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Flower Confidential The Good the Bad and the Beautiful in the Business of Flowers

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Wonderful boook detailing the development of commercial breeding from its earliest days in America to The Factory Farms Of South factory farms of South producing the biggest most beautiful blooms available at only the most exclusive florists There is a long diversion into the mind bogglingly mixture of dirtplants and computerised bidding in the famous flower
of AmsterdamThe book is written a very easy though informative style and would interest From a geneticist s lab in one of several countries to the breeders in the Netherlands to the growers in Ecuador back to the Netherlands for auction or directly to a wholesaler in Miami to a florist near you the arrangement in your living oom is well traveled to say the least In Flower Confidential Amy Stewart takes us on an insightful behind the scenes journey through the floral industry following the chain from beginning to end around the world Along the way we learn that flowers and the people who grow them are affected not only by our aesthetic preferences and consumer choices but also by our political decisions ethical standards Few people would be familiar with the 1970 amendment to the Plant Patent Act of 1930 as few would know the tragedy behind the iconic Star Gazer lily but virtually everyone would Lifting recognize the flower Colorful clusters of mums have been a common sight in nurseries and florist shops for than half a century but few people living todayemember that they suddenly disappeared during the forced internment of their propagators Japanese Americans When we send Mathruhridayam roses to Mom it s likely they ve been nurtured and picked by another mom in Columbia or Ecuador her story is wortheading too Fascinating view of the flower industry For example I had NO idea one shouldn t put freshly cut flowers near fruitthe apples off gassomet. Award winning author Amy Stewart takes eaders on an around the world behind the scenes look at the flower industry and how it has sought for better or worse to achieve perfection She tracks down the hybridizers geneticists farmers and florists working .
Hing that aids in their deterioration Also don t put cut flowers
the TV or in direct Wonder why flowers don t SMELL any Read this book and find out that and ALL other sorts of interesting things Having just ead a book which ipped the and ALL other sorts of interesting things Having just ead a book which ipped the green face off the tomato industry I was anticipating the same treatment for flowers after which I could go in search of an exploration of the human suffering that I could almost imagine the individual fates of these flowers Here were millions of stems epresenting festivity and well wishes the possibilities of The House That Had Enough romance even apologies andegrets What would these flowers be called upon to do when they finally went home with somebody What mistakes would they have to fix Who would they have to cheer up or seduceThough there s some good and important information here The Devil's Snake Curve: A Fan's Notes From Left Field regarding the human and environmental costs of getting a flower from seed to florist or grocery store I found it slow going I guess I m just not as interested in the flower biz as I thought I d be though I will say my husband loved this one 35 Very interesting It took me a while to get into it for someeason and I couldn t help but feel that something was missing but I still enjoyed it uite a bit mostly because the topic is interesting Her style isn t super engaging for a bit mostly because the topic is interesting Her style isn t super engaging for but lots of folks disagree so give it a shot I ll update after I send myself all my notes one benefit of e booksAlso I m surprised at the number of not so great eviews from people that are like UGH FLOWERS ARE SO WASTEFUL and I hate flowers and ugh girly stuff omgewgrosslookitmyalternativeinterests Get bent buttheads I m guessing these people didn t finish the book or missed the point entirely PS Numerous studies actually show improvement in work performance and overall hap This eview has been. O invent manufacture and sell flowers that are bigger brighter and sturdier than anything nature can provide There's a scientist intent on developing the first genetically modified blue ose; an eccentric horitcultural legend who created the most popular. Updated and can now be seen at Expendable Mudge
Aloud Let me state that do not garden will never garden and plants go into fear seizures if I come too close However I m surrounded by women who garden so I end up absorbing things though osmosis I guess and have come to enjoy a few garden writers out there Amy Stewart is the best of the lot She s funny and she never forgets that about half the people eading her are not and never will be botonists Anyone can pick up her books Das kurze Leben der Sophie Scholl read them learn stuff and also be utterly entertainedI never thought I would give a hooping funt about the cut flower indust This was a very interesting book and a very uickead I learned a lot about the flower industry things I had NEVER even thought to wonder about It s interesting that this industry which sells a beautiful product that is supposed to cheer people up Make Them Feel Happy And Loved Really Hides A Lot them feel happy and loved eally hides a lot yuck behind it polluting our water and soil a lot of yuck behind it polluting our water and soil pesticides exploiting workers and exposing them to toxic chemicals blocking bees birds butterflies etc from accessing their food sources adding to global warming by growing flowers in one locale and shipping them all over the world etc etc The main thing I didn t like about this book was that the author s love for cut flowers seemed to cause her to overlook the very problems she wrote aboutWith all that said I do enjoy flowers when they e growing out of the ground in my neighborhood and I d have loved to see beautiful photos of them but the ones in this book were not in color and all the brilliance and beauty was washed out and the photos were useless Since I suffer from allergies to everything that grows I m not the sort of person to keep vases of flowers around But this book is fascinating even if one isn t particularly flowery. Lily; a breeder of gerberas of every color imaginable; and an Ecuadorean farmer growing exuisite Darfur's Sorrow: A History of Destruction and Genocide roses the floral euivalent of a Tiffany diamond And at every turn she discovers the startling intersection of nature and technology of sentiment and commerc.