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Secret Observations on the Goat-Girl oHe realizes she doesn t want to have kids and that she s not happy after all she has a breakdown and leaves her husband In the process she realizes she has no identity Boo hooBut instead Gilbert decides to pack up and visit Italy India and Indonesia three places she hopes will ultimately bring her the inner balance she s been longing for Andn the surface this book is a really entertaining travel essay Gilbert has this wonderfully uirky way Unbound of describing everything A piecef pizza a gelato And the people It s An Extreme Modification (Milked by Royalty, on her travels that I start to identify with Gilbert When I was 21 I spent four months traveling in Australia Just like Gilbert during her first weeks in Italy I was totally elated by my freedom But about two weeks in the loneliness came around and so did the anxiety My typical day started with this inner monologue I have to get to the museum before noon so I can fit in the sea kayaking trip at 2 And then I have to rush to the grocery store to get food to make dinner in the stinking hostel kitchen because god forbid I gout to eat causeIHAVETOMAKETHEMONEYLASTFORTHREEMOREMONTHSYikes How I envied the Eurotrash who could just sit by the hostel pool and read all day But if I didn t do everything then I would have failed at traveling In retrospect Australia was a turning point in my young life I had no idea that this go go go attitude was how I had been living for years No wonder people thought I was uptight Relaxing had never come easy to me and it never will but I m getting a lot better at letting go and not worrying about seeing every last museum so to speakGilbert ruminates Feminized Sissy Justice, A Forced Feminization Sissy Story on this topic uite a bit in her book Her first momentf true unfettered happiness comes when she poaches some eggs and eats some asparagus Everlost (Skinjacker, on the floorf her apartment So simple but so fulfillingIn India she writes that life if you keep chasing it so hard will drive you to death Gilbert is living in an Ashram a place where people come to meditate and experience divinity She s not very good at it and she wonders if all the energy she s spent chasing the next experience has kept her from enjoying anything At this point in the book I find myself wondering if Gilbert wants to be there at all Perhaps going to an Ashram was the thing she thought she should do not what she wanted to do I sure as hell wouldn tWhat I really love about Eat Pray Love is that it s all about asking the simple uestion what do I want a uestion that would have come in handy in Australia and numerous The Lennon Prophecy other times in my life It s so hard for some people including me and it really shouldn t be I think that when you can honestly answer that uestion No I don t want to go to that discussionn post modernism even though I realize that I should be interested in it and it would make me a lot cooler in your eyes Really I just want to watch back to back episodes Japonia w sześciu smakach of Scrubs you re welln your way to realizing your Aqidah Islam own identity and beingk with whoever that person is Shallow self indulgent and mired in the sort Tank! of liberal Americanbsession with Geek Feminist Revolution oriental exoticism that is uniuelyffensive because it is treated as enobling by its purveyors She treats the rest Lucky Luciano of the world as though it exists for the consumptionf jaded rich white Americans and this book is a monument to that sort A Reader& of arrogance and ignorance Wow this book took men a roller coaster ride I couldn t decide if I loved it r hated it and it seemed like every few pages I d go from thinking Gilbert was delightfully witty to thinking this was the "Most Horribly Self Absorbed "horribly self absorbed to ever set foot n the earth In the end the verall effect was rather like sitting at a party listening to someone tell a long involved story all about themselves and you re alternately annoyed and fascinated and you want to get up and leave but she s just so entertaining that you keep telling yourself you ll leave in the next minute and so you end up sticking through the whole thing WARNING LOOONG REVIEW AHEAD I didn t hate Eat Pray Love but it left me really unsatisfied When I first started reading the book I couldn t help rolling my eyes and thinking Here we go another tale f a precious privileged woman who is unsatisfied with her life I stuck with it though and was charmed through the italy section by was charmed through the Italy section by s humor and down to earth writing style Still for a woman who abandons everything in search Euripides Fabulae: Vol. II: (Sup., El., Her., Tro., Iph.Tau., Ion): 2 of a true spiritual experience she leaves mostf the important uestions unanswered I felt that Gilbert projects herself so strongly Jean-Paul Sartre onto every place and every person she encounters that I m not sure what she really learnt along the wayAs delightful as the Italy section was to read I felt like she never really steppedut f herself to understand the country n its wn terms and to move beyond the stereotype Despite it being a bit f a superficial assessment I have no problem with Gilbert associating Italy with pleasure There is enough beauty of a superficial assessment I have no problem with Gilbert associating Italy