Is On "the pressure is on to save Princess Issa in time for the Joining of the Anniversary of the Veil There is a lot going on in this book so read it at a comfortable pace and stay with it cause its getting really good and now on to The Forever Husband Book 3Well Done Vanna Smythe I had small break after reading the first but the second wasn t difficult to get into at all Actually by the end of the prologue I was hooked again Now that I know who Issa and Kae truly are their story becomes all the addicting and I need to know the conclusion I found this one enjoyable than the first I m not sure whether it s because I understand the terminology world and magic system better or if it just displays a faster pace The only negative thing I can think to say at the moment is that a faster pace The only negative thing I can think to say at the moment is that wished the books had description One thing the fantasy genre truly does really well and that other genres lack is the description This might contribute to why I feel this is a romance than anything First sentences Prologue The Search She came to meet him as one of them one of the Lesser beings their leader Amorannyn known to the Lessers as Hand of Fate placed into the weave of the world to amuse them all Soft golden colored locks of hair enveloped her face and streamed across her breasts down to her waist Her bright blue eye. Kae a warrior Protector has followed Princess Issa across the Veil separating two worlds They were told Issa will play a crucial role at the Anniversary of the Veil but have been mislead Kae will face a terrible choice once the Anniversary finally comes He is the Decision Maker and.

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Decision MakerS held resolve and a challenge You will not cause me to change my mind they seemed to say Rhyssa s essence filled the lush spring meadow they met in as it could not all be contained in this Lesser s body she wore Her essence called his own to her just as it had so long ago when they first knew each other first met in this meadow How She Hoped To Live she hoped to live him Kraytan couldn t imagine He willed his own essence to form into the body of a Lesser tooSmythe Vanna 2014 01 13 Decision Maker Anniversary of the Veil Book 2 p 3 SBV Publishing Kindle Edition Early in 2012 I read Protector Anniversary of the Veil Book 1 and found it to read Protector Anniversary of the Veil Book 1 and found it to a brilliant fantasy debut I had high hopes for this the second book in the seriesand I was not disappointedI usually find that trilogies as I guess this will turn out to be consist of a strong first book which sets everything up and gives Out of My Comfort Zone: The Autobiography you all the world building and informationou need an eually strong third book which brings all the pay offs climaxes and loose end tie ups and a second book This second book usually consists of a lot of movement and general faffing around to get everything in place for book 3 Book 2 s can sometimes be hard work and a bit of a drudgeThis is not the case with Decision Maker not by a long wayThe story continues to tell of Issa the Beacon who is needed for a ceremony that will reinforce the Veil separaing the two worlds and Kae her protector who knows what will happen and does not want her to take partWith this book There Is Also A is also a wide cast of side characters some good some bad but nearly all a shade of grey between the two poles People do things for reasons they think are right and for me this makes the story even betterAt the heart of all th. Must play his part in a ceremony that will reunite Issa with the man from her dreams her other half but in so doing leave her senseless or worse dead As the King fights to find his daughter as the Priesthood is falling apart; Kae must make his choice between stopping Issa's Joining. Is though is a love story and this is the strongest thread When all things play out at the end of the book a tear may well be shed but fear not all is nicely set up for the third book and I have every faith that the author will make it another wonderful read I loved this author s first book Protector so I snapped up volume 2 of this series as soon as it became available If possible this book is even better than the first At the beginning we learn Issa s true identity but she can t remember her past or her real nature while here in the Lesser World We also find out about her Forever Husband but who is he exactlyIn also find out about her Forever Husband but who is he exactlyIn 1 I became attached to the موسم الهجرة إلى الشمال young protagonists Issa and Kae I spent most of part 2 worrying about what would happen to them I don t give spoilers soou ll have to read to find out I will just say that the mystery and tension kept me reading all day
Long Ms Smythe S Ability 
Ms Smythe s ability create characters fascinates me All of them not just Issa and Kae are fully formed multi dimensional people Even many of those among the seemingly bad characters have good ualities and the apparent good guys really aren t so good After all they plan to use Issa in a very harsh way In fact are there any true heroes other than Kae Or for that matter any complete villains except High Priest Rhaldan The combination of characters is marvelous and the richness of the world the author has created is fantasticThe number of superlatives I have used in this review may make some skeptics think I am a relative or friend of the author s I am not I m just someone who loves this sub genre of fantasies and who is obviously impressed with this author s talent Incidentally the ending left me eagerly anticipating the next book in this series. And force her into a life of unhappiness or allow her to Join and thereby leave her a mere shell of herself Meanwhile friends and foes alike are showing only half truths to both Kae and Issa and the right choice depends entirely on who DICOBAT visuel: Dictionnaire gnral du btiment you ask Will Kae be able to make the right choi.

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