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Oh so very close to 5 stars If only we had halves I thoroughly enjoyed this book the settings the characters and of course Poirot s masterful investigation into the murder and robbery I must admit towards the end I thought I had worked out who did it but didn t know why Well I was completely wrong ha ha Oh well It just oes to show how enjoyable these books areAs I said at the start it is certainly a 45 star read and one of the most enjoyable Poirot novels so far and it takes me ahead of the ame in this roup buddy read The book was the first to use a troupe which would become fairly common later in the series Namely it takes a while for Poirot to show up Here he was mentioned the first time in chapter 10 The beginning was romantic and mysterious Russian immigrants that escape the Revolution priceless jewels from the Russian Royal crown people shadowing each other robbers an American millionaire and so onIn any way several people introduced in the beginning ended up on a train Baghdad: City of Peace, City of Blood going through France Upon reaching the destination one of the passengers ended up dead Any reader who can use the brains during the initial chapters can predict the identity of the victim in advance Here is where Poirot finally showed up he happened to be on the same train but in a different car Even though he retired the circumstances were intriguing enough for him to become interested and offering his help in investigation Lucky thing for everybody involved except for the culprit obviously he did as only he arrived at the solution of a complicated mysteryI do not recall ever reading this book before I am proud to say I figured the identity of the culprit but not the motive before Poirot announced it Yay for me I said it before but it is worth repeating again any Poirot mystery is worth at least 4 stars The Big Four is the only exception for the sake of my mental balance I consider it to have never been written or written by an evil twin of Agatha Christie This time is not an exception and 4 star it is the mystery was complicated and fast moving with lots of red herrings and unexpected twists The reader was alsoiven all the clues for solving it before Poirot This book reminds me that Dennis Diderot said something along the lines of Men will never be free until the last king is strangled with the entrails of the last priest By the time I reached about the 100th page I doubted I could wait until the entrails of the last priest were available dried and suitably braided for that excellent task nor was I particularly fussed whether certain people were technically kings or not fortunately for my blood pressure I avoided Downton Abbey when it was on so I found a novel about toss pots behaving like toss pots close to unbearable particularly as there was only the one death view spoiler and that not caused by irritable person with convenient chair in the library hide spoiler The Mystery of the Blue Train Hercule Poirot 6 Agatha Christie 1891 1976The Mystery of the Blue Train is a work of detective fiction by Agatha Christie The book features her detective Hercule Poirot Poirot boards a luxury French night express train which operated from 1886 to 2003 bound for the French Riviera So does Katherine Grey who is HAVING HER FIRST WINTER OUT OF her first winter out of after recently receiving a relatively large inheritance On board the train Grey meets Ruth Kettering an American heiress leaving her unhappy marriage to meet her lover The next morning though Ruth is found dead in her compartment a victim of strangulation The famous ruby Heart of Fire which had recently been iven to Ruth by her father is had recently been iven to Ruth by her father is to be missing Ruth s father the American millionaire Rufus Van Aldin and his secretary Major Knighton persuade Poirot to take on the case Ruth s maid Ada Mason says she saw A MAN IN RUTH S COMPARTMENT man in Ruth s compartment could not see who he was The police suspect that Ruth s lover killed her and stole the ruby but Poirot does not think he is Elena's Conquest guilty He is suspicious of Ruth s husband Derek Kettering who was on the same train but claims not to have seen Ruth Katherine says she saw Derek enter Ruth s compartment Further suspicion is thrown on Derek when a cigarette case with the letter K is found there Poirot investigates and finds out that the murder and the jewel theft might not be connected as the famous jewel thief The Maruis is connected to the crime Eventually the dancer Mirelle who was on the train with Derek tells Poirot she saw Derek leave Ruth s compartment around the time the murder would have taken place Derek is then arrested Everyone is convinced the case is solved but Poirot is not sure He does investigating and learns information talking to his friends