with pleasure There is enough beauty to warrant itIt was her interpretation How Ireland Really Went Bust. by Matt Cooper of what it means topen Super Gran Abroad (Super Gran, oneself to pleasure that bothered me and seemed very narrow For Gilbert this consisted mostlyf Bambi and Me overindulging in foods and allowing herself to putn weight It seemed like she came to Italy thinking she already knew how to experience pleasure and proceeded to enact it based Pocahontas on her definition even though there are indications that the Italian interpretationf pleasure is not merely restricted to this I would have liked to see her explore what it meant to devote herself to pleasure just as seriously and reverently as she seemed to take the meditative experiences in India Overall though my biggest problem with this book was I had difficulty at times believing Gilbert achieved the enlightenment she talks about because she is so internally focused Most importantly I still have not really grasped why it was necessary for her to travel to these 3 places I understand that her intention was not for this book to be a travelogue but it begs the uestion Why was it necessary to go to Italy India and Indonesia if the purpose was to not to gain something from them that could not be found elsewhere In every country Gilbert created a little security blanket Bala Santa of expat friends who seemed to cushion her from really understanding the lessons the countries had toffer Book of Magickal and Occult Rites and Ceremonies on theirwn terms Why go to India to meet Richard the big Texan Guru for example Why not just go to Texas For those Bald Eagle (Zeuss Pack of us with eyelidsnly half caked with dirt but who can t uproot The Lady Elizabeth (Elizabeth I, our lives and travel to countriesf ur choosing is enlightenment still an ption I wanted Gilbert to talk about how anyone with an Ultimate Memory Book ordinary life but who is searching for insight could still balance spiritual yearning with duty And that s my final peeve about this book I wondered if Gilbert had any sensef duty Pelnrušķis un trollis or sensef Far Strike (The Transcended Book 3) obligation to anything beyond herself Gilbert seems to recognize the bondsf duty that restrict the locals she encounters Yet she somehow paints them as pleasurable O Mistério do Infante Santo or inevitable yokes for the people who bear them He. Y career and find instead what she truly wanted from life Settingut for a year to study three different aspects Disgrace (Department Q, of her nature amid three different cultures Gilbert explored the artf pleasure in Italy and the art f devotion in India ,

Eat Pray LoveEat Pray Love is the monologue f a Neurotic American Princess Liz in her mid thirties The first few chapters background the rest Slice by Slice of the book a confessional that tells how she came to find her 8 year marriage distasteful realised she wasn t keenn the next logical step which is apparently to fill her expansive apartment with children and plunges into an impotent depression Without even getting drunkOne night whilst bawling Angels Flight (Legion of Angels Book 8) on the bathroom floor a habit she has grown fondf she is struck by a flakey attack Ice Maiden of twattery Being an American this experience manifests itself as finding some kindf God Latin Lovers Greek Husbands Bundle or thereabouts Naturally she resolves to leave her husband Her husband isn t keenn this development and Liz finds that strangely he takes poorly to having his heart shattered into a million piecesHusband behaves badly and Seducing the Heiress our protagonist feels hurt and sad But no matter because before long Liz hooks up with the sexy exciting yoga chanting David who takes a five minute break from his headlong charge toward floaty Thai fisherman s pants a thin ponytail and male pattern baldness to rattle her well bred bones Liz drinks deeply from lust s stagnant wellBut divorce negotiations do dragn leaving Liz And Cowboy Makes Three once again bawlingn the bathroom floor This time however it s David s bathroom floor And David it seems is unimpressed by such displays It seems men are interested in women for their uniue and interesting ualities and unless you are Bob Dylan melancholy gets Teasing Her SEAL old fast Incidentally if you find a chap who does like this constant emo drama then runHere s what really bothers me about this book Eat Pray Love is a New York Times bestseller It was recommended to me by a friend a woman who is a successful publisher in herwn right According to her this is the best book she has read this year It s been a short yearIn short she isn t given to fawning excesses that Rancher Bears Baby (Rancher Bears, one might expect from anyone who doesn t think this book should have been printedn softer paper I think 3 ply would about do it So I was surprised by her ringing endorsementI am told you see that women get this book Which means they sympathise and understand it I bet its A Valentines Wish on Oprah s Fucking Book ListWith this in mind here s what I will say when I am invited to Oprah s Fucking Book clubfeminist rantWomen You will get to the endf this book and may still be under the illusion that it is not your responsibility to make yourself happy Whereas it is in fact your Paixão Sem Disfarce own responsibility to make yourself happy Being happy without being with a man does not trivialise love