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Rui s sweetheart and who gets to exhibit a little bit of agency but otherwise girls and women are relegated to existing somewhere off page doing lady thingsYet I can t discount the appeal these books will have for the right young people they are cozy and iet and decent and that s kind of nice right now when everything is big and scary They are written and translated beautifully in simple nadorned language These books are old fashioned and traditional and would be a good entry point into knightly fantasy for some young readers although no magic here and a feel good nostalgia bomb for some older #and adult readers to curl p withAlso I LOVE the covers Three years #adult readers to curl The Volleyball Coaching Bible - Volume II (The Volleyball Coaching Bible, up withAlso I LOVE the covers Three years now I pickedp a copy of this book s seuel The Letter for the King which had only just recently been translated into English I loved it and shortly after bought its seuel only to have had it sit on my bookshelf all this time with my excuse being that I wanted to re read the first before starting this one Well that never happened and finally the other day I picked it and plunged myself again into the kingdoms of Unauwen And Dagonaut Craftfully Created and Dagonaut craftfully created the pen of Tonke DragtI was delightfully reminded of the reason I had enjoyed the first so much The beautiful world building and medieval like setting young Tiuri and his faithful guide and friend Paik the highly amusing comments from the knights Tirillo I suealed when he showed Diccionario trilingüe Miskitu - Sumu-Mayangna - Español up again in book two and just the epic journeys and high stakes that have madep this series Add to that in this second installment romance a highly mysterious Master of the Wild Woods missing knights secrets and betrayals and Forgotten Cities and yes wow It certainly has a King Arthurian feel The writing itself is The Very First Christmas Stocking the Gifts of the 7 Coins uniue probably due to some to the fact that it was written in another language where the sentence structure is much different than English s but it only adds to the tale I m not one to write ornderline things in my books but I was so tempted in parts when I d suddenly burst out laughing at a dry or humorous remark or read a scene that had me holding my breathTiuri the young hero from book one is now a knight and finding it not be as thrilling as he once thought especially as he compares his now peaceful life with the adventure he had the year before Travelling to meet as pre arranged with other knights at a friend s castle they become concerned when the friend in Twisted (LOST, uestion never showsp and the last heard of him was that he was in the Wild Woods an overgrown and abandoned place supposedly haunted by Men in Green Finding him is not as straightforward as it seems and to ote the back cover As the darkness surrounds him and reports grow of plots and ruthless enemies Tiuri finds himself alone and fighting for survival caught in a world where good and evil wear the same face and the wrong move could. Gekeerd in zijn kasteelEr worden vreemde verhalen verteld over het Wilde Woud van ruwe rove.

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Of my all time favourite children s books is De brief aan de koning by Tonke Dragt and I thrilled aan de koning by Tonke Dragt and I was thrilled decades after the original release this much treasured classic finally received its m Since when is the seuel twice as good as the original book Maybe my tastes have changed but I did not enjoy the writing style of the first book in this series The Letter for the King and the plot seemed so bland But I enjoyed the niue writing style of this book the plot kept my attention and the characters are believable I definitely want to read of Tonke Dragt s books if I can find any others that have been translated Or maybe I should se this as a good excuse to learn Dutch This was such a wonderful bookFirst things first this is such a beautiful book When I first opened it there was a map on the inside and when you took of the dust cover there was a beautiful imprint on the book just wow at the design on the whole bookI am a big fan of fantasy books and this one is at the top for me From the first page I was pulled into this fantasy world surrounded by all the wonderful charactersI really love the world building in this book I love how Tanke has built her own fantasy world The story and characters where very engaging Also Laura Watkinson has done a wonderful job in translating this bookThe story is very intriguing filled with journeys sword fights and friendship We meet a lot characters we already know from the previous book and get to meet a handful of interesting characters as wellThis was a fantastic fantasy story that will have you gripped from the very first page It will transport you into the book and you feel like you are apart of this brilliant storyCannot recommend this story enough to everyone 455 Gooooood I did think the first book was better This book and its prior book The Letter for the King will be lovely for the right reader but they aren t my jam Both were originally written in Dutch in the 1960s and just now translated to English They are classic Arthurian stories of knights and ests centered around kind honorable Tiuri who is a suire in the first book and a young but already well liked knight in the second Tiuri embodies all of the classic knightly alities of chivalry honor bravery and humility even better he is compassionate and kind Yet for young readers he S Still Relatable In His Doubts And still relatable in his doubts and I find both books deadly dull because they are slow old fashioned and straightfoward There isn t enough story or character development for me to connect with The characters wander in and out of woods and castles and battlefields and endlessly ride their horses from one destination to another This is a journey of a story and when all is said and done not all that much happens even if the fate of whole kingdoms rests on Tiuri s shoulders There is one female character who I like Ti. Ridder Tiuri en zijn vriend Piak gaan op zoek naar ridder Ristridin want hij is nooit terug. Geheimen van het Wilde WoudCost him everything Another great book of Tonke Dragt Have to read again soon After reading the first book I decided to read the second right after and I am not disappointed Finally Tiuri is officially a knight He is invited to come to knight Ristridin s castle in spring However when he arrives he is informed that knight Ristridin has not returned yet from the Wild Wood Concerns grow and Tiuri and his friends are determined to solve the mystery and find their lost friendWhen I opened the book I was pleasantly surprised to once again see a map This was a close p from the previous mapwhich can be also found at the end It showed the Wild Wood and little around that area I really like that This way you can really follow the journey and really like that This way you can really follow the journey and paths they take Like the Letter for the King this book also has a simple writing style I do however see the differences between this book and books that are recently writtenas this book is from 1963 The pace is ite fast and I liked the story I actually found thrill here than In The Previous One the previous one the story was also again a predictable But this is a children s book so I don t really mind I think children maybe have a different experience regarding the book being predictable and a little dull sometimes In my review for the Letter for
*the king i *
King I that I thought the characters were a little bland They definitely improved in this book I loved how the friendship between Tiuri and Piak progressed and developed The characters came across a little mature than the previous book I read a little bit about love some fight scenes and even death This book just was a little complex and less childlikealthough it obviously still is a children s book Which was a joy for me to read I think Tonke really did a great job describing and developing this world even further 35 An old fashioned fantasy that manages to be different from the sual I m excited about this author because she s Dutch and I find translations interesting There s a whole world of kid s and YA books that I am not privy to because I only read English I mean what are the French fantasy classics What about Yugoslavia The Russians had a beautiful golden age of children s illustration it may not have ended who knows Not me Because I only read English So thanks to all the translators out there who make it possible for my ignorant self to enjoy writers like Tonke Dragt I wanted to love this book I really did As much as The Letter the previous instalment of Tiuri s adventures but I just didn t I found the pace slower the characterisation a little thinner although I did love the deepened friendship with Piak the structure episodic and the tension less convincing Saying all this it s far far from a bad book It draws the reader into the world of Dagonaut and its medieval style society with fantasy elements that are subtle. Rs en bosgeesten van doodlopende dwaalwegen en ruïnes en van mysterieuze Mannen in het Gro.