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His horses But then Hinkley witnesses an unexpected murder and the case takes a different turn As his investigation proceeds Hinkley must deal with food poisoning of jockeys takes a different turn As his investigation proceeds Hinkley must deal with food poisoning of jockeys fireworks aden steeplechase and a very real threat that jeopardizes the whole of racing in England In the midst of all that are personal issues including his sister s dire cancer diagnosis the threat of her son being convicted of dealing drugs and the ticking of his own biological clock yes apparently some guys have one of these tooThe ending seemed a teensy bit abrupt but on no way did that take away from an easy reading pace that moves along uickly In fact my only disappointment is that it ended too soon writing that flows this well and holds the reader s interest throughout is is short supply Ah well I l just hope there s another one in the pipeline Here s the thing about Dick Francis books they re kind of ike your favorite chain restaurant You go in and already know what you re going to get Yeah yeah I know this one was written by Felix Francis But rumor has it that even when Dick was alive his books were written by his wife Doesn t matter It s as if all the Hardy Boys Nancy Drews Trixie Beldens and their ilk grew up and became part of British horse racing in some way So if you re read a ot of Dick Francis and I have you some way So if you re read a The Favorite Daughter lot of Dick Francis and I have you going in that every book will have the following characteristics 1 Horseracing usually steeple chasing usually British will play a pivotal role Check The protagonist works for the BHA British Horseracing Authority 2 It will probably be told in the first person Check 3 The protagonist will be a man with highly developed sense of integrity special skills and a don t take any crap attitude He will also get significantly hurt ateast once if a jockey probably multiple times Check Jeff in this one is an ex military intelligence fellow with terrific undercover disguise skills And he does get significantly hurt at Fitness for Geeks least once 4 The other characters will beike Agatha Christie s thinly developed and stereotypical Check overbearing bosses friends who might not be on the up and up tortured and wrongly accused weaklings and weirdos which may or may not be obvious right away And most important of all and the reason to read any Dick Francis book whether he wrote it or not A fast moving breakneck plot with plenty of twists and a clever foiling of the villain Yup Has all of these too Way fun and 330 or so pages fly by in a hurry I believe this is Felix Francis s first book of a series about Jefferson Roosevelt Hinkley Hinkley is an investigator for the British Horse Racing Authority He is investigating a banned horse trainer Mathew Unwin The book is well written The plot twists and turns The characters are interesting The book was hard to put down The suspense kept me reading even when I should have gone to bed I was a big fan of Dick Francis and enjoyed Felix s return to the horse racing story ine I shall be ooking for Felix Francis books to readI read this as an audiobook downloaded from Audible The book is almost ten and a half hours Michael Neilson does a good job narrating the book Neilson is an actor singer voice over artist and audiobook narrator I must admit at the outset that I m not a huge fan of traditional mysteries That being said I was thoroughly absorbed by Damage penned by Felix Francis His protagonist Jeff Hinkley is a fascinating man who has trouble making a commitment to a woman Hinkley is tasked with determining the identity of someone attempting to topple the entire British horse racing establishment While the novel is set in the venue of horse racing it s really a story of people often in conflict with each other Motives and suspects abound as the novel moves relentlessly toward its conclusion Damage was a fine read one in which I m very glad to have invested time It really paid off big timeMark RubinsteinAuthor of Mad Dog House and Mad Dog Justice Nicely in the style of Dick Francis a story of extortion against the horse racing establishment and an intrepid investigator. Lants and someone starts making demands threatening to completely destroy the integrity of the racing industry In order to imit the damage to the sport it’s critical that Jeff find the perpetrator but he’ll soon earn he’s up against someone who will stop at nothing to prevai. A thrilling ride at a breakneck pace all the way to the finish ine I went out onto the viewing steps and ooked down The target moved swiftly to the finish ine I went out onto the viewing steps and Pleasure Activism: The Politics of Feeling Good looked down The target moved swiftly where theines of bookmakers were sheltering from the rain under their multicolored and name branded umbrellas Had he come to speak to a bookmaker Nigel Green joined me That s our man I said pointing with the red scarf The target was about twenty yards away and as we watched he took his right hand out of his coat pocket His hand was not empty Knife Knife I shouted Murder at the Mansion loudly rushing down the steps My shouts were swept away by the wind and there was nothing I could do but watch as the target went straight up to one of the bookmakers and slashed at his throat There was no warning no words at all just a clean swipe of the blade across the bookie s unprotected skin which turned instantly from pink to bright red It had occurred so fast that even those standing close by seemed not to realize what had happened until the bookmaker in uestion toppled face first onto the wet tarmac blood gushing from the wound in his neckike a scarlet fountain Meanwhile the target moved away walking fast along the ine of bookmakers dodging other racegoers some of whom were running towards the spot behind him where a woman had begun screaming oudlyDick Francis s Damage by Felix Francis is a sensational start to the Jeff Hinkley series It s Seductive Surrender like the firsteg in the Triple Crown It s not critical they be read in order the storyline surrounding the characters build from previous installments I definitely recommend reading them in order to get the most from each story I read the written format the first time around several years ago and because I m getting up there in age I don t remember everything that happened So I m experiencing the story fresh This time I Seductive Surrender (Highland Heather Romancing a Scot, listened to the audiobook which was fantastic Narrator Michael Nielson s performance was dynamic increasing the emotions and suspence to a higher palpableevel You don t have to be a fan of horses or horse