[Free E–pub] (Enter At Your Own Risk) BY Alex Scully

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Vengeful ghostpossession story set in a San Francisco Mordecai Cubitt Cooke Victorian Naturalist Mycologist Teacher and Eccentric lap dance joint Scully s characters are fully fleshed out people we re eager to follow them on their journey even if it is to be a short one In the End He Dreamed by Michael Meeske is a sweet and touching tale Sing For Me Baby is Catherine R Smyka s surprisingly disturbing story of aesbian couple s tragic attempt to defy a vengeful spirit And Edith Wharton s The Eyes is a rare treat as it is not commonly found in Ted Cornwell s Stage Whisper manages To Communicate A Haunted communicate haunted tragically never fulfilled that will resonate with many readersHowever the two stand out stories by far are Country People by Richard Hall and the brilliant story by Richard May Inheritance These two pieces alone are worth the price of the book and Alex Scully needs to take a bow for providing them to us Country People is a bittersweet story of repression finally set free It is a gimmick story with a clever reveal at the end that most readers will easily see coming But in truth that doesn t matter Richard Hall s style is just delightful his prose is replete with emotion This story in the end will The Gold's Gym Training Encyclopedia leave all but the most jaded reader with a warm feeling in their soulFinally I cannot rave enough about Richard May s Inheritance Another ghost story this one comes complete with a family curse and a wonderfully macabre yet romantic resolution I daresay that Inheritance ranks up there with the amazing Jan Vander Laenen s Epistle of the Sleeping Beauty as one of the best examples of short gay horror fiction in recent decades In sum this anthology is an ambitious attempt uite enjoyable which stops just a hair shy of fully accomplishing its aims That being said it is certainly well worth your time to read Though aficionados and students of gaylesbianiterature will find it particularly interesting most of the stories herein are worthwhile enough to be enjoyed by anyone who The Origin of Feces like reading horror short fiction Highly recommended which is finally given in the volume a story with an obvious but nonetheless in depth subtext. Sceptered shadow of Death whichurks over all Special treats from the classic authors include a rare early story from Poe and Bram Stoker's ost chapter from Dracula With 26 tales from three centuries' worth of delightfully deranged minds this collection reveals the astonishing scope of the Gothic writer's incomparable genius for revealing our deepest emotions and penetrating our darkest dreams.

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Enter At Your Own RiskThe Old Masters of Dark Fiction in this collection include Poe Lovecraft Bram Stoker and other eminent storytellers from the ate 19th and early 20th century Most stories are brief fewer than 10 pages and could help pass time in a waiting room bus or trainThe New Voices in this collection are a bit rough and their collection are a bit rough and their are IN NEED OF EDITING BUT SOME OF THE STORIES need of editing But some of the stories potential and may appear re edited in other collections or on the web A story by Mari Adkins piued my interest a young woman is idly browsing a record story when a detective approaches her He wants her help ocating a murder victim after dinner and sex she agrees to use her paranormal powers to help the detective but as they search for the victim she slowly becomes aware that she may soon become a victi I got this through goodreads giveaways ThanksThis is a pretty good anthology with a creepy feel If you re ooking for slashers and gore this definitely isn t the 4 12 StarsI really enjoyed this anthology Strong stories by several modern writers particularly B E Scully definitely have to read Verland now juxtaposed with classic writers exploring similar themes And not just the obvious most published stories by the older writers There Was A Man Dwelt by a Churchyard by MR James was hair raising and The Spectre Bride by William Harrison Ainsworth is one of the darkest stories I have ever read If you want to commune with some Gothic ghosts this story will conjure them up for you One really has to take a moment to appreciate what anthologist Dr Alex Scully is trying to do with ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK FIRES AND PHANTOMS Her intent is not only an admirable one it s an intriguing one Dr Scully s purpose seems to be to contrast classic horror tales with those of modern authors all along a similar theme The theme she has chosen concerns itself with gaylesbian issues The challenge seems to be that prior to the Twentieth Century there may not be very much iterature out there that overtly fits this theme Or if it exists Dr Scully may simply not have found it The classic selections range from. If Gothic masters Il metodo dell'ovulazione. Atlante like Lovecraft Poe and Stoker could whisper new tales from beyond the grave what stories would they create in response to increasingly urgent issues such as the threat of environmental collapse the ongoing struggles for eual rights and the innumerable challenges thrills and dangers ofife in the 21st century In this new anthology classic Gothic tales are juxtaposed with modern.

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Largely bland to mildly interesting Given the Sexual Repression Of The Past Especially During repression of the past especially during Victorian Age it s disappointing that this anthology does not provide interesting fodderIt is in her choice of the newer material however that Dr Scully s critical eye proves to be at its best When it comes to her choices of modern material Scully avoids the trap of so many anthologists that of including the same old same old authors and stories who readers interested in this particular sub genre will undoubtedly have readers interested in this particular sub genre will undoubtedly have many times before These are fresh pieces by new authors in that they are not uite so commonly read as other writers currently known for their gaylesbian genre work My one major criticism of an otherwise enjoyable volume is that I feel that it could have used some kind of interstitial material by way of a short introduction to each story perhaps If Dr Scully s goal is to compare and contrast as I believe it is she has chosen not to provide the reader with an effective way to place the stories in any historic context To be fair she may have wished to allow the reader to reach their own conclusions However I found myself repeatedly flipping to the Author Bios at the end of the book to try and determine when historically a story was written and whether a particular author was alive or dead When it comes to GLBT iterature for example especially when a story is from the hand of a gay man I find there are distinct differences in view depending on whether the author was writing before or after the so called Plague Years when there was a distinct cultural shift This is a small nit pick insofar as my enjoyment of the collection goes but I feel it is still an important point to make Some of the stories stand out whether for good or ill and bear specific mention RT Anderson s When You Are Right starts the volume off with a bang It is a creepy disturbing story with a Investir dans l'or : le petit manuel pratique lovely tension throughout spoiled only slightly by a trite surprise ending which isn t really necessary BE Scully s Time for One More Show is one of the standout pieces It s a kind of. Short stories in a fascinating exploration of how much things change in the world of horror and chills and how much they stay the same The stories provide an engaging time travel through the twisted tunnels of the human psyche and the eually disturbing behavior that accompanies it guiltust revenge regret the eternal and often deadly power of Yoga in the Workplace love the inseparable allurerepellence of evil and the.