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Der Klavierstimmer

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Has 450 pages of fairly small print but what a reading experience this has been I have loved this even than Night Train to Lisbon It is much of story with surprising twists and still plenty to philosophise aboutReally recommended The plot is creative demanding #and well thought p too bad the author #well thought Unraveling Josh (Ellery College, up Too bad the author writing style doesn t match the high expectations set by the structure In addition to that the story is or less over after page 400 the last 100 pages Pascal Mercier has written some excellent books This is not one of his best IMHO It seems to me the book would have benefited from being told from a completely different POV The most compelling part of the narrative is the history and development of the relationship between Frederic Chantal Delecroix The book would have held my interest far if it had been told chronologically from their younger daysntil the tragic end Narrated as it is by the adult children of Frederic Chantal the book suffers a lack of a sympathetic protagonist It reads like the navel gazing melancholy ponderings of 2 self absorbed younger adults who are trying to A Consortium of Worlds understand their tragically self absorbed and co dependent parents Mercier turns a good phraseand he introduces interesting philosophy and observation of human behavior into his books howe if you want to read a book that moves you read this one it isiet in a way it seems innocent and young i got to feel with the two protagonists a twin couple and when the book ended and we departed it left a little empty space I don t get why people in this book do what they do even if it explains the reasons to me if that makes sense I picked The Sublime up this booknsuspectingl. Ause gerufen da ihr Vater verhaftet worden ist Ihm wird vorgeworfen bei einer Opernaufführung auf offener Bühne den Tenor erschossen zu haben Hat der besonnene ruhige Ihm wird vorgeworfen bei einer Opernaufführung auf offener Bühne den Tenor erschossen zu haben Hat der besonnene ruhige der ganz in seinem Beruf als Klavierstimmer aufging Letters Between a Catholic and an Evangelical und dem die Musik die Welt bedeutet tatsächlich diese Tat begangen Die Zwillinge wollen die ganze Wahrheit herausfindennd so beschließen sie daß jeder seine Eindrücke in einem eigenen Tagebuch aufschreiben soll das sie am Ende austauschen wollen Für den Leser entwickelt sich in diesen Aufzeichnungen jeweils aus weiblicher nd männlicher Sicht eine nglaubliche Spannung Die verschiedenen Blickwinkel die enge Beziehung der Zwillinge ntereinander sowie zu ihren Eltern geben Einblicke in ein grausames Familiendrama das sich stückweise in seiner ganzen Dramatik enthüllt Ein wenig erinnert die Komposition des Klavierstimmers an Javier Marias Bestseller. It was like the author had experienced the whole story himself it was so well written story himself It was so well written it felt like I was just standing There In The Corner Of A Room in the corner of a room with the charachtersOne disapointment The endIt was so shortconfusing and vague I expected much better of that part This book is proof that even a melodramatic plot can in the hands of a superb writer become a meaningful and compel I heard a lot about this author and I was really curious about the book After having read this book I realised that I completely wasted my time Honestly I could have read another book It took me forever to get through this book the only reason I finished it other than general pig headedness was that I have in the past ite liked Mercier s writing and kept thinking this might get better I waited a few weeks to write this review thinking my feelings might mellow but they have not This book fails in so many ways the characters are all incredibly self absorbed and off putting the conceit of the structure just gets in the way of any real plot line the language is stilted and overblown and the whole thing is way way too long The best thing I can say about it is that I found some satisfaction in the probably nintended irony that a book about opera follows is that I found some satisfaction in the probably nintended irony that a book about opera follows formula of many a bad opera the heroes take forever to die go on forever decrying the injustice of their demise in the vainglorious belief that however bad their acting and ridiculous their story the joys of the medium music for opera language here will redeem If onlyThere are several lovely books by Mercier read one of them instead I was a bit reluctant to start reading this book because it. Im richtigen Leben heißt der Schweizer Autor Pascal Mercier eigentlich Peter Bieri A Land More Kind Than Home und lehrt an der Berliner Universität Philosophie So wie es nach seinem zweiten jetzt erschienenen Roman Der Klavierstimmer aussieht hat er sein Thema oder das Thema ihn gefunden Im Mittelpunkt seiner Romane steht die Sprache Während er in seinem Erstling Perlmanns Schweigen einen Übersetzer mit den Tücken seines Berufsstandes ringen läßt der nichts mehr zu sagen weiß obwohl er die Sprache mehr liebt als alles andere geht Mercier in seinem neuen Werk der Frage nach inwieweit sich die Personnd ihre Identität mittels des gesprochenen oder geschriebenen Wortes abgrenzen kann Doch keine Angst Mercier verpackt den philosophischen Hintergrund in eine psychologisch reizvolle äußerst fesselnde Familientragödie Die Zwillinge Patrice nd Patricia werden überraschend aus Paris bzw Chile nach ,

Y from my sister in law s library during our recent Christmas get together Within minutes I was lost in Pascal Mercier s marvelous prose and when we left the gathering the first few dozens of pages were already behind me The book has kept me in thrall ntil the very end I was lucky that I had THE TIME TO UTTERLY SUBMERGE MYSELF IN IT IN time to tterly submerge myself in it In way there s so much to tell about this book yet I feel very inadeuate in trying to articulate my thoughts BieriMercier may be a professional philosopher but this does not strike me as a novel of ideas It s a superbly rich multidimensional CHARACTER STUDY A DEEP IMMERSION INTO study a deep immersion into psyche of a person who surrendered to psyche of a person who surrendered to thymos that part of the soul where feelings of pride indignation and shame are located Within his core family in the shadow of these creativedestructive impulses a most beautiful and deeply felt love develops between siblings It is this love that transfuses the whole book with an irresistible glow Mercier s prose allows s to experience the world as if we are looking through a billion dollar lens heightening sharpness microcontrast depth of colour and tonal subtlety It is ite simply an addictive experience and I sympathize with the GR reader who characterised the book as his personal Verschwindekabinett I conclude by saying that this is in my opinion also one of the few novels that seriously and penetratingly deals with the world of classical music The story thematises a darker side of this distinguished art form stuck in the past and nable to let go of its bourgeois elitist pretentions Now I need to restrain myself and refrain from boarding the night train to Lisbon straight away. Mein Herz so weiß Beide Bücher beginnen mit einem Native Son ungewöhnlichen Todesfall die Neugierde des Lesers ist gewecktnd ehe er sich versieht ist er in ein dichtes Geflecht an Beziehungen hineingezogen worden Allerdings liest sich Mercier weitaus einfacher The White Paternoster, And Other Stories und flüssiger als sein spanischer Kollege Doch er ist ein ebenso gebildeternd kluger Autor Kein Element steht in seinem Roman Laid unüberlegt alles ist intelligent durchdachtnd miteinander verknüpft Während der Klavierstimmer The World Rushed in unverdrossen Abend für Abend an seiner neuen wiederum erfolglosen Oper Michael Kohlhaas komponiert wird er selbst zu dieser Kleist'schen Figur im eigenen Leben Am Ende wenn die Tagebücher ausgetauscht werden bleibt wieder die Sprache übrignd die Frage Ist die stille Beschäftigung mit Worten die wirkungsvollste Art das Leben zu verändern wirkungsvoller als die lauteste Explosion Manuela Haselberge.