and to Katherine eventually coming to the truth He asks Van Aldin and Knighton to come with him on the Blue Train to recreate the murder and 1994 1372 335 20 1389 335 9789649915166 1388 324 9789643635725 35Life is like a train Trust the train Mademoiselle murmured Poirot again And trust Hercule Poirot He knowsI don t know if you ve noticed but I m kind of in a Christie mood right now So sue meBefore I begin there s one thing I want to be clear about I ve read than 20 of Christie s books and I enjoyed unreservedly every single one of them I may have complaints about the solution of the mystery or about some other nothing but every single time I enjoy them This time is no different So Christie I love you Poirot you re my lifetime hero Thank you both being real Well you know what I mean The Mystery of the Blue Train plot is fabulous and not once was I bored I was slightly disappointed in the solution because the reason why I like crime novels mostly is that theyet their strength from the reat deal of strong violent emotion they usually involve Well Lady Kettering s murder was not as much of passion as I would have liked and as it seemed at first The solution is intelligent of course and the planning of the deed is brilliant than brilliant But its motive is not about passion and since I am a silly emotional reader I felt a little letdownOtherwise I m completely satisfied You tell your lies and you think nobody. Der Fahrplan stimmt der Zeitplan auch Ein perfekter Mord im Luxuszug Calais – Paris – Nizza – so scheint.

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The Mystery of the Blue TrainYstery of the Blue Train is very well named Reading it in French made it doubly joyful because there were a few exotic words that I need to look upThe book is full of interesting tidbits that bind the characters together Take the example of Katherine Grey Her role here was superficial but the author found a way to include her in her murder mysteryI keep etting attracted to this book It holds a King Alfred's Version of St. Augustine's Soliloquies grip on me There s something magical in the victim s living breathing words before she dies That always was something I wanted to come back to and I did And I can see myself reading it again I justot word that school is starting in four weeks Finally a semblance of normalcy and a return to reading some heavier literary fiction and nonfiction Part of me is thrilled The other part has Rescuing Gus gotten used to the convenience and relaxation of having the kids home and the propensity of turning to comfort reads to help me through these times When I look back at 2020 it will well be known as the year of comfort reading One author who I have turned to as much as any this summer is Agatha Christie the ueen of Crime Where I live it does notet dark in the summer until nearly ten at night conducive to long hours of reading mysteries lending themselves to this schedule being fast paced whodunits Mystery of the Blue Train is the fifth Christie mystery I have read this year the fourth featuring Hercule Poirot our favorite mustachioed Belgian detective Mystery of the Blue Train is Christie s sixth case featuring Hercule Poirot and has all the elements of the later cases that made the sleuth world famous It was written in 1928 and already Christie had the presence of mind to feature Poirot traveling to a holiday via train where a murder happened to find him Poirot is already retired and alludes to the cases of his past that Class of 92: Out of Our League gained him notoriety Even though Christie does not have the sleuth use his catch phrase littlerey cells Poirot is willing to assist the local police and notes that he never forgets and is all knowing All local police are in awe of his presence and happy to have his assistance on a case Christie thinking this early in her career to omit a key clue until the end that only Poirot knows She realized the key to writing a whodunit is to key readers on their toes thereby leaving out information so that readers would have to read the entire case to find out the Portrait of a Starter: An Unhidden Story guilty party Poirot knows though he always knows and crooks know this as well as the police do In this installment of Poirot millionaire heiress Ruth Van Aldin Kettering has been urged to divorce her husband by her father Ruth is in every regard her father s daughter and dutifully obeys him andiddily accepts his ift of an expensive ruby as a token of affection Little does her father know that Ruth has planned to rendezvous with her longtime love el Comte de la Roche on the French Riviera She would escape England on the rich man s Blue Train and is urged by her father to keep the rubies in his bank In this Ruth is not her father s daughter as she displays her wealth bringing the rubies with her On the first night of the