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The place of evaluating it so my insights might not be the freshestHere is the strengths of the boo1 It provides a system for thinking creatively The premise of the book which I fully agree with is that if we ave a system for creativity then we don t ROMANCE have to think creatively aboutow to be creative So often truly creative people fail to move out of the realm of ideas and into the realm of making their ideas Chosen for Greatness happen This book provides a 5 stage process for moving from initial ideas to final product 2 The book providesundreds of practical ideas in each of the stages These are ideas to Eyes off the Prize The United Nations and the African American Struggle for Human Rights 19441955 help a team or person engage that stage fully to be as creative as possible Some of these ideas are goldenHere is the weakness of the bookThe book providesundreds of practical ideas in each of the stages Yes that s right The strength is the weakness I read so many ideas that I a felt like I was reading one for those cheesy books on 101 Games to Get Teams Working Together It got old uickly And b after 3 4 ideas they all started running together so that I didn t gain a lot of new insight Now that I know this weakness I ll go back through the book to better understand the stages and Rescued by Tordin (Olodian Alien Warrior, how toelp my team and myself think "creatively through each stage I am so glad J Linkner as propelled me to get off my dink and think " through each stage I am so glad J Linkner as propelled me to get off my dink and think one of my most sage life instructors Shell Beak Tusk has compelled me to attempt Linkner uses a jazz musician s background to getis business related points across these methods are to move businesses to the next level but it very easily correlates to what a classical musician wants and needs to do to get life accomplished better I think these tenets are also good for creating anything beautiful which is the word that the therapist put "in scareuotes that I claimed I wanted to make my behaviour resembleI now sketch about as much "scareuotes that I claimed I wanted to make my behaviour resembleI now sketch about as much I The Adventurers had my junior year ofigh school which was my maximum point Maybe a little lessSo I am so fond of this book since it actually made me act rather than just sit around meditating which is a very useful art and science but it can only go so far Josh Linkner spends so much time telling you what Mommy on Board Unspoken Confessions Bride Overboard the Suire's Daughter his proven system is going to do for you but spends little time actually describingis system The gist of it all is that creativity and innovation are necessities to be successful in business One way to generate creativity is to put limitations on the project to give the mind space to come up with interesting solutions I found the book to be mostly derivativ. Isciplined Dreaming shows even the stuffiest corporate bureaucracies ow to cultivate creativity in order to become competitive in today's shifting marketplace #4 New York Times Best Seller Advice How To and Miscellaneous #8 New York Times Best Seller Hardcover Business #2 Wall Street Journal Best Seller Hardcover Business #9 Wall Street Journal Best Seller Hardcover Nonfiction #9 Washington Post Best Seller Hardcover Nonfiction #1 USA Today Best Seller Money #10 Entertainment Weekly Best Seller Hardcover Nonfiction #10 Publishers Weekly Bestseller Hardcover Nonfictio. Disciplined Dreaming A Proven System to Drive Breakthrough Creativity by Josh Linkner was chosen by Soundview Executive Book Summaries as one of the Top 30 Business Books of 2011 It was also selected by Soundview as the winner of the "Harold Longman Award For Being " Longman Award for being Best Business Book of 2011THE SOUNDVIEW REVIEWCreativity is often mislabeled as a mysterious force The concept dates back to ancient istory when poets and musicians were beholden to muses or gods for moments of creative brilliance In today s business world the importance of generating a constant stream of new not to mention good ideas is too great stream of new not to mention good ideas is too great be left "To Fate Fortunately The Creative Process Isn "fate Fortunately the creative process isn shrouded in mystery According to Josh Linkner author of Disciplined Dreaming A Proven System to Drive Breakthrough Creativity executives and their teams can arrive at great ideas without resorting to incantations or ceremoniesOne key aspect of Linkner s philosophy is that creativity should serve as a force of empowerment within an organization This is counter to the classic concept of the idea man in a company While it is understandable to assume that ideas come naturally to some rather than others a closer look may prove that the person rich in ideas is also diligently if unknowingly following many of the ideas about which Linkner writes Executives need to understand the power that comes with making and maintaining a work environment in which people can be creative It makes one s office a workplace in which the next great idea can come from any directionLinkner also Effective Academic Writing 3: The Essay helps executives avoid the common seductive trap of dismissing others ideas outright Part of the reason employeesesitate to provide meaningful solutions is because they don t feel as if their ideas count Linkner provides numerous examples including some memorable stories from Charmed Particles his own company ePrize that prove the old adage The mind like a parachute works better when open Soundview s 8 page Executive Book Summary of Disciplined Dreaming is availableere Great ideas on Running with the Kenyans how to master the art of innovation and focus on culture processes and thinking to create a dynamic platform to achieve This is a really great book Itas tons of ideas to spark creativity in the office and exlplore ideas It also addresses Perdido Street Station how the loudest person can overtake a brainstorming session and gives ideas onow to old sessions so that everyone is encouraged to participate and take part in the discussion without one idea dominating and crippling furthe. A 5 part process that will transform your organization or your career into a non stop creativity juggernaut We live in an era when business cycles are measured in months not years The only way to sustain long term innovation and growth is through creativity at all levels of an organization Disciplined Dreaming shows you ow to create profitable new ideas empower all your employees to be creative and sustain your competitive advantage over the long term Linkner distills Duty his years of experience in business and jazz as well asundreds of interviews with CEOs entrepreneu. ,

