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S young adult series Legend of the Ir Indictl because I like her writing style BTW #The Young Adult Label Doesn #young adult label doesn mean boring or simple Didn t enjoy personallyIt was an interesting concept and a story I think I would have really liked however the characters didn t resonate with me nor did the story line or the writing style I m not even sure what the book was about There s a girl who grows these stubs which could be wings I m not sure in her back and gets them cut off by someone who works in the palace kitchens with her she also never speaks there s also other characters whose names I cannot recall because they were two dimensional and blandThe world was confusing Names of places are thrown around and not explained or described like I m supposed to already know what it looks like who lives there the history looks like who lives there the history Were only given a basic plot of evil king shunned race of people which the main character is obviously one of them living right under the nose of the people who could kill her and typical characters in typical underdeveloped fantasy worldThere was even an attempt at a romance but I didn t like that either The characters were surface level and it wasn t interesting enticing and the obstacles for the romance to develop were a bit boring Predictable ealous spoilt princess doesn t want the servant to get any attention from her boyfriend so she gets someone else she pays to beat her up and send her away Yawn This overall wasn t my kind of book I think if the world and characters were actually developed it could be decent FREE on Kindle Unlimited To find cheap paranormal books go to was a great read with good world building and a nice measurement of supernatural and other worlds I don t think this series fits into any particular genre and the next book takes that to another step entirely So a bit of almost sci fi supernaturals wizards and then some The character is particularly likable with a fair amount of both worldliness combined with a good uxtaposition of naievety There is also a very diverse crowd of supporting characters that really adds a lot to the storyThis is absolutely worth a good read and in a paranormal sense a bit different If you like Connie Suttle s other work then I should think you will also like this one Let me sum up by saying I went straight onto the next novel The beginnin. Amblin's castle kitchen most of her life has never spoken A child of uestionable parentage Finder is an orphan assigned to perform duties nobody else wants While others plan intr. ,

G of this book was so freaking awesome and how the #heroine was introduced to the story By the time the story #was introduced to the story By the time the story thoughthere were so many characters that I was getting confused on who was who and what planet they came fromAlso the POV changes so rapidly and so many times by so many different characters that my brain couldn t COMPREHEND IT UICK ENOUGHBUT STORY LINE I ABSOLUTELY LOVED it uick enoughBut story line I absolutely LOVED uniue and different The gods of randomness love me I really enjoying Connie s style of writing she makes it very hard to put the book down My problem with her books is that she has a wondering imagination Her story lines start really good and it sucks you in and then Kaboom A thousand characters start raining in the world building triples you think you had a slowly building romance before but then it becomes irrelevant with the amount of mates and partners who get introduced all at once and you realise there will be no romance nor there ever was And disappointment falls on youThen she brings characters from other series and they are not ust featuring briefly they become integral to the storyline and if you haven t read the other series then you re miss out the story lines I give up on her books I read up to book 3 and I m never picking up her books again I loved this book It was fast paced and constantly had my attention One thing I love about Connie Suttle is that none of her books are alike Authors traditionally have a certain writing style that you know is theirs Connie isn t "Like That All Of "that All of books are different and the plots are never the same I never know where she is going to take the story next and I can never guess when she is about to drop a plot twistI loved Finderuin Her whole life she has been treated horribly and like she wasn t worth anything I felt so bad for her during this book because everyone in her life undervalues her and doesn t give her the credit that she deserves Finder did some extraordinary things in this book and she wasn t recognized for any of it which truly makes me sad I really hope that she is treated better in the future and gets a happy ending She deserves it than anyoneOverall I really enjoyed this book I will be continuing the series because I am dying to know what is going to happen next I look forward to learning about Finder s story I can t wait to read the next boo. Igue murder and invasion to escape the poison's effects Finder watches all in mute acceptance Will she be the key to Siriaa's salvation or will it die about her without knowing

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Finder Author Connie SuttleToo many ideas points of view and characters competing FOR ATTENTION NEITHER IDEAS NOR CHARACTERS ARE FULLY FORMED attention Neither ideas nor characters are fully formed too much information is withheld for the story to make sense New characters points of views and ideas keep appearing even late in the book so by the end the purpose and plot are lost in a random mish mash By the end the titular character isn t even Finder any she s someone else with a new name and not enough about her background is revealed to make this a satisfying read In fact the cliffhangers do the opposite of what they are meant to do they are so deliberate and egregious and so little is offered in return for the omission that this reader feels cheated and will not be continuing on to the next book in the series Problematic too is the absence of editing comma problems coherency problems in the narrative and dialogue and problems with word choice egnoisome used incorrectly to mean noisy Mysterious orphan with a dozen overly convenient magical powers is randomly picked up from the kitchens to become the aide to a prince One bath later and she s the most beautiful woman in the world Cliche heaped upon cliche to create one of the biggest Mary Sues in recen This is a good read really enjoyed this Standing ovation Really enjoyed this book right up until the end at the cliff hanger This is one of those stories with several interweaving stories all ultimately circling the main character I became so immersed in the story that I didn t notice that there was no way that much of anything could be resolved before the end of the book So now I will doing the hurry up dance which probably looks a lot like the peepee danceanxiously awaiting book 2 hurry up dance which probably looks a lot like the peepee danceanxiously awaiting book 2 am not certain how to describe the story ust saying that it pulled me in is not enough Finder is not our heroine s real name She is an orphan in a society where social standing or caste has real power not much chance of improving one s lot in life and an orphan is at the bottom She was thought to be mute by those around her but in the first sentence she says that her voice came at age nine no reason given She deems it safest to remain mute She is adept at finding missing items and is soon called Finder Oh the intrigue the plot twists and the diverse lands customs and levels of development of societies I loved it In fact I started reading Ms Suttle. A dead god A dying world A girl never meant to be sentient Siriaa is dying A poison is spreading throughout the planet and none know how to neutralize it Finder working in King ,