voyage Ruth is found murdered with the suspects being either el Comte or her first night of the voyage Ruth is found murdered with the suspects being either el Comte or her husband Derek Kettering Poirot just happens to be on the same train and even though he is also traveling to the Riviera on a holiday he is happy to take the case He notes that if a doctor happened to be on a stroll and sees a person bleeding of course he would help Poirot feels the same about murder cases It would be on his conscience if he did not take the case and the uilty suspect walked free This Poirot takes a working holiday In 1928 Christie Wrote A Number Of wrote a number of on hiatus while reeling from the death of her mother She is on record as not be fond of the books she wrote during this period but they went a long way toward the development of Poirot s characters and also iving birth to the idea of Miss Marple A key character in the Mystery of the Blue Train is Katherine Gray of St Mary Mead She had just come into money for the first time and was enticed to holiday with relatives in Nice Miss Gray also had the propensity to read detective stories and used her own rey cells to assist Poirot on this case Christie s idea for a female detective from St Mary Mead has been born with Miss Marple appearing later and using her female intuition to outsmart local detectives on a number of cases That she ot her start on a case where Poirot ets assistance from a number of female characters is not lost on me Lenox Tamplin Zia Papopoulos and Katherine Grey may not be lead characters but they are all sharp women who are indicative of the 1920s and the beginning of the modern woman Poirot finds them all charming in their own way and each of them offers at least one incite that assists him in solving this case In the end Poirot uses the withheld information to solve a case that withheld information to solve a case that baffled the police His acumen and wit are what make him a world famous detective and the descriptions of the Belgian s wardrobe and appearance in a seaside setting have be envisioning David Suchet as Poirot something Dame Christie did not have at the forefront of her mind when she wrote this case With normalcy returning I will still be revisiting both Poirot and Miss Marple many times in the coming month Their cases and locales continue to bring me comfort as I begin to navigate through heavier reads in the coming months One of these days I may even figure out whodunit 4 stars In this sixth installment of the Poirot series a wealthy woman is found murdered and Poirot happening to be traveling on the same train involves himself in the unraveling of the mysterious death The murder mystery plot is a ood one Agatha Christie s unrivaled popularity as a murder mystery writer undoubtedly rests on her clever plots She has an amazing ability to make plot twists and to astonish the reader at the end She lays down clues invites the reader to solve the mystery alongside her famous detective Poirot But in the end Poirot or rather Christie beats the reader However in this particular book the clues were rather vague In Warum das Gesicht der jungen Frau Tochter eines amerikanischen Millionärs nach ihrer Ermordung entstellt wurd. .
Knows But there are two people who know Yes two people One is le bon Dieu and the other is Hercule Poirot The Mystery of the Blue Train is a fine title and I like the blue cover of this edition that I read and though it is not one of Christie s best as the sixth which is to say early Hercules Poirot of 39 it is a strong effort Having also just read Agatha The Real Story of Agatha Christie the raphic biography that insists she was the Very Model of a Modern Woman and a feminist I felt supported in my view that the disparaging comments she has various characters make about women throughout had a purpose in the mystery s solution I know an author s autobiography is usually a sketchy source at best for divining purpose in fiction but Christie had just been cheated on and dumped by her first husband in the year before this was published and I thought this book s in part focus on women may have come in part from her life events Ruth s Dad Have you Fallen Angel: The Passion of Fausto Coppi got therit to tell the world you made a mistake There s only one way out of this mess Ruthie cut your losses and start afresh You mean Divorce Divorce As with other better books from Christie a murder takes place on a train oh some take place on boats too the night or blue train from Calais to Nice as Christie herself did much world travel via train oh and I was reading this about a location in Nice on the day I read of a truck bombing in Nice which was somewhat strange In this one Christie tries third person omniscient rather than have some buffoon like Hastings narrate it and experiments with having us not