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Els Diamond s lack of footnotes really irked me and I was left uestioning a lot of his research I mean sure learning about the number of hermaphroditic fashion models really boosted my self steem but hello Source please I don t have time to go digging around through his Voyage to the Underworld (Star Wars Missions, entire bibliography looking for relevance Ultimately I learned a lot about animals and very little about humans Cst la vie This was a mostly tedious book to get through The only thing that stopped it from being 1 star was a few interesting facts and details that bumped the rating Writing as a Jared Diamond fan I am sorry to report that Why is Sex Fun is a letdown His central hypothesis is that sex is applied selfish genetics without so naming itHe argues that the act of procreation in a given specie is predictable given knowns such as is the relative nergy INVESTMENT IN THE DEVELOPING EGG AND WHAT IS THE in the developing gg and what is the of the mbryo being the genetic product of ither parent The reader is assumed to have a background in Simple Numbers, Straight Talk, Big Profits!: 4 Keys to Unlock Your Business Potential evolution theory and this book applies that information to possible arguments Byxtension the argument is that the basics of normal human sexuality are a practical application of that same theory The title uestion is answered if not directly or in so many words The book is out of date not much of a standalone book and less interesting than the title promises The book may have been intended for inclusion in a larger undergraduate reading list I cannot recommend itDespite what other reviewers say the title uestion is answered Just not in so many words The answer is or less the point of Chapter 4 subtitled The Evolution of Recreational SexThat this book is dated is not ntirely Prof Diamond s fault In terms of Evolutionary Science the 20 years since its original publication is a long time I am not sure it is represents a contribution great nough as to valuable as to justify a rewriteProf Diamond asks several uestions built around relatively uniue aspects of the human sex act Hidden ovulation preference for private performance copulation during times and ages when pregnancy is unlikely or impossible Some of these things are rare in most animals or at least among our fellow primates Answering Humanism each of the uestions is the theme ofach chapter The answer is almost always a matter of applying the rule that adult members of a breeding pair assume roles based on the individual mates Smokin' Hot energy investment in the young certainty that the young possess the genetic make of the parent and that no later sex act or relationshipndangers that Placing Memory embryoGiven the brevity of the book there is little space for competing theories orven much discussion of Lasombra evolutionary theory Nor is there much in the way of supporting research In an undergraduate course other reading material may provide for these absences but as a stand alone book it is not up to the standard of other books by the same authorProf Diamond sxplanations can be interesting He will usually include a survey of species that have or may have had similar practices The discussion with diagrams that help to show that the fossil records can provide clues about which xtinct species may have practiced some of these behaviors is worth a read The problem is that he simply states that this kind of analysis is possible and never makes much ffort to prove possibility Prof Diamond in ffect invokes his "authority as a sufficient proof this may work " as a sufficient proof This may work an undergraduate course and specially if there are other texts in use in that class It is not sufficient to make this a standalone read for the general public Nature sure knows how to have fun the battle of the sexes sexual cannibalism fascinating stuff about the intricacies of lactation a lot of other anthropological discourse While sort of dating somebody that was very very ill suited for meso much that I was absolutely certain that we had no future he would never be introduced to my family While My Soldier Serves et ceterat cetera I really started being interested in the subject of sex Attraction The difference between women and men s approaches to it the difference between pure physical attraction and what people call chemistry Pure simple sexual attraction and then the kind of attraction that develops While ultimately I didn t place much stock in the relationship the undercurrent of sexual tension that buzzed between us was undeniable I would find myself gazing at him in total awe body abuzz And then I d wonder why Sure I d found him gorgeous at first sight but it was being in ach others company that had done it now my feelingsopinions had multiplied and it seemed like there had never been anybody MORE gorgeous the first time he reached for my hand I was buzzin And I couldn t make sense of it it was totally out of my hands Whether or not I wished to be attracted to him this way I was Of course I am a human being and with my volved brain am able to grasp the weight of my choices and their conseuences so I am not a slave to my body but it was my body s reaction that piued my interest Like why this person I d been around beautiful men plenty men technically beautiful than he why so nad with this one And so I ve picked up a few books on sex this one being the 2nd I ve read Bonk by Mary Roach the 1st So the fact that I had been looking to learn about something that was kind of specific this book was a little bit of a let down But only in the sense th. Is the human penis so unnecessarily large There is no knowledgeable authority than the award winning author of The Third Chimpan.

