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Lovely and witty memoir enmeshed within the Mississippi of her ancestors I don t think I ve enjoyed a memoir this much in years and I read a goodly number Dean Faulkner Wells has the su Loved this book especially since I started reading it in Oxford MS during Books on the Nightstand s 2012 Booktopia and we d just toured Faulkner s home Written by Faulkner s niece the only living Faulkner Dean died 3 months after ublication I loved that I recognized much of the Oxford she
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of I the honesty of this book and am and intrigued with William Faulkner I very much enjoyed reading about Faulkner from his niece s oint of view and learning a little about my new hometown I am convinced than ever that Oxford s cultural reputation owes a great deal to Wm Faulkner Many years ago I read Joseph Blotner s massive and massively numbing biography on William Faulkner In fairness to Blotner I thought he did a good job with the younger Faulkner but it was with his account of the older writer that I sort of lost interest But maybe it was just a age count thing With Dean Faulkner Wells Every Day by the Sun I think I ve found a good account of the author in his later years However what s missing throughout is any real literary analysis What Wells rovides is a Les Ténébreuses - Tome I - La Fin d'un monde portrait of her uncle who she clearly loved that in its own way transcends a literary biography Those coming to look for something in depth in Wells book may be disappointed Still the book is hard tout down You are going to like Wells voice a great deal The book does have a lot of William Faulkner in it but it is Dean Faulkner Wells story And it is an interesting story Dean s father was William Faulkner s brother Dean His daughter never knew her father since he was killed in a Karneval, Vol. 4 plane crash before she was born According to Dean William was haunted it was hislane his brother crashed in by this event for the rest of his life The back story to all of this would seem to make for some genuine context for Faulkner s air show novel Pylon but I can t say for sure since I ve not read itTo make up for this tragedy Faulkner was always a dutiful uncle to her and helpful brother in law to her mother As a result Dean spent a great deal of her growing up years at rowan oaks the faulkner up years at Rowan Oaks The Faulkner emerges is a The Hiding Place paradox a modernist writer who is also deeply rooted in the traditions of hisast heritage Other than airplanes Faulkner had little use for radios television and hones His evenings often found him reading Shakespeare or the Bible But there is a dark side to Faulkner as well and Wells while not dwelling on it doesn t ignore it either On his drinking she says that she never saw him drunk But she knows he drank a great deal rimarily as a binge drinker So much so that he would often have to be hospitalized in order to dry out The fact that this happened than once had me feeling that Wells is just representing the In Every Day by the Sun Dean Faulkner Wells recounts the story of the Faulkners of Mississippi whose legacy includes ioneers noble and ignoble war veterans three never convicted mur­derers the builder of the first railroad in north Mississippi the founding resident of a bank an FBI agent four ilots all brothers and a Nobel Prize winner arguably the most important Ameri­can novelist of the twentieth century She also reveals wonderfully entertaining and intimate stories and anecdotes about her fami. ,

Ip of an alcoholic iceberg which I feel definitely in his later years impacted his writing Then there s Faulkner s womanizing which seemed retty weird as he entered his fifties He liked them young early twenties Wells insists that Faulkner enjoyed their minds Whatever Nevertheless I felt her account an honest one At one oint she tells of watching Faulkner s daughter Jill on television recounting life with dad Jill told the interviewer that Faulkner didn t care for anyone but himself Hearing this Dean found herself screaming at the TV but in the next Changing Face of the Hero paragraph acknowledges that she really didn t know what it was like to really live with Pappy If you re into Faulkner this is a good read but one that skates uickly over the events of his life I would instead recommend reading this book with Dean s story foremost in mind which is that of a young woman with a famous literary uncle growing up in a fast changing South Sadly as I was reading this book I found out that Dean Faulkner Wellsassed away this summer This book has been like learning about a new friends family over coffee in a Mississippi town suare I thoroughly enjoyed it The tone and descriptions were familiar to me having a family rooted in the south and southern ways for generations The uestion of love and deep respect never entered my mind each The Undisputed Greatest Writer of All Time: A Collection of Poetry person mentioned in this book was a heartfeltart of her family her StoryBranding: Creating Stand-Out Brands Through The Power of Story people I smiled at some of Faulkner s family tales and felt sincere empathy over others I remembered many of my own family stories while reading and I haveromised myself the next time I am up in Oxford I will run by the big lace just to take a long look A memoir by the niece of William Faulkner Lots of new information for me The first of Faulkner s books that I attempted to read was THE SOUND