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Father CryDifferent waysThis book is *about how so many people have absent fathers in this generation and the need for spiritual *how so many people have absent fathers in this generation and the need for spiritual and mothersIn my reuired Spirit Empowered Living class of a little over a hundred college students by a show of hands I was shocked by how many had had absent fathers in their home growing p about between 35% and 45% of the room from the appearance of itThis book does present a few vague answers to this epidemic but there is a bit of repetition in the book and ninteresting summaries of Bible stories The first few chapters were the stronger ones before BIBLE STORIES BEGAN BEING USED AS EXAMPLES OF MENTORINGEVEN stories began being sed as examples of mentoringEven Father Cry is a little bit on the nose it was still worth reading for me and if anyone else doesn t mind that I recommend it for if nothing else an interesting introduction to a problem few people seem to be talking about Pretty good point however was a little repetitive at some points. Ly Wilson pastor and TV host knows that believers are All Things Consoled uniuely euipped to help these young people to bring them healing andltimate reconciliation Through sharing his own story of abandonment and wounding Wilson shows that when this desperate

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for a meets the cry of the Fathe. Great read very spiritual and very good the Billy Wilson is *very with a good ministry and spiritual writing on this subject *blessed with good and spiritual writing on this subject spiritual fathers and mothers and most importantly our Heavenly Father Jesus Christ our God Amen Uplifting stories can empower the reader Fathers Cry demonstrates the relationship between spirituality and morality in our lives and our children s lives It also shows the impact of the absence of either parent and makes the spiritual even important to giving children a strong foundation and a better chanceThanks to sending me this copy I read this for a class at Oral Roberts UniversityIt s written with vulnerability and heart Dr Wilson tells of his own experience growing p after his father left them at a young age and how this trauma gave voice to what is called the father cry in this book a deep cry that may be hidden or buried deep within a person till it surfaces later in life in. How the Church Can Respond to the Rising Epidemic of a Fatherless Generation The number of children being raised without a father or mother has hit epic proportions the world over The physical and emotional conseuences of this are staggering; the spiritual ramifications devastating Bil.


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FULL DISCLAIMER I did not fully finish this book I had to take it for a class at
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Roberts University Cry wasn t exactly what I expected The openness and honesty that Wilson portrays in Father Cry are conducive to the character what I know about him The chapters that I read were lovely God is our father and He does want s to come to Him Accepting God as our Father is supposed to heal our hurt in theory but I do believe that as humans we ll always have an ache or a sudden burst of sadness at the fact THAT YOUR FATHER WASN T THERE FOR YOU FATHERS your father wasn t there for you Fathers important in a child *s life whether we believe it or not *life whether we believe it or not all long for the connection to the FatherGod and this book brought me even closer to Him and His presence Highly recommended and a blessing to have had the pr Read for a class I m taking Wilson has some interesting points and while I don t agree with some of them his story is incredibly raw and I appreciate his. R blessings and revival will be nleashed into all generations With biblical examples and keen insight he reveals how older and younger generations can come together reclaim what was lost and turn the pain of parental wounding into a place of supernatural intimacy and ministry to other.