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O Rico he has traveled to was not the built up tourist attraction it is today The Caribe Hilton was relatively new but that was it in terms of uxurious hotels with a BEACH PUERTO RICANS WHO WANTED TO Puerto Ricans who wanted to ahead moved to New York a a West Side Story and those who stayed at Retraite sur le Cantique des Cantiques: Commentaires bibliques (Spiritualité) (French Edition) least the majority that Kemp met were ofow means and were clamoring for statehood To this day Puerto Rico remains a territory statehood an ongoing debate Yet when Kemp and his fellow thirty something journalists worked in San Juan mobs protesting the United States presence on the island was real Kemp and some colleagues got ambushed at a greasy spoon diner are met with a mob outside their newspaper building and are rarely given the benefit of the doubt by the average Puerto Rican citizen Their one refuge where they knock off rums and hamburgers and complain about their newspaper editor is Al s a greasy spoon that s open twenty four hours and allows the journalists to eat on a tab Eventually the blond resurfaces which had me thinking of Breakfast at Tiffany s An educated woman without a care in the world Chennault is in Puerto Rico for the same reason as her male contemporaries In 1959 there were few employment opportunities for Seven Sister educated women Although Chennault has graduated from Smith College her future was that of a typist with the feminist revolution being a decade away Like her male friends with means Chennault saves one hundred dollars for an open ended round trip ticket to Puerto Rico The scenes with Chennault were among the most amusing and steamy of the book One can tell that this was written by a man in his twenties but Chennault still offered comic relief among the conversations between the journalists Whether she is tanning on the beach or gyrating at carnival Chennault appears to be enjoying Blood Sorcery (Shadows of Magic, life She knows that by returning to New York there are few opportunities for her so why not have some fun before settling down inife This is in essence why Kemp And The Other and the other came to Puerto Rico in the first place Having no expectations going in The Rum Diary was The Elusive Heiress Nancy Drew light entertaining and gave me a feel for the tropics during the time it was written After never reading a Hunter S Thompson novel before I am inclined to pick up another especially if he writes about steamyocales that make his books conducive for summer reading With my scrabble board almost complete I wonder what other hidden gems I will find before the season is through and whether they will be as comedic as this unearthed novella 35 stars No matter how much I wanted all those things that I needed money to buy there was some devilish current pushing me off in another direction toward anarchy and poverty and craziness That maddening delusion that a man can Pizarro and the Conuest of Peru lead a decentife without hiring himself out as a Judas Goat Allegedly autobiographical The Rum Diary is an accounting of newspaper journalist Paul Kemp s alcohol induced misadventures in Puerto Rico circa 1959ish Aptly titled with a plethora of boozy contrivances and catastrophes it is surprisingly coherent and readable I kept thinking that this is what William S Burroughs could have been if his drug of choice had been rum instead of hallucinogenic narcotics Thompson when in control of his faculties was one hell of a writer A word of caution if your trigger is implied sexual assault consider taking a pass on this one Thompson s narrative gets a Are You There God? It's Me M little rapey at one point It was not well defined but it was enough to give me a nasty knot in my stomach by sheer insinuation Journalist with bad attitude get a job in Puerto Rico working with other ill tempered men By the end of the story he hasanded a beautiful girl who is simultaneously innocent and whorish In between there are several rather pointless episodes of newsroom politics and a stint at the Carnival which is climaxed by the girl dancing naked at a party exposed to a pointedly non white audience she clinches the narrators sympathy Fans of HST may wish to read this for a Evan (O'Connor Brothers Vol. 5) look at his writing before he hit his stride Otherwise it is a bit of a ramble punctuated by iced rum hamburgers swimming and men saying balls Thomson wrote this when he was twenty two one might hazard that the good doctor may have been a bit too young to have earned enough distance from who he was in order to become what he needed to be Attitudes that seemed to be at the time of writing the author s own he wouldater satrize to great effectIt On Hitler's Mountain Overcoming the Legacy of a Nazi Childhood PS looksike this is going to be a movie According to today s Wikipedia Johhny Depp will play the ead Like any mediocre book the film version may succeed where the source faile. A sexy mysterious woman is soon thrust into a world where corruption and get rich uick schemes rule and anything including murder is permissib. ,

The Rum Diary