R ideas from emerging Some of my favorite things p 108
Issue An Outrageous Idea 
an outrageous idea See who comes up with the most outrageous or stupid idea Encourages failure p 25 The ability to think of a common idea in an uncommon way Randall Dunn ead of Roeper School p 41 in the longrun men it "only what the aim at Henry David Thoreau p 56 Name that ship activity p57 Identify a problem and "what the aim at Henry David Thoreau p 56 Name that ship activity p57 Identify a problem and 10 minutes a day writing uestions p 66 5 Why s p 76 Find the Fix ups Take 5 minutes and write down everything you see in the room that needs to be fixed or could use some touch up p 84 85 Field trip improv draw your neighbor magazine pic and tell a story about it p88 You cannot simultaneously prevent and prepare for war Albert Einstein p 98 You can learn about a person in an Dreamland. Adventures in the Strange Science of Sleep hour of play than a year of conversation Plato Need to get out of a rut or tackle auge project This book is your guide I finished this book 4 days ago and I am applying nothing from its content nor does anything applicable readily come to mind This is an immediate fail The book was self indulgent speculation with a few widely known res This book as a long drawn out version of everything I learned in my Advertising class But in a much extended version I felt like we were beating the creative brief to death very surprising in that there was nothing new to me in ere What s with all the ype around this book This is a collection of the same old ideas for brainstorming and focus shifting that The Princes Scandalous Wedding Vow have been around since forever padded with Linkner telling us a bunch of times My system will change your life A big let down Meh The book does give some useful tips for allowing creativity toappen but there s nothing really new or surprising in Thru Hiking Will Break Your Heart here Maybe a few grunt inducing points and that s itIt almost feels as though the author compiled everythinge Women's Liberation and the African Freedom Struggle heard and regurgitated it The effect is you ll probably put this book down or finish listening feeling overwhelmed by the sheer number of tips Though the author bills this as a system it s important to realize that systems and processes are very much left brain lingo and I kept wondering if boxing creativity in a proven system is an effective frame to look at it In other words can we impose order where there s none Yes some tips mightelp the probability of creative thoughts Telecommunications Network Design Algorithms happening but to call theodgepodge of ideas a system is very much misleadingSome good stuff but offset by information overload meh I read this book 25 months ago and am just getting to. Rs and artists into a 5 step process that will make creativity easy for you and your organization The methodology is simple backed by proven resultsEmpowers individuals teams and organizations to meet creative challenges posed by the marketplace Turns the mystery of creativity into a simple to use process Shows ow creativity can be used for everything from innovative game shifting breakthroughs to incremental advances and daily improvements to business processes Offers dozens of practical exercises thought starters workouts to grow creative muscles and case studies
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characters Disciplined Dreaming A Proven System to Drive Breakthrough Creativity

Disciplined Dreaming A Proven System to Drive Breakthrough Creativity

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