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Doctor Who The Dominators Target Doctor Who Library No 86I think that the late Ian Marter did a good job with bad material in this novelization Other than the design of the robots the villains and their mechanical servants were derivative and annoying and the nominal good aliens were such a brain dead stereotype of acifistic bureaucrats that it was annoying Still the resulting book was readable than a scenario for it might have suggested I m not a big fan of the second Doctor mostly because scenario for it might have suggested I m not a big fan of the second Doctor mostly because haven t seen much of the Troughton episodes but watching the recent animated re creation of his first story caused me to finally ick this One Up And Read It A Boring Retelling Of A up and read it A boring retelling of a Story That Not Even Ian Marter Can that not even Ian Marter can The Dominators has always been one of my favourite Doctor Who serials and I have never understood the erceived fan wisdom that suggests it is a clunker Ian Marter does a good job of adapting it into novelisation form making the Dominators themselves even sadistic The uarks are given added menace and extra little asides and character developments are also included in the adaptation Less successful however is Marter s rendering of the ending which is dramatic and slick in the TV serial but which ends up being Alamo Story: From Early History to Current Conflicts protracted and underwhelming in the novelisation returnreturnThis was a very overadded five episode story in the first lace and Marter has made it a bit less dull and injected some of the missing chemistry between the two Dominators themselves and made them both over two and a half metres tall He does capture Zoe and Jamie rather well here But faced with such unpromising material to work from the result is not up to much Another really great novelization The Doctor remembers Dulkis from a revious visit as a civilised and Isabel de Solis, Soraya: Un Cuento de Amor En La Alhambra peacefullace But times have changed and his second trip is not uite the holiday he was expectingThe Dulcians themselves are reluctant than ever before to. Gain it definitely helped clarify some things for me that weren t entirely clear in the episode I would recommend it to anyone who is a fan of the show For Who 910Basically everything you want in a Who story it s exciting full of tension with a fun unsettling setting The Dominators are a fantastic antagnoist for the Doctor and his interactions with them are some of the second Doctor s most mischievous and cunning moments As a book 510It s still the same Classic Who Formula For Non Who Fans 510It s a really good story and doesn t reuire any re knowledge it just doesn t really set up any Doctor Who in any significant way I ve now reached Season Six with the Target novelisations though this is robably the weakest of Troughton s time as The Doctor Even though there s some fantastic stories this year it s ones like The Dominators that drags it downI felt that this was an improvement on Marter s The Enemy of the World as he s deception of the lanet Dulkis was vividly brought to lifeIn fairness to Marter it s one of the weak Again a weak story saved by Ian Marter So far with the books I have read in the Target range certain items have improved them from the televised story In this case it was a good writer who brought life to the storyThe story In this case it was a good writer who brought life to the storyThe story still very basic and not much action Another race arrives on a lanet for their own needs You have the black and white few by each race One believing they are the superior race the other not wanting fight because of their ast Of course it is up to the Doctor his companions and those who go against the grain to save the dayWhat Marter does with the story is expand the world To give Engage in acts of violence The so called Island of Death once used as an atomic test site has served as a dire warning to generations of Dulcians of the horrifying conseuences of warfare But an alien race repares to take .
Ife to the world of Dulkis This makes it feel that it is to just some set iecesThe story still falls flat as the lot and situations are retty bland This also makes it if you are not a Doctor Who Fan You Won T This also makes it if you are not a Doctor Who Fan You Won T you won t with skipping this book Normally this would fall under a 1 star book but Ian Marter s writing brings it up a notchNext up is The Invasion So with having hitting a story with a stronger lot I am looking forward to seeing how Marter writes this Yes The Mind Robber should be next but I don t own a copy of that one Another necessary rehabilitation effort as The Dominators is one of the most reviled of TV stories and certainly the least liked adventure of the black and white era Ian Marter does his best and manages to trasnform the story into a fast moving Something Wicked physical thriller with much sinister atmosphere Between these stylistic enhancements and the stripping of anyadding the end result is a much acceptable if very average 2nd Doctor adventure The last chapter and a half was Velvet Ropes (Club Undercover pretty goodity about the first eight and a half chapters This is largely because the last 15% of the novel contained 98% of the Freud and His Followers plot leaving very little for the first 85% of the book Ian Marter gave a solid attempt at translating this razor thin Doctor Who series into aassable novel but James Joyce would have failed here Speaking of which I m slowly reading The Dubliners not to mention PG Wodehouse and a word of advice don t read Pjesme poor sci fi TV series adaptations at the same time you are reading two of the greatest English language writers of their respective genres The chasm between minimal competence and genius is almost too much to bare. Dvantage of theiracifismThe whole lanet and its assive inhabitants are threatened with complete annihilation and no one it seems is going to lift a finger to stop the evil Dominators and their unuestioning robot slaves.