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Owledgement that his work is a "Gross Abuse Of CopyrightWhen Clubber "abuse of copyrightWhen Clubber promises to serve Drago with pain cakesHaving said that this was the most excited I have been to read a book since the Deathly Hallows It is totally a guilty pleasure book and by guilty I mean capital punishment guilty I got the book and the t shirt today and read it in one sitting It s a Remarkable Creatures fantastic story with noiller at all I thought the book kept the characters accurate to the movie versions really well including Rocky s speech patterns and Drago s intense ocusIt d be even better if there was a chance or the author to write a Heroes Adrift (Hero, full trilogy of this starting with Ivan sall and early Chuck and Danielle fights the second book on his match with Clubber Lang and the third about his redemption and epilogue Unfortunately if the author is indeed decease Finding out that this book even existed was very exciting to me Noy s version of how Drago s life played out beyond the movie was very entertaining andascinating The way in which the amiliar characters were presented in this book aligned very nicely to their respective movie performances as well which made the book easy to ollow Apart "from a ew story elements which to me were a bit overly dramatic I loved " a Gray Bishop few story elements which to me were a bit overly dramatic I loved this book I couldn t put it down and wished it had gone onor many many pages with deeper descriptions and insights However gratefully it did provide closure in knowing what happened to such a Puckster's First Hockey Sweater fascinating character in Drago by allowing the reader to engage in additional chapters of his life Feels cherished after reading that World Feel every blow and unearth the answer to the all important uestionWhat ever happened to Ivan Drago. Ss it on and so I did on myinal night in Chala to a resh aced traveler who had just arrived to enjoy that idyllic paradiseI only hope that beyond all odds this tradition continues and that traveler after traveler arriving In Chala Is Introduced Not Only To Chala is introduced not only to world of Drago but also to the work of NoyI am left with one burning uestion and hopefully someone will pick up the torch and answer it or me What ever happened to Project A This is a curious little book It is only 87 pages and is meant to answer the burning uestion What happened to "Ivan Drago The that I read was given to me "Drago The copy I read was given to me the estate of Todd Noy The estate manages a Facebook page promoting this book I messaged them asking how to acuire a copy of the book and a ew weeks later I received one via international mail The book was originally published in 1989 The copy that I have is a newer edition probably published in 2012 but I am not certain as there is no edition noticeThe title on the cover of this book is D GO O MOU T I S ST D This book is completely absurd Ivan Drago after losing his boxing match against Rocky Balboa becomes a man without a country He wallows around in guilt over killing Apollo Creed and eventually returns to professional boxing seeking out Balboa to assist him in training Noir for a bout against some sort of superman creation of the Soviet military called Project AThird person andirst person points of view randomly change sometimes in the same paragraph Many of the paragraphs are one sentence in length My Renovate: Changing Who You Are by Loving Where You Are favorite parts of this book areThe author s ackn. In search of a better self A story that has captured the hearts and minds of sportsans throughout the. .

This was my irst introduction into the curious literature of Todd Noy and the amazing body of work that he brought into the worldI d been travelling around South America and ended up in Chala a small town on the Pacific Coast of Peru and as is often the case my arrival coincided with the departure of another seasoned traveler He was Circumstantial Evidence flying back to Europe theollowing day and so was keen to jettison any "excess baggage that he had and amongst his trinkets was a "baggage that he had and amongst his trinkets was a irst edition of Drago On Mountains We Stand which I noticed later had been signed "by the author I sometimes imagine that this seasoned traveler could have been "the author I sometimes imagine that this seasoned traveler could have been but I guess that s too muck to askI didn t think much of it until the ollowing day when I lay on the beach and dug out something to read For the next ew hours I was propelled into the world of Drago an exhilarating story of how Ivan Drago airs after being defeated by Rocky The style of the writing is a little off putting at A Chicken in Every Yard: The Urban Farm Store's Guide to Chicken Keeping first thoseamiliar with Noy s style would Island of the Lost Horses (Dora and Friends) find what he is trying to do with this work somewhat delicious but you cannot help being drawn into and ultimately moved by a man who resurrects himself both physically and mentally and also restores the perception of himself to a wider audience earning a respect and inner peace that had previously eluded himI left the beach with an extra spring in my step as one only can after being inflated by a story of this nature I wish I d kept that book now as it would surely haveetched a decent premium amongst die hard Summer Meditations fans of Noy but Ielt compelled to pa. Rising rom the ashes in Moscow a broken warrior goes in search of atonement in search of retribution and. Drago Author Todd Noy