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This book was brutally normal It went along nice and regular for a while and then something happens and you are sort of I've Got a Home in Glory Land: A Lost Tale of the Underground Railroad left to wonder how you should feel about it Hunter S Thompson is cool and collected in his thoughts and it really feels genuine John Zelazny is another emerging Aspen writer and he is picking up where Thompsoneft off LOVED IT Much preferred this the 2nd time around Loved him referring to the other woman as his pig date all the time So funny It isn t very good The writing style isn t compelling there
#is no plot #
No Plot No Hint plot and no hint the future nor of the direction of the book This is the kind of novel that you either adore or feel indifferent about It s definitely NOT my cup of tea There s no deep characterization nor natural growth of the bond between characters Paul is an arrogant journalist who makes his way from New York to Puerto Rico to work at the only English Pip Sueak Saves the Day Medici Books for Children language paper on the island As the paper sits near bankruptcy he begins to uestion the reason for coming to the island in the first place He and his colleagues don t do much reporting except to each other about drinking and gettingaid Paul falls into a Dragonsbane love triangle with a fellow colleague Yeamon and his girlfriend Chenault With itsarge amount of disrespect for women I find the book disappointing and outdated I didn t connect with the main character because he did nothing The most memorable scenes in the book contain Al s burgers because the description of Puerto Rico falls short of any exotic glamour I kept waiting for something exciting to happen and before I knew the book was finished The characters are unconvincing and as I said there is no plot going onPaul s perspective is too depressing because he finds nothing beautiful everything is grey and flat Besides his passive attitude he s a pretty flat character with no particular ambitions except getting drunk and getting Lonestar Sanctuary laid Somewhere through halfway it became repetitive to read about his monotonous days Paul and Chenault have aoose connection if there even is one Sure there is sexual tension between them but I feel Trust Me, I'm Lying: Confessions of a Media Manipulator like it s there because they re both bored with theife in Puerto Rico He doesn t respect her and it s not Understanding the Black Economy and Black Money in India like she has some deep feelings for him either It sike they would ve done the same thing with the first stranger that crossed their paths I guess I should explain the rating to those of you who would argue that this is Thompson s weakest work and therefore undeserving of praiseThis novel catches Thompson before he is wrapped in t Happy I muttered trying to pin the word down But it is on of those words Desperate (Bad Baker Boys, like Love that I have never uite understood Most people who deal in words don t have much fait in them and I am no exception especially the big onesike Happy and Love and Honest and Strong They are too elusive and far too relative when you compare them to sharp mean Biocentrismo. L'universo, la coscienza. La nuova teoria del tutto little wordsike Punk Thompson wrote this semi autobiographical novel in his early twenties but put it aside regarding it as a failure Nearly forty years A Small C Compiler Language Usage Theory and Design later apparently with the encouragement of his friend Johnny The Colonel Depp he dug it out and got it publishedThis is the Hunter S Thompson of his pre gonzo journalism callow youth displaying some obvious influence from Fitzgerald and Hemingway specifically The Great Gatsby and The Sun Also Rises I would suggest And yet the tone and the prose are recognisably his own as a devotee of HST I was fascinated to note just how set his style already was There is a certain cadence a recognisable turn of phrase that is distinctive He often hits an elegiac strain that melds wounded idealism with a despairing acceptance and in these phases he reveals his ethical and emotional character in a touchingly poetic mode There are passages here which point forwards to the sad beautiful wave riff in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas that paean to a moment foreverost when the generation of idealistic youth gave way to the generation of swineThe story such as it is tells of Paul Kemp a disillusioned journalist in his early thirties who has moved to San Juan Puerto Rico to work on a How Drawings Work local newspaper The atmosphere is perpetually booze soaked freuently desperate and in the end utterly brutal The cavalcade of drifters andosers comprised of his fellow journalists provides much comic relief and not a Truly Irresistible little pathos Ultimately their chaoticives seem diminished their Whisper Loudly liberation from the banality of conventionalife consisting of alcoholic stupor emotional blindness and a defeated directionlessness Kemp begins the story in a mood of optimism he is free at the tail end of a ten year period of wandering and. Begun in 1959 by a twenty two year old Hunter S Thompson The Rum Diary is a tangled I've Been Thinking . . .: Reflections, Prayers, and Meditations for a Meaningful Life love story of jealousy treachery and violent