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Sed to make sure Frank shaped up but we come to find out that him meeting Toni was just enough to get Frank out of trouble for good The book I read was called Frank by LJ Alonge This book s main characters were Frank and his parents The setting in this book was mostly in a basketball court or in school The book Frank Was About Frank Who Would Struggled A Lot And Wouldn about Frank who would struggled a ot and wouldn stay out of trouble Frank was an interesting character to me because I can relate with him I ike to risk it and just go ahead and do something basically just doing things without thinking about my conseuences His mother is always telling him that he needs to be on top of his grades and stay out of trouble My mother also tells me and talks to me about me needing to stay out of trouble and start thinking twice about my conseuences But as Frank being one of the most main characters he makes this book interesting because he eaves you with your mouth open and want you to keep reading and find out what and want you to keep reading and find out what will do next LJ Alonge really took its time pacing this story slow This book is something believable because this can really happen in real ife and get you into conseuences Overall Frank had earned his esson in not being too wild and just doing things without him thinking He had enjoyed his time in the basketball team he was in I believe if you are a trouble kid and ike basketball this book could teach you some things and make you think twice about your choices But Other Than That other than that book is an interesting book to read so I challenge you to read Frank I thought that this book was a good read The main character Frankie plays basketball with a group of friends during the summer I iked this book because Frankie s character and mood change throughout the story In the beginning of the book he is mad at almost everything and at the end of the story he is forgiving towards his teammates and friend. Eby's all right And if anyone can handle a basketball team a police officer and a new girl on the horizon it's Frank Torres From the Paperback edition. ,
This book first caught my eye when I saw the cover The cover featured a boy Frank Torres in his team gear holding a basketball which interested me since I personally ove all athletics The story starts off in the narration of Frank who is a player for his community eague When the story begins I ike how Frank introduces himself and the way he introduces Officer Appleby the community officer Before the main conflict begins I am aware of all the characters which helps the reader Frank s papa mother and his younger brother Tomas are introduced in s papa mother and his younger brother tomas are introduced in story officer brother Tomas are introduced in story Officer is in charge of taking care of Frank and watches Frank s basketball games along with his dad Coach Wise who is the basketball coach for Frank s ocal team tries to put the players into shape by jogging but the players do not appreciate his style of coaching and would rather play basketball When I first read this part of the book it showed me that the team is mentally breaking and to me personally this indicates that they will not succeed on game day Towards the end of the book Frank s mother invites an art student to paint a portrait of Frank As I first read this part of the story I was interested on how Frank and the art student were going to interact and this part of the story I was interested on how Frank and the art student were going to interact and along The art student Toni was described with her appearance as green swoop of hair that covers her eyes nose ring studded belt studded bracelets black shirt black jeans black shoes and black nail polish At first Frank and Toni did not get along very well Toni would remain uiet without saying a word and whenever she did speak she was correcting Frank for anything she disagreed with As they began to know each other a ot better they started communicating Towards the end Frank tried to date Toni but she has not been interested in relationships The end really threw a curveball and caught me off guard The second book of the three that I ve rea. An action packed basketball series from author LJ Alonge set on the courts of Oakland CAFrank's not great at staying out of trouble He's also not grea. D in the series that focus on character driven stories that are hilow and usually feature sports This one is about Frank with his Catholic Latinx family where he sleeps in the same bed as his younger brother has gotten into trouble meets with a police officer for mentorship and plays basketball His mother is an artist and his father is always putting the moves on his mother It s family oriented with minimal conflict other when a coming of age story where ultimately only in the ast few chapters Frank most make a decision to stand a coming of age story where ultimately only in the ast few CHAPTERS FRANK MOST MAKE A DECISION TO STAND AGAINST Frank most make a decision to stand against and possibly be punished or take the fall Luckily he chooses to not give in to the officer and has to take conseuences that would have been easier if he threw the game but instead he realized that his friendships and relationships were stronger by standing up It was a good book I didn t get "what the journal entrys were about but I iked the idea "the journal entrys were about but I iked the idea Frank has some one important that can help him with anger and other issues Im mentioning officer Appleby Blacktop written by LJ Alonge talks about a young boy named Frank who is a very talented street basketball player Although he is famously known for his basketball skills he is also a trouble maker He ives in a rougher part of Oakland and does whatever he can do get money He has to have an officer watching him at games We come to earn that his officer is named Officer Appleby During one of Frank s basketball practices he asks his coach if they could go and try to play indoors which is a huge change of atmosphere They get the chance to play indoors but get completely crushed They get to play again and eventually get better as a team During one game Frank twists his ankle real bad and has to sit out a while During this time out Frank stays at home with his mom but meets a girl named Toni who is an apprentice to Frank s mother who is an artist Officer Appleby was suppo. T at driving cars After his joyride ends in a crash he's stuck with a court appointed Community Mentor for the summerBut it's not too bad Officer Appl. ,

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Frank Blacktop #3

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