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Email to the UniverseS of our time i am halfway through this on my second reading first read it when it was first The Magnanimous Heart published before uncle bob left this world there is so much in here that irobably missed first time through so much that is ertinent to the times we are living in we live in interesting times for sure bob was a visonary on many levels i first read him about 12 years back have read robably 23s of everything in Over Mintmarks and Hot Repunched Mintmarks print the very first time i read his work it resonanted with my own inner feelings has contined to do so whilst awakening me to so manyossibilities that i would robably never have come across otherwise here he sums up lots of his ideas its a great rimer a great final love a great One Day in December primer a great final love to the universe covers various topics uantumhysics Alamo Story: From Early History to Current Conflicts philosophy maths economics logicolitics semantics neuroscience does so in his inimitable accessible entertaining humourous manner i loved bob from the first time i read a age of his work to the last age of the chapter in this book i just read this morning bob you live on in your work lets hope many readers will come to love appreciate your contribution to the evolution of the human mind another great RAW book the most recent of his books i have read it was great to read him referencing things that i could remember in my lifetime there are some writings that were done in the 60s which he has updated and some have notes about the changes this was Isabel de Solis, Soraya: Un Cuento de Amor En La Alhambra put together in 2004 RAW s last book This was sort ofasted together out of unpublished Out of the Box poetry interviews andreviously The First Secret of Edwin Hoff published essays Still it is a treasure if you are a fan of this writer If you re not already a fan thisrobably isn t a good lace to start RAW was a werido miscreant inchoate force who. Ntum Theory; Paranoia; Black Magic and Curses; LSD Dogs and Me; Left and Right A Non Euclidean ,

Still was able to focus his ravage into words This collection of shorts ut out a few years before they had the decency to bury the man his final wish couldnt have been achieved since he beat out Falwell to stay alive the longest is a nice little eak into the day to day workings of RAWs mind On the surface his erspective doesnt always jive with me but if you bother to think about his work which is not forced on you and so is where the slippery slope arguments can start with him there are some truly amazing insights into this conspiracy we call life The shorts are filled with the typical bits seuitur hyperbole and satire that make RAW RAW so although there thoughts in here that made my wiring short circuit here and there I couldnt stop laughing the whole way throughRAW exposes himself in his final days to be what he always País íntim proclaimed to be An extremistragmatist who loved freedom than freedom loving normals Unfortunately the wackos in said bunch could read him at face value and think his was talking to them That is those that either didnt bother to think about his work or
thought about it 
about it bit too much might be duped into re enforcing their Under Lock and Key perspective which he clearly disdains but still seems to use his language to speak to It must be accepted as the beauty and danger with the man who has finally fulfilled his wish extralanetary travelMiss you much RAW A worthwhile read from Wilson though not a crowning achievement A collection of essays and interviews that were never ublished or only ublished in obscure Lignin Biodegradation: Microbiology, Chemistry, and Potential Applications: Volume II places there are some very insightfulieces within that offer insight into Old Bob himself So far a bit over my head but really fascinating and well written. Erspective; Sexual Alchemy; Cheerful Reflections on Death and Dying; and The Relativity of Reali.

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It s a compilation of essays of varied type length and uality so not as a whole the best of RAW s output But it s got some gems in and no lover of the dear old lasagne is going to want to be without it This is among the books by Wilson that I like the least It s Something Wicked primarily a collection of various articles andieces written over a span of decades Most were ublished before although when or where are sometimes in dispute As a collection of ieces it doesn t really hold to any articular theme or concept Those who read RAW closely know that this is unusual than it might Seem To The Casual Reader to the casual reader arts not written Pjesme previously were written after his wife s death during the George W Bush administration and when hisost olio was getting and severe The ieces reflect what his mental state was robably like and his trademark humor is noticeably lacking in some areas with an extra helping of bitterness filling that void Don t get me wrong there is a lot of good in this book but if you re new to Robert Anton Wilson you robably want to look elsewhere Save this one for when you ve become a fan and can indulge in something ut Save this one for when you ve become a fan and can indulge in something ut for the ublishers and less for Uncle Bob Pretty gooda mixture can indulge in something ut for the Nacht publishers and less for Uncle Bob Pretty gooda mixture different left over bits from the man s mind Nothingarticularly illuminatingground breaking but RAW s intellectual sense of humor and wit is alive and well on each age Maybe not the most gripping book of his I ve read but this is Robert Anton Wilson nonetheless Perhaps a collection of lost bits and loose ends some jolting all entertaining With every encounter I have with his mind I believe in belief less and laugh at life Truly one of the greatest agnostic mystics and libertarian anarchist. Tackles a wide array of subjects including The Passion of the Antichrist; The Celtic Roots of ua. .

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