racing to get wrapped up in the twisty thrills of this book A note of historyFelix s father Dick Franciswas a jump jockey who won over 350 races became a champion of the British National Hunt and was a jockey to ueen Elizabeth riding her horse Devon Loch in 1956 After he retired from racing he started writing mystery novels all of which deal with crime in the horse racing world His first thriller Dead Cert was published in 1962 and was absolutely brilliant Over the past 40 years Felix Francis assisted his father with both the research and the writing of many of his novels Dick Francis Felix Francis coauthored 4 novels together starting with Dead Heat published in 2007 They were co writing Crossfire when Dick Francis died in February 2010 Felix Francis s first novel written without his father was Dick Francis s Gamble published in 2011 and he s not missed a single stride Felix Francis is a chip off the old block and a spectacular author in his own right I own every Dick Francis Felix Francis novel 57 in all to date as they are my favorite authors of all time I m working my way through reading all the Dick Francis novels again at present as it was ong ago when I read most of them the first time Especially the earliest titles I can tell you with absolute certainty that they re all highly nerve racking and first to the post 5 reads IMHO What happens when a favorite series author stops writing In this case his youngest son takes over writing the same books first in collaboration with his father and then on his own One would think it wouldn t work but it actually does Perhaps the books have ost their edge a bit but one of the interesting things about Dick Francis is that he wrote the same book but one of the interesting things about Dick Francis is that he wrote the same book and over with different twists And they are always good reads It s always about horses a youngish male protagonist who may have a variety of professions and is physically strong knowledgeable about the world of racing and can out clever the police when catching bad guys It is so formulaic one would think that it would. Felix Francis is back with another edge of your seat thriller in the classic Dick Francis tradition Undercover investigator Jeff Hinkley is assigned by the British Horseracing Authority to ook into the activities of a suspicious racehorse trainer but as he’s tailing his uarry th. Get boring but I oved a good Dick Francis It s ike reading your favorite book And Over Again Felix over again Felix has to follow in his father s footsteps This was his fourth book on his own and the title is Dick Francis s Damage which is fascinating because it is definitel Hooray I finally found a Felix Frances book What a huge treat Feels ike Christmas This is an undercover Jeff Hinkley Book He is assigned by the British Horseracing Authority to The Deepest Sin look into the activities of a suspicious racehorse trainer but he s trailing his uarry through the Cheltenham Racing Festival Theast thing he expects to view is a vulgar murder Then many horses test positive for prohibited stimulants and someone starts making and threatening to completely destroy the integrity of the racing industry Wow what a mouthful this was one really good book Highly recommend Really tickled to finally get one of his books Saw a couple others too but when I ooked them up found I had already read them a couple times I m still on the hunt RECOMMEND 35 starsSomeone seems bent on disrupting British horseracing A couple of trainers have been suspended for doping horses though they claim innocence and one has been driven to murderSoon afterwards mandatory testing after a big race reveals that many horses from stables across the United Kingdom have been tainted with an illegal subs Dick and Felix Francis s horse racing mysteries are still a good read The authors combine a knowledge of everything horse racing with an amateur investigator a jockey ex jockey or owner among others who somehow stumbles into a plot against friends or horse racing and has to out man outwit and outlast the bad guys It s a horseracing episode of Survivor Francis knows the sport knows the pre racing rituals of the jockeys and the trainers In Felix Francis s atest mystery novel Damage Jeff Hinkley a professional investigator for the august British Horseracing Authority matches wits against a cunning blackmailer who is somehow doping horses at several major races The blackmailer wants 5000000 to stop Hinkley s bosses on the BHA a swath of peerage and big money want to keep the plot hidden from the public afraid of the repercussions for the BHA and for horseracing but when they refuse to pay the blackmailer escalates Horses are hurt Jockeys are poisoned Hinkley is hurt The BHA must find a way to find the blackmailer before he can break the BHA Hinkley who served in intelligence organizations is a capable investigator and with his elderly boss and ex spy set out to trap the blackmailer when he goes for the money If the first trap does not work then maybe a cunning trap willAt the same time as investigating this plot Hinkley is trying to help his sister s stepson who has busted for drug dealing uentin Hinkley s brother in aw a powerful member of the bar is afraid that his son s crime could thwart his rise to a judgeship and claims it was a frame job Hinkley agrees to help and is soon involved in tracking down a witness Francis adds a couple of other subplots an attempt to give Hinkley depth or add gravitas to the story Hinkley S Sister Has Cancer sister has cancer its touch and go and Hinkley faced with her mortality starts to ook hard about his ife with his girlfriend is he is ready to marry his ong term girlfriendNeither of these subplots add to the st There are no words to describe the thrill of reading a mystery with a well thought out plot impeccable anguage and not a single typo at east not that I noticed The ate Dick Francis father of Felix who wrote this book on his own never failed on any of those measures And Felix who co wrote several books with his father before going it alone in four others clearly has earned from his master s voice churning out yet another winner in my bookAs usual the topic is horse racing in Great Britain in this instance undercover investigator Jeff Hinkley is asked by the British Horseracing Authority which governs the sport of kings to do some sleuthing with regard to a trainer who s been banned from the sport for doping. Rough the Cheltenham Racing Festival the ast thing he expects to witness is a gruesome murder Could it have something to do with the reason the trainer was banned in the first place the administration of illegal drugs to his horsesThen many horses test positive for prohibited stimu. .

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