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In short I may describe this book as another diamond from Jared s bag of gems where he told us a story of human sexuality from the volutionary from Jared s bag of gems where he told us a story of human sexuality from the The Fiend Next Door evolutionary In this book he described that the attributes of human sexualityg concealed sex monogamous society recreational sex non xistence of male lactation were developed because of specific volutionary reasons More interestingly பொன்னியின் செல்வன் - புது வெள்ளம் even thevolution of female menopause is a deceptive game of The Return of the Carter Boys: The Carter Boys 2 evolution to make by making less He also argued that the role of men and women in society was shaped by the long termffect of A Meditation on Murder evolutionThe storytelling style ample interesting facts and wisevolutionary reasoning make this book xciting It seems that Jared Diamond got better and better with very book he wrote With practice he got Travis exceptionally good at making comparisons between species culturestc He also developed a better focus on the subject with very bookhowever this book was subject with very bookHowever this book was before any of that While it is AI Weiwei: Beijing Photographs, 1993-2003 easy to read it contains little info and has strangexamples It also alludes too often to the author s sex life in a Look at me I m a successfully married man with a sex lifehoray way Diamond tries to The Bubble Economy: Is Sustainable Growth Possible? explain various reasons for various sexual habits cycles goes on rants about the analogousxamples in the animal world and attempts to draw occasionally weak parallels to humans Jared also seems side with certain virginal nerd men I know in that most men are scumbags and women deserve better I disagree because women have the option to pick whoever they deserve and I will not accept blanket insults against my sexI still somewhat recommend this book because of the random bits of information in it For xample polygamous Mormon men specially priests are the peak of male The Social Machine: Designs for Living Online evolution in that that on average the have the most children25 Plus it s an amusing book to read in public placesThe most frustrating aspect of this book is that Diamond forgets to answer the most important uestion of all the one on the cover What the hell Now upon finishing the bookvery reader has to go out Collision Course: Endless Growth on a Finite Planet experiment and answer the uestion for themselves in case if you frown upon the title I would like to highlight that the author is a biologist he is neither a saint nor a sinner biology as a science has a sort of philosophical completeness that the physics the most fundamental of all science doesn t possess biology can answer both how and why uestions molecular biology andor genetics do answer the uestion of how forxample they can tell you the step by step process of how a living being dies but they will definitely fail to answer why we die at all the why uestions in biology are addressed by the theory of 10 PRINT CHR$(205.5+RND(1)); : GOTO 10 (Software Studies) evolution if you stuck with any riddle in biology just ask Mr Darwin he has the final sayphysics has uantum mechanics the theory of relativity and they can satisfactorily answer the uestion like how does the subatomic particle interact withach other or how a galaxy is formed but unlike biology physics has no theory that can answer the why uestions why a particle interact in the way it does or why gravity Design Research: Methods and Perspectives exists that for the galaxytc put it in another way there is no theory of Your Everyday Art World evolution in physics but we can imagine once such theory of whymerges in physics it will face the same resentment as the Why Photography Matters evolution didas the first word in the title implies this book is on why and not on how why the human has so distinctive sexual biology than other primates or mammalian species so far I ve got the opportunity to read five books by Mr Diamond they broadly fall under two categories about human as a species this book and the The Third Chimpanzee belongs to this group the second category is about human society Guns Germs and Steel Collapse and World Until Yesterday goes heresome of the topic in The Third Chimpanzee has been discussed in great detail in this book here two concepts those I couldn t resist sharing as I never thought them in the way they were presentedbeyond any doubt the brain and the thumb are the key adaptations those changed the fate of human species Mr Diamond argued that biologically female menopause is as revolutionary as the human brain and thumb unlike males females of human species got their reproductive system shutdown by the age of fifty while they live several decades afterward apparently without any reproductive advantage why is sothe human birth canal was notvolved to deliver an Doreen Valiente Witch enormous human fetus or twin as a woman grows older her mortality due to childbirth increases significantly a human child reuires a long time of nursing and caring before becoming independent and in old days society couldn t sue a father for refusing his childbearing responsibility hence aslderly women died during childbirth their infants used to follow the same fate of their deceased mother and genes not promoting the menopause we I ll admit I cam into this Duty Free Murder expecting sociology with a little bit of biology but instead I got the reverse There are a lot of comparisons drawn between humans and other species as anvolutionary Asperger - Leben in zwei Welten : Betroffene berichten: das hilft mir in Beruf, Partnerschaft Alltag explanation for our sexualvolution is attempted I think not including any observations on how lgbtia people may fit into the picture is an oversight but overall this was an informative book Why is sex fun Who the ff cares It just ISif you re doing it right that is HaI thought the book had a lot of promise but it failed to deliver on many many lev. Why are humans one of the few species to have sex in private Why are human females the only mammals to go through menopause Why. Why Is Sex Fun? The Evolution of Human Sexuality

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