You should find challenges entertainment fun excitement passion the thrillf mastery and satisfaction Rain of achievement through yourwn doings not who you are doing Love might enhance this It cannot substitute thisCan you imagine if men felt so incomplete without women When did is become acceptable for men to be In the Matter of the Complaint Against Egbert C. Smyth and Others, Professors of the Theological Institution in Phillips Academy, Andover our projects When did it become acceptable for women to be defined by their men as if something less than this arrangement denigrates the sanctityf a relationship Fuck until I read this book I thought I d dealt feminism a crippling blow by jack knifing the trailer this morning I look like Susan Sontag in gumboots compared to this bookIn EPL the author s I Met Someone only explanation for her pathetic simpering twattery is that she is as affectionate as a cross between a Golden Retriever and a barnacle This is supposed to tell us why her sex life resembles pollen in a strong breezeTo her and allther Oprah book clubbers who get this book get a Golden Retriever Or barnacles Or maybe a Golden Retriever with barnacles But for sweet knit Quantum (Captain Chase one purlne Christ leave this book The Other Islam on the shelfPost Script I m not anti American I lived there and manyf the best people I know are Americans I have however noticed a peculiar enthusiasm for Godliness in the land Last Man Standing of the free This wasne Light, Gesture, and Color of those books I will readver and Classic Krakauer: Mark Foo's Last Ride, After the Fall, and Other Essays from the Vault over again All those cynicsut there who criticize Gilbert for writing a too cutesy memoir that seems beyond belief and who claim that she is selfish for leaving her responsibility are clearly missing the point First she did not write the book to inspire you She wrote it as her wn memoir you can agree r disagree with how she went about her enlightenment but can agree Canada or disagree with how she went about her enlightenment but cannot judge her for how she found happiness It is her memoir not yours You can achieve enlightement by whatever means you want Second to call her irresponsible for leaving responsibilities behind is absurd She was in an unhappy marriage You cannot force yourself to be happy I applaud her for doing something that many people are afraid to do She had no children and so the responsibilities she neglected were minimal I also suspect that thosef you who didn t enjoy the book could not relate to it You have never suffered a life changing tragedy You have never felt paralyzed by fear anger The Queens Fool / The Virgins Lover or disappointment You have never had to go through a healing process that seems endless You have never felt lost That s great for you but unfortunately that makes it hard for you to relate to this memoir Finally thosef you who found her story too unbelievable have probably never felt the joy Dead Reckoning (Sookie Stackhouse, of traveling the world There is no better way to discover yourself than gettingut DogFace of your comfort zone and immersing yourself in someone else s Traveling the world is not self indulgent If doing what we want tor enjoy doing is self indulgent then we are all guilty If you are enjoying an ice cream sundae meeting your friends for a night What You Owe Me outr a good work Buffalo Woman Comes Singing out you are being self indulgent My guess is that thosef you who didn t find the value in this book are unhappy with your Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant own life Perhaps you should be a little self indulgent yourself What I m about to say must be wrong because I couldn t get through this book I tried And I failed So I have NO BUSINESS WRITING THIS Don t read itA cousin recommended EPL and I thought it would teach me something about the book market My secret boyfriend at the public library was horrified I c WHY I cringe to think why so many women want to feel that this was a true spiritual journey It was a pre paid journey The woman startsf I am embarrassed to read this book in public The title and the flowery pasta y cover screams I m a book that contains the relentless rants The Last Great Revolution of a neurotic 34 yearld womanSo I m afraid that "the strangers Shining City on the Metro will think I identify with herBut in the comfortf my wn bed I am "strangers n the Metro will think I identify with herBut in the comfort A Boy and A Bear in a Boat of mywn bed I am falling for this memoir Yes Gilbert is emotionally self indulgent are we supposed to feel bad that she lost both houses in the divorce annoying she s just tickled when she gains 23 pounds after eating her way through Italy and SOS often really immatureh The endless endless cryingThen again this is a memoir and when the writing is just so clever so hospitable so damn funny it s really hard to hold that against Gilbert in the endThe plot goes something like this A 30 year St. Johns Wort old writer has everything she wants including several successful books a husband and two houses When This beautifully written heartfelt memoir touched a nerve among both readers and reviewers Elizabeth Gilbert tells how she made the difficult choice to leave behind all the trappingsf modern American success marriage house in the countr. .

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