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But after so much heartache and disappointment at the HANDS OF MEN PARTICULARLY HER PREVIOUS HUSBANDS WHY ON of men particularly her previous husbands why on would you just keep continuing to agree to marry men that you don t know I just can t fathom after everything Safiya had been through and acknowledging that the women in her village were no onger just blindly accepting whatever had always been so that she would just passively go along with her father s recommendation that she marry someone who had heard about her and decided to write to her father reuesting a marriage But as she had her whole ife she et everyone else make the decisions and just went along with themThe reason I m giving this 4 stars instead of 3 is because it s an interesting insight into a different culture and an important story however I think this book is of a political statement than a story about an inspiring woman However that s just my opinion Bedr ckend be ngstigend und schockierend Aber solche B cher sind wichtig He e do a traducci n espa ola del a o 2003 publicada por LumenTono sencillo historia desgarradora Rese a en mi blog La storia di Safiya purtroppo a storia di tante troppe donne che debbono sottostare ai soprusi degli "uomini ed al fondamentalismo islamico La sc Apesar de ser auilo a ue eu chamo al fondamentalismo islamico La sc Apesar de ser auilo a ue eu chamo ivro necess rio o foi dentro do g nero os ue me causou maior emo o No entanto permitiu saber mais muito mais porue na verdade eu n o sabia nada sobre o norte isl mico da Nig riaE fez me recordar o u o diferentes podem ser os cen rios de pa s para. Ap alla arrangerade av hennes far väljer Safiya själv en man som ovar henne äktenskap När Safiya blir gravid bryter han sitt öfte Hon döms till döden enligt sharialagarna för att ha fött ett barn utanför äktenskapet Straffet är att stenas till döds. T m ei ollut kaunokirjallisesti ansioitunut teos mutta ansioitunut kuvaamaan Afrikan muslimikulttuuria ja erityisesti naisen asemaa siin Syrj isen nigerialaiskyl n el m st syntyi el v k sitys Lukemisen arvoinen kirja I would give this book a 35 if it were possible It s an interesting story about a "woman

Sentenced To Stoning For Adultery 
to stoning for adultery the ead up and how she was subseuently found not guilty "sentenced to stoning for adultery including the The Shadow Reader lead up and how she was subseuently found not guilty there was something about this book that just didn t sit comfortably with me and I wasn t sure why On further consideration I think the reason why and in opposition to one of the other reviews on here I didn t really see Safiya as much of a fighter Perhaps it is purely a very cultural thing and I just don t understand it however I have recently read Infidel which has some cultural similarities and she was definitely a fighter Safiya on the other hand in my opinionet everyone else make the decisions and do the fighting and she just went along with itThe part that really made this stand out to me was when Safiya commented on when the women in the village finally began showing their support for her as up until that time her conviction was just how things were it was not uestioned until the sentence gained international exposure With that in mind I was a ittle frustrated that this thinking outside the suare didn t extend to her family or even Safiya herself when it came to her fifth marriage proposal after her being found not guilty Ok so it appears that this marriage turned out to be sucessful. När Safiya Hussaini är 13 år blir hon bortgift med en drygt fyrtio år äldre man som hennes far valt ut åt henne Safiya föder sin man fyra barn När två av barnen dör i vattenkoppor blir Safiya förskjuten och tvingas ämna hem och barn Efter tre äktensk.

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I SafiyaPa s em pleno s culo XXI pondo em causa auilo ue n s nos ditos pa ses desenvolvidos consideramos b sicos para a dignidade do ser humano I read this book 20 years ago And It Is Still A it is still a on my mind We take so much for granted and the way that running water from a tap is described as she first saw it reminded me that not everyone has access to such uxuries I have been searching for this book for a The Power Of A Choice long time and finally found it A very powerful and moving true story of an African woman s struggle for justice in an extremely religious patriarchal and oppressive society where women hadittle to no human rights Her story of being accused of adultery and subject to being stoned to death made International headlines and people from all corners of the world supported her as a united front to battle against such an inhuman and cruel form of capital punishment Her courage strength resilience and fight for justice and victory made her an inspirational role model for women across the world An easy to follow and highly recommended read for people who are into autobiographies and stories based on human rights I iked it a ot it s a story about determination resolution and hope It s about the Islamic world Raffaele Masto tells us about a Nigerian woman who is condemned to be stoned to death because of a daughter out of her marriage She fights against everything and everybody to see her daughter growing up and is finally free after the excellent work of a good awyer for whom the whole family helped to "pay. Dömd att stenas är ett dokument om det kvinnoförtryck och de fruktansvärda straffmetoder som fortfarande är vardag för många " Dömd att stenas är ett dokument om det kvinnoförtryck och de fruktansvärda straffmetoder som fortfarande är vardag för många i tredje världen I ett efterord redogör Safiyas advokat för sharialagarnas rättsprocedurer Boken är illustrerad med fot.