meet Poirot at all for than a third of the book You know very well that anything that happens with respect to solving the case is a wash until Poirot ets on the scene and even then it is a slow deliberate process I have heard this lesser known book from Christie was done rather uickly as she needed cash for her and her daughter but that seems unfair because while this one wasn t particularly innovative I can see her working on different things as a writer developing her craft So Ruth Van Kettering is murdered She was unhappily married to Derek who is struggling financially but could use the money he might et from Ruth s rich daddy who hires Poirot to do the investigation Ruth also was Alien Alpha given rare rubies from her father and they are of course missing at the time of her death Derek also hangs out with an exotic dancer named Mirelle who seems hotly unpredictable Ruth s and Derek s marriage is one of convenience not love and for any mystery reader the obviousness of him as possible murderer takes him out of the running pretty uickly ehThen there s someone Ruth may have been seeing on the side too the Comte de La Roche who could also use the cash A sophisticated ladies man But is the murder linked to the theftThere s a woman Katherine Grey that we come to like very much one of the best of Christie s early characters She s been working for a crusty old lady Miss Viner for many years and isoing to receive an inheritance from the old crank who contributes some comic relief Oh and Grey has contacts with The Count and Derek too But who is M Maruis And what of Mr Kettering s valet Knighton and his maid Do we too But who is M Maruis And what of Mr Kettering s valet Knighton and his maid Do we enough characters for a line up Not to worry we will interview all of them We will et to the bottom of thisThere are many many slyly satirical comments about women throughout such as this exchange between Miss Viner and KatherineMs Viner Don t think you ll et married though my dear because you won t You re not the kind to attract the men And besides you re etting on How old are you nowThirty three Katherine told herWell remarked Miss Viner doubtfully that s not so very bad You ve lost your first freshness of courseI m afraid so said Katherine much entertainedAn early statement from Olga Most women have that madness I do not At one point Derek says She might bring me bad luck Women do The book is full of such observations about women which led me to think she was exorcising some demons making a fun feminist point overall This one takes a while to et oing Too long It doesn t match up to her very best but I still liked it I rate it somewhere between 3 and 4 rounded down for some of the slowness of the opening The resolution is neither all that surprising or satisfying after we have of course spent the whole book looking at obvious and obviously wrong choices for murderer But it s a ood read overall In many ways this is a typical Hercule Poirot type of mystery a wealthy man s daughter is murdered on a train for a set of fabulous rubies and only a limited number of people could have otten on or off the train at the right times to make them suspects or so one might think but who ever knows for sure with Agatha ChristieThis book was for me a
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above the typical Poirot and I think it s mostly because I liked the main character so much Katherine Grey has beautiful ray eyes a Madonna like manner and a uiet sense of humor She has been a crotchety old woman s companion for 10 years and unexpectedly inherited her fortune and decides to travel The other old ladies in the English village are dubiousAnd so you ve come into a lot of money I hear Well well Take care of it And you re Beautiful Ghosts going up to London to have aood time Don T THINK YOU LL GET MARRIED think you ll Alexandra, Gone get married my dear because you won t You re not the kind to attract the men And besides you reetting on How old are you nowThirty three Katherine told herWell remarked Miss Viner doubtfully that s not so very bad You ve lost your first freshness of courseI m afraid so said Katherine much entertainedBut you re a very nice A Year in 120 Recipes girl said Miss Viner kindlyAs it turns out men are in fact attracted to Katherine except it s a problem when one of them could be the murderer And Katherine was during her travels coincidentally one of the last to see the murdered woman alive Luckily we veot Poirot there to solve the problemThe book shows its 1928 roots a little with the social attitudes and a soup on of 1920s type spiritualism But it s an enjoyable read overall and yet another time that Dame Agatha had me fooled until the very end The Es Nur eine kleine Unstimmigkeit lässt Hercule Poirots kleine F. Scott Fitzgerald graue Zellen nicht mehr ruhen die Frage nämlich.