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Anticipation i3 stars Liked the storyline for the most part found Talen and his brothersnteresting though I still had some definite ssues with the hero view spoiler See comments below re Talen s alpha hole behaviour hide spoiler Talen CaraI was searching for a new PNR series which could keep me occupied for a couple of weeks and satisfy my unuenchable thirst for paranormal love The series did not have to have a complicated plot An almost repetitive story from one book to the other to massage gently my brain Nothing too much honestly I wanted something easy to read with maybe a few vampires and a few shifters n the euation I wouldn t mind fae or elves Some technology maybe I wouldn t mind fae or elves Some technology maybe to unwilling victims would be okay as wellThere had to be a treacherous enemy of course n the plot who wanted to destroy world peace and rule them all And the main characters had to be mated and satisfied n end while some other characters would wait for their turn to be matedI need to hear the phrase You are mine a lot n my PNR booksOh and the available books have to be at least 6 7 and there must be some books comingSo I consider myself deeply satisfied with the Dark Protectors seriesHonestly I was a bit skeptical n the beginning of the book I Protectors seriesHonestly I was a bit skeptical n the beginning of the book I my men determined but Talen was an over the top macho man who gave no explanation for his actions And maybe Cara was a bit of a doormat And maybe Cara s daughter called Talen father and Talen s brothers uncles a bit too soon which was creepyBut then the shifters appeared and this was a nice surprise I uncles a bit too soon which was creepyBut then the shifters appeared and this was a nice surprise I that the series had only vampires The plot slowly became nteresting and there were a few surprises here and there REREADING March 2320 I need a refresher before moving on with the seriesI finished my reread finally Lol I must say that currently I am reading super slow as there ANNIE AND THE PRINCE is way too much distraction going onn the world right now I was determined to finish though so I can now move onto the second The Single Dad's Redemption instalmentn this series It s been many years of me wanting to make the time for this series and now I have that Anyway I still enjoyed this book very much and am eager to continue onI thoroughly enjoyed the first book to a new series for me to enjoy This book has all of the ualities that I like A Christmas Affair in a paranormal romance It has the hot sexy possessive alpha hero a heroine whos honorable has had a hard life but risen ab. Marry Me Cara Paulsen does not give up easily A scientist and a single mother she's used to fighting for what she wants keeping a cool head and doing whatever t takes to protect her. .

N books A total sucker when t comes to cute kids and big strong men being cute kids and big strong men being around their little fingers Nothing The Apple Orchard is sexier than a good father So I just have to say that this book was cuteness overload with the adorable and sassy little Janie and her new daddy Talen and all her big loving uncles I get lostn your scent your passion Talen s breath brushed her neck There s no sweeter taste n the entire history of the world than your skin on fire For me Talen I love your body She smiled "AGAINST HIS MOUTH AND WAS STARTLED AS HE LEANED " his mouth and was startled as he leaned to stare at her But I will demand your heart Cara TalenThe story line was great I loved the build up of the paranormal world The bad guys the Kurjans were just creepy The side characters are awesome I loved me some Karys brothers All five were just sexy as hell I couldn t help but love em all and feel connected to them ndividually I want to see them get their HEAs I also loved Jordan and Katie I can t wait to get their story But than anything I can t wait to get Dage and Emma s story Everything n this book came together to make the "Perfect Storm For Me "storm for me love t and I love love this series Its one of my Top 5 favorites Below I leave my favorite part of the book You re my mate and I m keeping you He shifted But I can give you time to accept me To accept us Really She stretched like a well fed cat n his arms How much time Talen He placed a gentle kiss on her head As much as you need So we would kind of like date each other The dea of him showing up for a first date yanking at a tie wondering f he should kiss her good night all but made her snort His heart warmed against her through her He apparently liked the sound of that Yeah Like courting Oh Well where would I live while we courted Her satisfied grin filled her voice With me His voice turned firm Oh What bedroom would I use She tried not to giggle at him He really was trying to be sweet Ours It was of a growl But how will we sleep n the same room and not have sex She flipped his hand over tracing the ntricate mark on his palm with one finger He hardened beneath her Making love s part of courtship wife Every muscle n the lean body holding her tensed to full readiness No t sn t she countered and dissolved nto the laughter she had been repressing A bird twittered high above n response Talen shifted her so he could see her amused face Are you laug. E's there to protect Cara and Janie He also says that he's a three hundred year old vampire Of course the way he touches her Cara might actually believe he's had that long to practice.

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Fated Author Rebecca ZanettiOve t and become strong and ndependant It also has "Lots Of Action Hot Sex And Last But Not Least "of action hot sex and last but not least and shape shiftersThis series promises to be an extremely good Series And I Look Forward To Reading and I look forward to reading 5 Fuck I love Talen StarsFirst read December 14 2014 reread Nov 20th 2016Rereread 112018 to get ready for the new book The Lion Seeker in the series Vampire s Faith I mn fangirl heaven that Rebecca Zanetti has decided to write DP books Some SpoilersOMG I loved this book so hard Fated the 1st book n the Dark Protectors series by Rebecca Zanetti was amazing It STOLE MY HEART I FELL MADLY my heart I fell madly love with Talen his brothers Dage Jase and Conn Cara her sister Em Jordan Katie and little Janie It doesn t matter how many times I read this book I love t and each time I don t know what magic this book has over me but me and this book just click Our mates are human And Cara his voice dropped to a rumble you re mine Talen Cara he leaned forward Tom Waits - Mule Variations in his chair before this night has ended you will have no doubt you ve been mated TalenTalen God where do I start I fell son love with Talen So damn sexy protective strong and pure 100% kick ass alpha male He was domineering arrogant with a sweetness under that hard soldier exterior Everything a vampire mate should be There was nothing about him I would change Perfect I loved the way he was with Janie and how he tried so hard to make Cara and Janie happy Cara was great too She did have a few moments n the start of the book where I was kinda rolling my eyes but she really grew nto her own I could understand her reluctance to put her whole heart on the line with what she lived through with her evil father I loved that even though she was scared shitless at times not understanding the world around her she was willing to fight and protect those she cared forI m sorry to tell you this Talen but f you wanted a mindless obedient wife you should have found one during the last century I m sure you had your chances Cara Seriously Cara forced out a laugh That s the best you ve got Her voice lowered nto an eerie mitation of a movie monster You will beg for death my pretty CaraTalen and Cara together were smokin hot Talen was just so damn sexy I love how playful they were with each other There was this one part n the book where Talen s chasing Cara around the house and t was just so cute I love babies and little children Daughter Janie But whatever t takes has never before ncluded a shotgun wedding to a dangerous looking stranger with an attitude problem Or Else Sure the mysterious Talen says that