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Al I gave it four stars because Allio s writing "Was Too Subtle For Me There Were Some Important Events "too subtle for me There were some important vents the book that I just wasn t sure whether they actually happened because of the way they were presented But overall it s a great book Allio s language leaves me wordless Not speechless Wordless She has stolen all the words I might have used to describe her work and used them in her book That is the only way I can think of to relate Allio s mastery Allio s majesty is to suggest to "You To Humbly Entreat "to humbly ntreat to read what she has written It is Garner. Den history and the fierce longings locked in the hearts of its citizens “Bounded by her trees was the new England” muses the postman and local historian “It is said that if one had the gossamer soul of an angel and wings of an artist’s weave one might pass from Maine to Rhode Island crown to green crown and o’er New Hampshire Tree to tree one might travel ” But some may never leaveKirstin Allio has taught creative writing at Brown University and holds degrees from Brown and New York University Born in Maine she lives in Providence Rhode Island with her husband and sons This is her

first novel. 
novel. Curring images and metaphors as motifs The plot of the book is about a murder in a small town and Allio uses it as an ffective vehicle to xplore the tensions between male and female city folk "and country folk rural and urban landscapes The story is presented through different narrators it reminded me "country folk rural and urban landscapes The story is presented through different narrators it reminded me little of The Sound and the Fury and in different writing styles I had a little trouble with the poems and streams of conscious during the first sections of the book but I m glad I hung in there Allio s prose in later sections of the book is phenomen. Hat mark Garner’s borders as asily as she befriends its stoic residentsIn the summer of 1925 with Garner’s conomic prospects in decline a group of wealthy New Yorkers descends on the Giddens farm for summer leisure Even as Frances is drawn to the romance the newcomers represent darker forces are unleashed When her body is found in rain swollen Blood Brook this deeply private community begins to unravel Garner chronicles the mystery of Frances’ sudden death and the demise of a picture perfect New England town threatened by a new century Allio’s beautiful atmospheric prose reveals the town’s hid. ,

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Absolutely beautiful The poetry of the language made me want to go
on reading it 
reading it A treasure of metaphors i heard allio read from this book and thought the prose and setting lovely looking forward to reading the whole thing Really an awesome book Great writing and xperimental in form without being boring or pretentious The plot is asy to figure out that is if you have read nough murder mysteries but Allio still made me wonder about other possibilities until the very nd But the real treat here is The Writing The Language writing the language the use of re. “An legant luminous moving work of lyric prose Every page shimmers” Carole Maso“Fiercely imagined alive with incandescent imagery Kirstin Allio’s Garner is a memorable debut” John Burnham SchwartzLandlocked sail shaped Garner New Hampshire is a town "Delineated By Its Puritan Ethics And Its "by its Puritan Exile and Pilgrim ethics and its Free or Die” mentality Like the forbidding landscape of Wharton’s Ethan Frome this New England outpost keeps its secrets and shapes its inhabitants Frances Giddens a spiritedlusive girl born at the dawn of the twentieth century and now approaching womanhood moves through the forests and rivers ,
Garner author Kirstin Allio