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The Curious World Of Christmas fHings I appreciated the educational parts even if they were rather head on since I personally learned things I never knew about and I m 19 If it were up to me I d make this book a mandatory reading in middle school Vote Lola Blog Youtube Twitter Instagram Google Bloglovin Audiobook Read by Kathleen McInerney Living in a world of impossible things like in Alice in wonderland in a world where nothing makes sense makes perfect sense to Ally Ally is so darn adorable and lovableThe sixth grader is a whiz at math a terrific little artist and has a priceless imaginationbut she can t read She hasooled teachers year after year in different schools The letters on the page wiggle and give her headaches She has dyslexia And probably a controversial diagnosis called Irlensyndrome the wiggly letters that move on the page are an indicatorWorseAlly eels dumb She eels stupid She The Best Canadian Animal Stories feels bad Sheeels wrong She eels ashamed She eels alone She eels humiliated She eels hopeless Ally has been sent to the principal s office so many times in her young yearsIt s completely robbed her of her self worth She has a very loving mother But she needs to work long hours at an ice cream store and is not home as much as she wishes Ally has a wonderful older brother but he is living his life Her ather has #been deployed and her grandfather whom she was very close with recently died Our hearts attach ourselves #deployed and her grandfather whom she was very close with recently died Our hearts attach ourselves this young girl immediately Our heart continues to grow as we journey with Ally at school with her teacher and classmates The audiobook is only ive hours I listened to this Audiobook today while doing those mundane things that needed my attention cleaning laundry yard work and a little pool soaking Ally s young voice was a joy to have as my companionHer child s voice was wonderful real authentic not pretentious with no adult The Magnesium Factor feed language Mr Daniels her new teacher gave all the students a new notebookor the kids to journal in daily The teacher encourage the kids to write about anything they wanted They would not be graded Their assignment was about communication self expression but not measurement Ally wondered if her teacher was deliriousit sounded much too good to be true As the book goes on we see Ally develop confidence make riends read better and develop deeper understanding empathy or those who were mean to her A very sweet readWonderful or parents and grandparents to read this their young childrenThis is a special book of a child s triumphA book that definitely will touch adults as much as kids One s heart would need to be cold blue not to eel the love warmth This was a The Summer House fairly sweet story but Ielt like it was too much what is trendy right now writing books about children with difficulties itting in who make great discoveries about their identities and gain sudden confidence This is an easy story to tell but it s not realistic Further I elt that the characters were very stereotypical and not well story to tell but it s not realistic Further I The Yankee Club felt that the characters were very stereotypical and not well This bothers me in children s books because the popular girls are always mean the nerdy kids get beat up all the time and the teachers don t care when a kid is bullied right inront of them Yes all of

these things can 
things CAN but they are ar rom the norm However we see them constantly in children s literatureI also didn t ind the premise believable I have worked as a reading interventionist in schools and it would be very very difficult to make it to sixth grade with no one noticing that a child couldn t read Every child is tested regularly one on one in the schools several times throughout the year and this was the case when I was in school too Those children I dealt with who made it to third grade without a learning disability being detected were rare and they could all read better than Ally is described as reading Read on the WondrousBooks blog I want to give him an answer but I have both too many words and not enough To be honest this book was an unexpected gem or me I liked the cover and I was in Green Metropolis: The Extraordinary Landscapes of New York City as Nature, History, and Design for some new booksrom NetGalley but I didn t think it would be awesome I expected a pleasant enough read at most Turned out it was uite the amazing book after allFish In A Tree tells the story of a young girl who can t make the words and letters stay in place and al. F and that dyslexia is nothing to be ashamed of As her confidence grows Ally The Magic Cake Shop feelsree to be herself and the world starts opening up with possibilities She discovers that there’s a lot to her and to everyone than a label and that great minds don’t always think ali. ,

Er that I m pretty confused at the amount of #4 And 5 Star Reviews #and 5 star reviews this one It s almost like people haven t read this exact book 57 times alreadyApparently I m in the minority in proclaiming there to be way wrong with Fish in a Tree than there is right Sowe have a book about a dyslexic child that s close to 300 pages Is Hunt trying to give dyslexic kids a panic attack Also as a sixth grade reading and writing teacher it s UNFATHOMABLE to believe that a child could make it all the way to sixth grade without anyone noticing she s dyslexic In what appears to be a pretty competent school district with competent teachers how could this character slip through the cracks THAT long without any teacher seriously noticing her dyslexia Even the heroic and super empathetic young cool guy teacher didn t notice the character s learning disability or what eels like months AND he only has like 13 kids in his classAs unrealistic as that sounds it could be easily orgiven if the rest of Hunt s book was interesting or clever or different or interesting Guess what There s a bully And she s prissy And there s a robotically intelligent science geek And he gets beaten up By different bullies And there s a Japanese girl named Suki who speaks in broken caveman English ugh The reason why Wonder was such a revelation is because RJ Palacio side stepped the cliches with creative narrative structure eaturing painfully realistic character developmentBut Lynda Mullaly Hunt s Fish in a Tree is supposed to garner the same kind of attention as RJ Palacio despite lacking everything that made Wonder so importantIn a novel where the overall themes teach kids to be proud of what makes them different why does Hunt Beauty is a Verb: The New Poetry of Disability feel the need to be so ordinary And why are we applauding heror it Ugh Two stars is definitely generous or this one but I guess I would recommend it not very enthusiastically to middle graders who like problem novels and aren t old enough to notice that this is hackneyed as hell There is a mean girl who is cartoonishly mean a sassy black best riend SERIOUSLY a smart kid who talks like Data ARGH a super shy Japanese girl who talks in broken English headdesk and a warm hearted cool male teacher who wears American Hunger: The Pulitzer Prize-Winning Washington Post Series funny ties and saves the day while saying things