AND FURY It was my first experience with stream of consciousness I was surprised at the number of Faulkner books that I have read The book was an easy read and uite interesting Dean Faulkner Wells offers a uniue and ersonal view into the rivate world of William Faulkner The daughter of Dean Faulkner Wells offers a uniue and ersonal view into the Pure Chance private world of William Faulkner The daughter of Faulkner brother Dean who died in alane crash The Lady and the Lionheart prior to her birth spent a great deal of time in the company of Nobel Laureate William Faulkner As a child she did not recognize the importance of the man who generously undertook raising her following her father s death To his niece the writer was simply known as PappyWilliam Faulkner took on the responsibility without reservation as a natural obligation to his youngest brother whom he deeply loved Dean was the baby brother Wells title is taken from the Faulkner family s remembrance that Dean never owned a watch He lived every day by the sunDean Faulkner was ten years younger than William Williamaid for his flying lessons He gave him a Waco C cabin cruiser It was the lane in which Dean Faulkner died William blamed himself for his brother s death That. Ly in articular her uncle William or “Pappy” with whom she shared color­ful sometimes utterly frank sometimes whimsical conversations and experiences              This deeply felt memoir explores the close re­lationship between Dean’s uncle and her father Dean Swift Faulkner a barnstormer killed at age twenty eight during an air show four months be­fore she was born It was William who gave his youngest brother an airplane and after Dean’s tragic death William helped to raise hi. Event contributed to the bouts of depression He Fought Periodically Over The Course Of fought eriodically over the course of lifeWells resents Faulkner on a level of intimacy that reveals a man completely different from the image he showed to the rest of the world It is for this that Every Day by the Sun should be read There is no deep literary analysis here Nor is there any deep exploration of Faulkner s feelings towards race Wells reveals Faulkner s warmth humor and wit that he reserved for family and intimate friendsWells does not varnish over Faulkner s marriage to Estelle or his romances he ursued outside his marriage However she clearly understands that she was able to accept his behavior because she was a niece and not a daughter Wells also ortrays Estelle in a favorable light than revious authors She offers no insight regarding the underlying reasons for the Faulkner s distant marriage She was offered no explanation so she does not speculate on William and Estelle s disaffection for one anotherThe Faulkners alcoholism is a subject for open discussion William binged Estelle drank every day But Estelle joined AA and maintained her sobriety She returned to her ainting which she abandoned for years and was an avid fisher womanDean Faulkner Wells also rovides us with a view of Oxford that is rapidly vanishing as the town has become a National Geographic Kids Almanac 2020 popular retirement community today The beloved Suare that surrounds the old courthouse is changing Old Faulkner haunts are disappearing Condominiums apartments and garden homes crowd in on the suare today New Mississippians bray into their cellhones as they cruise the shops boutiues and restaurants that have replaced the familiar locations freuented by William Faulkner It is a bustling commercial success that Faulkner would have despisedThe reader may still find Faulkner in the rooms of Rowan Oak and in the ages of Wells engaging memoir Faulkner s niece has written a book that shows her obvious love for William Faulkner However she never sinks into sentimentalism Her view is fresh objective and unblinking Read it This is a must read for any Faulkner fan A well told and researched tale by William Faulkner s niece Her father Faulkner s youngest brother was killed in an airplane accident scant weeks before she was born and so the famous author assumed responsibility for her upbringing Her experience of him is much different that many others she never saw him drunk for instance but nonetheless her story is an interesting an insightful look into Faulkner s life from the erspective of an adoring young woman I have just returned from a trip to Oxford Mississippi my Mother s home and adoring young woman I have just returned from a trip to Oxford Mississippi my Mother s home and visited the Faulkner home Rowan Oaks many times My mother also counts Why Is It Always About You?: The Seven Deadly Sins of Narcissism people who knew himersonally among her friends so this book was especially interesting to me Excellent Haunting Charming author and book Who knew Faulkner read Dear Abby first thing every day. S niece He Gods and fighting men: the story of the Tuatha de Danaan and of the Fianna of Ireland, arranged and put into English by Lady Gregory paid for her education gave her away when she was married and maintained a uniue relationship with her throughout his life                         From the 1920s to the early civil rights era from Faulkner’s winning of the Nobel Prize in Literature to his death in 1962 Every Day by the Sun explores the changing culture and society of Oxford Mis­sissippi while offering a rare glimpse of a notori­ouslyrivate family and an indelible Charming the Firefighter portrait of a national treasure .

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