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E and as an exercise of free will The tone is one of dark comedy The book is a uick read with simple vocabulary and lots of speaking parts rounded out by short descriptions and visualizations in and around Portland Oregon I felt like I could care about Bob and Diane and Nadine and Rick maybe even than they cared about themselves in the end A dated but moving portrait of the life of a junkie in the 50 s 60 s and 70 s Despite the pontificating of the lead character which is understandable in light of his being modeled on the author he is in the end worthy of sympathy if not pity This is written in a style that I really liked And the idea is certainly interesting Not just a tale of our typical druggie looking for his fix but rather a man who fashions himself as a true cowboy or hold up man like those who robbed the Wells Fargo wagons His matter of fact outlook on life And deep belief in luck and ominous signs it makes for interesting read Probably also because #I Saw The Movie #saw the movie ago with Matt Dillon I had a hard time not picturing the main character as Dillon Maybe not a book for everyone but I enjoyed it thought it was well written and an easy read Kind of beautiful in places kind of tedious in places in dire need of chapter breaks. Spent thirty five ears of his life in prison has turned their lives into something darkly comicSet in Portland Oregon in the early 1970s Drugstore Cowboy is a resonating evocation of life at the bottom and et by portraying his characters without judgment or glamor Fogle has illuminated them His debut life at the bottom and et by portraying his characters without judgment or glamor Fogle has illuminated them His debut is a singular work of contemporary fiction. ,

Anthropological view of a junkie s mindset Like primitive painting the narrative is disjointed but oddly honest and unpretentious in style despite the disconnect between the author s understanding of how and unpretentious in style despite the disconnect between the author s understanding of how world works and how it actually does Even the hardboiled almost pulp fiction voice the writer uses is belied by a certain tenderness and almost childlike naivety that slips through despite his best efforts to maintain a tough veneer And this tone is what made the book a captivating albeit uirky read and one I would recommend Ultimate junkie novel es Kotlin - Les fondamentaux du dveloppement d'applications Android yes better than the movie Contains vital fragments of the informal Junkie Code of Honor Fogel was in jail when he wrote this its a great book story of a misspentouth The movie wasn t bad either good cast nice cameo of the godfather of heroin Bill Burroughs at the end I loved the movie so I decided to read the book Much of the material is based on the author s personal experiences as a junky who knocked off pharmacies with his partners on the West Coast to maintain their habits and as a result were marginalized and meshed into a subculture exposed to violence degradation incarceration and often on the run The narrator owns his experiences like an adventure he takes part in by choic. Ant for robbing drugstores and grabbing pills and capsules to support their habit and relieve their boredomIt's an all too real examination of the addict's domain the euphoria the paranoia the busts the overdoses the haunting reality of trying to survive our own world But James Fogle who based this extraordinary novel on his own experiences and who. .

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If ou have seen the movie ou "got to read this If ou haven t seen the movie get with it the hat got "to read this If Dressage conjugal you haven t seen the movie get with it the hat got all in the end One of my very favorite movies Scene for scene the novel is an almost identical experience Good hard boiled tone I read that Fogle got arrested thisear for robbing a pharmacy The main character of Drugstore Cowboy Bob is a junkie who leads a crew that includes his woman Dianne in robbing pharmacies Bob is described in heroic terms his actions and exploits are narrated with the same shortsighted zeal of a six ear old who pulled one over his parents He is repeatedly called loyal and trustworthy and his character is lauded for looking out FOR HIS CREW BUT AS IS his crew But as is #Junkie S Outlook The Story Fails To #s outlook the story fails to beyond a straightforward narrative to express any larger message than hero worship of a very broken human The back story of the author is what makes this a 3 star ie one I like book though James Fogle wrote this in prison where he spent the better part of his life for robbing pharmacies The writing is unrefined and raw and very stream of consciousness It is painfully obvious that Fogle has absolutely no understanding of women emotion or society beyond that of prison and petty criminals and in a way it is almost an. The novel that inspired the highly acclaimed film directed by Gus Van SantBob Hughes the offbeat edgy and slightly skewed leader of a crew of traveling junkies describes himself as one of the cleverest and ringiest and most notorious dope fiend drugstore cowboys on the entire West Coast including Alaska Bob his wife Diane Rick and Nadine have a pench. Drugstore Cowboy