alcoholicus. Decadence but he ends it in a Kind Of Limbo There Is of imbo There is out there for him in the shape of the beautiful but rather sketchily characterised wild child Chenault and it seems he might take that path but maybe not He has to run but it is unclear to him perhaps and to the reader where he should run toThe Rum Diary is not a profound book and indeed it is difficult to discern any real point to Rum Diary is not a profound book and indeed it is difficult to discern any real point to no doubt this is what HST felt on finishing his manuscript the comic aspects do not sit comfortably with his attempt at a Fitzgeraldian emotional sweep and the hints of a sociopolitical critiue of the US presence on the island seem as if they could be part of a different much better novel Yet it is an entertaining read nonetheless and not necessarily for Thompson fans only I just spent than an hour and a half finishing The Rum Diary I wanted to stop and hit the sack but something inside me whispered to go on It was when I realized that nothing actually happened in the book Large portion of the book was very descriptive it s The Never-Ending Present: The Story of Gord Downie and the Tragically Hip & like reading a strong opinionated newspaper article about Puerto Rico and its appalling inhabitants The Rum Diary opens very promising with snippets of office politics masculine desperation and one s search to find the meaning ofife in a foreign The Bible in the lyrics of Bob Dylan The Wanted Man study series land For a book with nothing particularly interesting going on Hunter S Thompson got a way to keep me on the edge of my seat The man s got way with words The only problem I encountered was through the eyes of protagonist Paul Kemp Thompson didn t portray either the Puerto Ricans or the Americans in a very kind way The expatriates were depicted as drunkards were irresponsible and unprofessional while the natives were stereotyped as people who started fights with foreigners and cannot be trusted Nothing is beautiful in Kemp s eyes except maybe thatittle muff of brown hair standing out The Saga of Tanya the Evil, Vol. 4 (light novel) like a beacon against the white flesh of Chenault s belly and thighs In the end I thoroughly enjoyed Thompson s writing style Verdict Highly engaging thoughacks of substance The summer is getting steamy Endless days above ninety degrees has me sitting in air conditioning nonstop When I go out to on errands Fret Work Step By Step like I did yesterday I find myself craving an ice cold drink This summer I also actually participated in a seasonal challenge I am a mood reader so I tend to avoid challenges other than open ended ones but sevenetters of scrabble was too fun to pass up One of my Mark of the Dragon Urban Dragon letters was r and in need of a book I caught the notice of rum Rum and coke is definitely one of those ice cold drinks Iove to sip at the end of a hot summer day so without knowing anything about the premise of The Rum Diary I picked it up to help complete my rack of scrabble tiles Believe it or not I have never read a Hunter S Thompson book before this I have nothing against his books but I never got around to picking one up Before reading I decided to research him as he is a new author for me Thompson is credited with coining the term gonzo journalism a first person narrative that removes any objectivity from the piece He introduced this gonzo journalism to the world in his 1967 classic Hell s Angels which was Soigner le Sida autrement avec le protocole ICCARRE later a movie As a twenty two year old unknown Thompson had written The Rum Diary in 1959 It remained unpublished until after his death in 1998 when the manuscript was discovered in Thompson s estate An autobiographical novel Thompson follows young journalists around Puerto Rico without a care in the world besides drinking rum all day and finding girls on the beach Thompson had been influenced by both Fitzgerald and Hemingway but to me The Rum Diary was an instance of Breakfast at Tiffany s moves to the beach It is 1959 Paul Kemp is a thirty two year old journalist and searching for thatast adventure before settling down with his Tubâ va ma'nâ ye shab life He had covered Europe and desired a newocale so on a whim answered an ad for a job in Puerto Rico Flights from New York to Puerto Rico at the time were only 50 and it seemed as though anyone young with means vacationed there With rum being as cheap as twenty five cents a glass and rent as ow as fifty dollars a week for a shared apartment Puerto Rico was a new vacation destination Kemp discovered this on his flight down when an attractive blonde got on his flight He was immediately smitten only to find out that she belonged to a fellow reporter With work only typing a few ines a day and rum cheap and the beach in walking distance from almost anywhere there were plenty blondes to be had should Kemp decide to make his job of a vacation Kemp got into plenty of adventures in his short time on the island The Puert. T in the Caribbean boomtown that was San Juan Puerto Rico in the Rechnen und Textaufgaben - Gymnasium 5. Klasse (Mathematik: Textaufgaben/Sachaufgaben, Band 155) late 1950s The narrator freelance journalist Paul Kemp irresistibly drawn to.