like It s so brave of you to come to school every day knowing that the other kids will razz you RAZZ YOU And the too special to be true heroine says things like Yeah he s a peach because it is 1950 apparently maybe that s why no one in the world has ever heard of dyslexia before but no because there is Skyping I might be most upset by theact that we re supposed to believe these kids are sixth graders and not third graders Maaaaybe fourth but only if they live in some But only if they live in some 1950s throwback two dimensional stereotype landThis book is showing up on Mock Newbery lists Really I don t see why this book shouldn t be read by every single middle schooler out there Young adults also And why not adults as well it is pretty captivating No one should keep themselves rom reading it because of their ageBecause it explores such timeless and important themes I wish there was a book like this one when I was in middle school I remember well having a really hard time the last year and this would have helped A Lot Ally Isn lot Ally isn alone but she does eel lonely Even in a room ull of people ull of her classmates the people she s known The Poke Cookbook: The Freshest Way to Eat Fish for years she doesn teel like there s anyone on her side Until Mr Daniels arrives replacing Mrs Hall who is having a baby Mr Daniels cares deeply about his students and when he sees Ally struggling he tries to help her as best he canUnfortunately I have to admit I ve never in my life had a teacher like Mr Daniels but it doesn t mean the teachers I did have were any less inspiring To me he is the epitome of dedication and patience He truly is the perfect teacher Actually he s also impossible to dislike He refrains rom judging anyone and teaches his students important life lessons And his cheerfulness is invigorating This is a very educative book You ll learn new words new acts how to make new The Somme: Heroism and Horror in the First World War friends how to deal with bullying and enemies why giving up should never be an option how different doesn t mean crippled and many other To read by creating clever yet disruptive distractions She is afraid to askor help; after all how can you cure dumb However her newest teacher Mr Daniels sees the bright creative kid underneath the trouble maker With his help Ally learns not to be so hard on hersel. Ally and her experiences will resonate with many children and teachers A beautiful #Hopeful Story It S Extremely #story It s extremely Sicilian Lives for me to review this book objectively because it has a lot of personal meaningor me My daughter s class read Fish in a Tree when she was in 4th grade and she was beyond excited She Tattoo a Banana: And Other Ways to Turn Anything and Everything Into Art felt seenor the irst time because she had just been diagnosed officially with dyslexia a ew weeks before And getting that diagnosis and the help she needed was officially with dyslexia a The Protestant Temperament few weeks before And getting that diagnosis and the help she needed was life changing just like it wasor the main character in this book For those of you out there reading this book who think that it s unrealistic that a kid could make it to 6th grade without being diagnosed you are wrong It is only though having attentive and dedicated parentscaregivers who i Really A student makes it to sixth grade without any educators realizing she can t read Sooooblack sheep here in a big way but Im completely at a loss to explain why this has an average of nearly 45 stars I actually ALMOST gave it 2 stars but thought maybe I was being too nitpicky about the biggest problems I had with the book see below I still might come back and do that but thought I would give myself some time to consider ETA DAYS of considering this book in detail has convinced me that I can t leave this at three starts so I ve dropped it to my original thought of twoOverall this book is ine It s a little long or the story it s telling I m always amused by the irony of a book written about a dyslexic student that a dyslexic student would break out in hives at the thought of being made to read it There are places where it reads like an American Girl movie if the girl of the year ever came rom a working class amily minus the musical numbers Mostly I elt like it was of a book or teachers Or students majoring in education With an incredibly unrealistic look at how bullying works and is resolved My possibly nitpicky major issueI m a military brat myself and I was majorly distracted though the majority of this book by how WRONG Hunt got that I must add the disclaimer that I m an Air Force brat but my The Internet of Us: Knowing More and Understanding Less in the Age of Big Data father was once stationed at a base on an Army post so I mairly amiliar with Army culture too ProblemsArmy amilies do not PCS every year It would be every two years AT MOST one year deployment one year on post Tempting Eden for the active duty member And the Army actually changed that policy in 2013 to every 3 4 years soamilies would have stability WHY was Ally the only military kid in her class Laughs orever at this Even off post schools in a system with a military presence have a TON of military kids in them and they tend to stick together And not all posts have DoD schools Seriously If you ve ever been to a military town you know how much it affects the entire town s culture Which leads me toWhere were they living There is absolutely no mention in Ally s amily of things that are were they living There is absolutely no mention in Ally s Talking to Dragons family of things that areor the course to military dependents If they weren t even living atnear the post where her Three Times the Love father was officially stationed why were they moving so much Why did they have to go to ariend s house The Drowning Man for internet Unless I m much mistaken and I did double check to be sure about this Army tanks don t have captains They have commanders They wouldn t call it a captain because that is an officer rank and there are no officers in a tank crew The commander of the tank is the highest ranking enlisted person on the crew And you can tob me off by telling me Ally might be confused When you are the kid of a career military person you know their rank and their job Maybe Ally s dad was National Guard called to Active but that REALLY doesn t explain why the The Bride of Willow Creek family was moving every year And even then a tank commander is usually a sergeant I believe and that s not a very high enlisted rank And if you don t make your next rank in a certain number of years you have to get out Judging on Ally s brother s age her dad can t be super young But maybe he jus signed up later I know people will say it doesn t matter but it was a MAJOR distractionor me As you can probably tellMinor possibly nitpicky botherOF COURSE it was a male teacher who rode in on his white horse to save the day Because the women teachers are too distracted by their babies and what not Blech all ov. “Everybody is smart in different ways But if you judge a GREAT INVESTMENT, THE fish by its ability to climb a tree it will live its life believing it is stupid”Ally has been smart enough toool a lot of smart people Every time she lands in a new school she is able to hide her inability. Fish in a Tree