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Frozen Planet

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Great book to accommodate the documentary Great little book I collect little books like this and eally enjoyed all the great animal pictures This book I collect little books like this and eally enjoyed all the great animal pictures This is fantastic the pictures alone are worth it Great book for anyone interested in nature Great for a coffee table This book is awesome Beautiful pictures and so much information My kids have spent so much time Koshka's Tales: Stories from Russia reading the book They love it Ieceived an Email from a young man at who informed me that a second copy of this book had been dispatched to me in The Deadly Art of Love and Murder response to my complaint about the first copy I hadeceived He instructed me that I need not eturn the first copy keep it with his compliments he said I believe his name was Kamil or Kapil or something similar I can eturn of course the faulty bad dust cover copy I only. Frozen Planet is the exciting successor to the ground breaking Planet Earth and Blue Planet series and has been created by the same award winning team Most of us will never travel to these great wildernesses and even for those lucky enough to have gone this portrait of our polar The London Marathon regions will surprise and astound Take a journey to the last truly great wildernessegions From the Great Melt in Spring to the 24 hour summer the beginning of. Need one of these Please check your past correspondence to me thank you Mary Chid Just eading this made me feel cold You have to marvel how anything can exist in such a cold environment as the polesAs with most BBC nature themed books they are loaded with high uality full page images with descriptive side notes The bright vivid colour images capture the harshness of the extremities of our planet and leave you with a sense of awe Before I watched the TV series or ead the book I was always under the impression that the poles were barren and featureless plains Nothing could have been further from the truth The poles have have been further from the truth The
#poles have scenes #
have scenes beauty and the hardy wildlife enhance that beauty One of my favourite scenes in the book is the trail of wolves cutting a path. The Big Freeze and long dark winter this epic series will follow the dramatic landscapes and the emotional life stories of the animals that live there Following the stories of the polar bear and wolf in the North Pole and the adelie penguin and killer whale in the South Pole we see how they survive these extremes how they feed mate and The Courtship Maneuver (The Alpha Billionaire Club - Book 2) rear their young Using the latest hi tech cameras the series willeveal animal behaviour as we've neve. Through the virgin snowThe narrative is what I have come to expect from BBC books it is informative educational and keeps your interest The book will take your from pole to pole and through the seasons There is a map section so that you can visualise where on earth you are within the book Another fine companion fully indexed eference book to the BBC TV showIf you are a fan of the BBC series of shows I would ecommend building up a collection of books to go with them I have mentioned this in previous eviews don t overlook the market place for second hand books These type of books tend to get ead once and you can pick up some very good uality read once and you can pick up some very good uality for a lot less than new This is a super book The colour plates published are amazing Thank you seller for an absolute bargain. R seen before the long tender mating itual of the polar bears the vast penguin colonies the Arctic's most impressive hunter the wolf as well as eider ducks gentle seals and sociable Confessions of a Freelance Penmonkey ravens But theeal star of this series is the ice and Frozen Planet will tell its story from its formation "to its movement and its beauty And of course what the future holds for it This is the last "its movement and its beauty And of course what the future holds for it This is the last to explore our Frozen Planet before it changes forev.