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Message that the last few Pegasus eggs "Are In Danger And The Only Thing "in danger and the only thing could possibly save them is the feather of a griffin That s where our story beginsThis story is both beautiful and different It s beautiful considering all the nostalgia that s combined with it When I read the names of Ben Lung and Schwefelfell for the very first time since a few years I got teary eyed Forgotten was all the stress you have to deal with these days for once I was that nine year old girl dreaming of her own dragon again and that was the most beautiful feeling ever But it was also different It might be the the aging of the characters although that s only two years who grew so much within their time or the writing style that still reads like a Funke book but different to 16 years ago which is perfectly understandable people develop their abilities But I m sure there weren t As Many Exclamation Marks In the first book Pretty sure "This sounds like they were everywhere It was okay Loads of " sounds like they were everywhere It was okay Loads of were just unnecessaryI honestly can t criticize much and I only didn t have the book five stars was because it felt a bit rushed in the last half And I would have loved to see a certain thing happen and the half And I would have loved to see a certain thing happen and the end of the book but I guess I have to wait till another book comes outLast but not least Die Feder eines Greifs is a worthy seuel to my favorite books from childhood days It is a great mix between fantasy elements and creatures nostalgia and action and I can definitely recommend it to anyone who spent his time with a certain silver dragon in DrachenreiterDragon Rider or is about to do it 2 starsDNF 64%Ohh boyThis book I have been wanting ever since Cornelia Funke announced that she was writing it The first book is an absolute favourite of mine but this wasnt what I was hoping for It realllllly lacked in Dragons and that was my main feature of wanting this so bad More DRAGONS Sadly this was very luke warm with Dragons Dont get me wrong Funke is still my favourite author but this book is a miss from me which I feel bad about because I now she put alot of time and effort into it But not every book is for every personSo the reason I gave this 2 stars while I also DNF ed it is because it wasnt bad It definitely wasnt badly written It just wasnt what I was wanting Bes can i please have this book already. Nell sie brauchen die Hilfe eines Drachens und seines KoboldsDie Feder eines Greifs ist Lesegenuss vom Feinsten spannend magisch und atmosphärisch Ein großer fantastischer Roman der international gefeierten preisgekrönten Autorin Cornelia Funk. Dragon Rider was one of my favorite books and this was so not the follow up I was hoping to get from Ms Funke Too many characters and attempts to make it relevant in today s world Just disappointed I might have enjoyed this if I d read the first book in the series charmingly written i can see why they Charmingly written I can see why they well loved Firedrake is back Along with dragon rider Ben and the incorrigible Scottish brownie Sorrel the whole gang is off on an adventure with new friends and some new enemies too They are trying to acuire a rare griffin feather the only magical way to save a nest of baby Pegasus eggs Ben worries that this adventure might be too dangerous for Firedrake since the griffins have a history of warfare with the dragons It will take fierce courage and loyalty to bring them through this magical adventure togetherI love this author s writing The plot is imaginative full of dry humor and magic There are wild and wondrous settings all over the world full of fascinating creatures both mythical and realThe main characters Firedrake Ben Sorrell Twigleg and Barnabas Greenbloom are magnificently written with backstories deep motivations and fears and hidden longings that push them forward in the story shaping their decisions and interactions with others However the supporting characters are fairly boring without much backstory or depth to them Some of them were obviously added

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simply fill in a point and we don t now much about them It feels like there should be a third book in the series to explore the stories of these supporting characters What do they want How do they feel Why are they thereThere are also far too many new characters introduced I can barely eep straight all the old characters and the new ones were almost impossible to remember I was able to remember the interesting of the new characters such as the Pegasus father Anemos the troll Hothbrodd the griffins Shrii and Kraa the tropical bird Me Rah and the dragon nicknamed Tattoo Those characters were memorable with uniue personalities However there were a ton of monkey characters that I could never remember It would have better to just have two important monkey characters and the rest should have been unnamed monkeys in the background Why do I need to now the names of eight monkeys who play minimal roles in the plot and Der Drachenreiter ehrt zurück Fortsetzung von Cornelia Funkes erfolgreichstem Kinderroman Zwei Jahre nach ihrem Sieg über Nesselbrand erwartet Ben Barnabas und Fliegenbein ein neues Abenteuer Der Nachwuchs des letzten Pegasus ist bedroht Nur

Cornelia Funke È 5 Read

Ave no personality Or maybe some of them were birds I can t remember who is a monkey and who is a bird That just shows you how unimportant they were to the storyThe plot really is wonderful and I do love those main characters but I feel like this could have been a much tighter story with a cleaner story telling style There are just too many details too many characters too much stuff distracting from the main storyStill I enjoyed it immensely The writing made me feel like the characters are real their anxieties and longings and love and joy became are real their anxieties and longings and love and joy became to me in so many subtle waysMaybe I just expect so much from this author because I love so many of her books I asked Ms Funke to tell me about this book a while ago on Goodreads before anybody freaks out I don t actually The Road From Home: The Story Of An Armenian Girl know Cornelia Funke and this is what she said A GRIFFIN S FEATHER will find all the characters from DRAGONRIDER about two years l I really enjoyed the first book of this duology series and can t wait to read this one I actually want to reread the first one and this one in German because i think I might love it in the original languagetext Sophie you have to read his book OMG why the heck I did notnow about its existence I so loved book 1 and enjoyed it re reads tooThis better not be a cash cow Once upon a time there was a little girl who spent her nights reading until she fell asleep She read everything her parents gave to her mostly simply girly stories about gangs and fun until she laid her eyes on the book with a beautiful silver dragon on its cover That was the day she started to like fantasyDrachenreiter was my favorite book as a child and definitely the one book from Cornelia Funke I read the most Back when Harry Potter didn t even interest me this book was my home and place to hide You can imagine my reaction when I stumbled upon a post on Mrs Funke s goodreads page that spoke of a seuel to my beloved dragon story Die Feder eines #Greifs takes place two years after the story from the first book #takes place two years after the story from the first book Wiesengrund and his adopted family have build some Exile and Pilgrim kind of utopia in Norway a place where any fantastical and usual creature is safe and looked after Everything is fine except for the fact that Lung the dragon we learned to love in his story is still living in the Himalaya and that s uite far away Until we get the. Ie Sonnenfeder eines Greifsann ihre Art noch retten Gemeinsam mit einer fliegenden Ratte einem Fjordtroll und einer nervösen Papageiin reisen die Gefährten nach Indonesien Auf der Suche nach dem gefährlichsten aller Fabelwesen merken sie sch. .
Die Feder eines Greifs