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Gender ueerS like for people to feel they have a gender it s All A Mystery To a mystery to It s a vast understatement to say I was wracked with envy as I read Maia s story of growing up in a world where the right words do exist and people like oneself can be found and befriendedYessssssssssMaia seems content with the general self description of genderueer with no need to pin it down further I went through mood swings as I read resonating powerfully with some of eir experiences and finding others utterly alien for example eir asexuality Sometimes I just had to laugh at the odd parallels in our lives like thisWhen I was a id I was the one everyone called if they needed to be saved from a snake Actually I still am because I m on call for my local community as a rattlesnake relocator Enough than enough ugh about me I d like to say about the book honestly but it put me through the wringer emotionally and I ve pretty much exhausted my ability to be coherent I hope it finds a wide audience or at least finds its way to the folks who can benefit from and rejoice at seeing genderuirkiness embraced and explored Mini review FANTASTIC Really Read it This graphic novel memoir about gender and identity should make top 10 lists of various inds for a it This graphic novel memoir about gender and identity should make top 10 lists of various inds for a long time Youthfully bright honest uncertain optimistic I adored this It was so heartfelt detailed and very deeply honest raw and personal I loved the page where the author was like when e was a teen I m never writing comics about my personal lifelolol But honestly overall this hit me Very Deeply And I M deeply and I m grateful I got to read it Absolute recommendation with my whole heartIt just ended too abruptly I was there franticly trying to scroll further on my ecopy and I m like no do not end This memoir is so damn liberating And yes everyone deserves a family like that Loved this one so much I wrote this book and I am proud of it I needed this book 20 years ago Words can not describe how much I love this book It s a memoir about growing up and figuring out that one is non binary and asexual While I am not asexual I am non binaryand while I can look back on my life now and realize I have always been this way Gender ueer is a memoir comic by Maia Kobabe with a title that signals the desire to reach out to others I think of similar non binary inclinations or commitments In this still relatively new moment of non binary pronoun usage to signal identity Kobabe uses the Gayatri Spivak system of e em eir E also identifies as asexual though e does have a ink or two For part of the book Kobabe identified as Ntensely cathartic autobiography charts eir journey of self identity which includes the mortification and confusion of adolescent crushes grappling with how to come out to family and society bonding with friends over erotic gay fanfiction and facing the trauma of ,

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I but really e does not want to be either a girl or boy so e s just for the sake of identification not trans or have any sexual relationships with others though we learn e tried Eir ueer sister at one point told em she thought Maia was genderless and this might be something e would still agree with not sure Eir family and friends have all been very supportive it seemsI had to look up the difference between the non binarygender ueer and gender fluid which is about fluctuating between genders or being flexible about it allKobabe is shy secretive non confrontational so it seems like a particular act of courage for someone like em to write such a book to share her story though probably for others on the road to their own journies than even for em How m I doing on the pronoun usage ids I m a cis gendered dude of a certain age I will admit I am still learning and had to go over this several timesNot that I think this book describes a phase but I have the sense that Kobabe will think somewhat differently about all these issues ten years from now which is not to say e will suddenly become binary I just have this feeling that part of identity for many to say e will suddenly become binary I just have this feeling that part of identity for many seems to involve exploration just figuring things out Youth is a particular time for this of course maybe for some people it happens later Until this book made me think hard about it I hadn t realized how many people I A Wish Your Heart Makes know that are probably gender ueer I like the art I likenowing eir story I guess the only issue I have with the book is that titling it thus makes it appear less autobiographical and like a book that defines a topic which it does not It is about em and eir specific identity issuescommitments while introducing you to the idea generally of people being non binary But anyone who is gender ueer or Agricultural Development: An International Perspective (Johns Hopkins Studies in Development) knows someone who is ought to read this book I think You ll learn a lot I did I am glad it is being read by so many people already on Goodreads people largely seeming to love it i enjoyed thisi rarely read memoirs but i m thinking that i won t be rating them since it sind of hard to rate a real person s real experiencesi will say this was s real experiencesi will say this was very personal memoir that highlighted the author s journey to self acceptance and discovery eir were constantly growing and changing and i liked that the end of this graphic novel was ind of open ended but satisfyingi also think that despite the simple language used and minimal text emotion was displayed very well and i feel like it opened my eyes even to what it s like being gender ueernon binary definitely recommend this on. Ap smears Started as a way to explain to eir family what it means to be nonbinary and asexual Gender ueer is than a personal story it is a useful and touching guide on gender identity what it means and how to think about it for advocates friends and humans everywhe. Some people are born in mountains while others are born by the sea Some people are happy to live in the place they were born while others must make a journey to REACH THE CLIMATE IN WHICH THEY CAN FLOURISH AND the climate in which they can flourish and being a 18 year old teen i am still uestioning my sexual orientation and gender preferences at times I feel I am biace or maybe ueer so I decided to spend some time reading about them So here s to this bookI found this book really really brave amazing liberating and honest Can I say I feel connected at times I told you I am still uestioningIt s like one of the best non fiction memoir I have read in a while and it s a graphic book or what are you guys waiting Its a graphic bookJust grab a copy and start itRecommended for non binary Asexual ueer Or maybe someone like me just exploringSome of the fav lines It was everyone else being silly not me This seed put out many leaves but I didn t have the language to identify the plant Friendship is NINE THOUSAND TIMES better than romance I d be constantly resenting my id for taking up all my time I m way too selfish for parenting I wish I didn t fear that my identity I m way too selfish for parenting I wish I didn t fear that my identity too political for a classroomAnd not to forget all the one direction references Larry Larry Larry Are you like Contemporary African literature kidding me Wooooow www Miss Author Welcome to one of the best fandomSeriously this is ushi oops corden angelstattoos I am trash for you now Maia Heck yesssssssOkay enough of fangirling I am going byee A memoir by someone so much like me yet at the same time so unlike me A few times I had to set it down and cry Be forewarned that I can t even pretend to aspire to objectivity and brace yourselves for a review that s going to be about me than about the book Or move along if that understandably doesn t appeal to youThe graphic novel format lends itself well to Maia Kobabe s story perhaps because it adds a playful element that complements the sheer uirkiness of eir life experienceThis was me too from the time I was 11 years old But I was born in an era when there was no way to communicate that fundamental fact about myself because the language did not yet exist for concepts like gender identity As I grew up Iept trying to tell people about how I am but after a couple of decades had to give it up as a hopeless cause Only recently did I discover that there are now finally words I can use to describe myself to others the most general of which is genderueer More specifically I identify as agender ie I have no sense of gender at all I can t even stretch my imagination far enough to guess what it. In 2014 Maia Kobabe who uses eemeir pronouns thought that a comic of reading statistics would be the last autobiographical comic e would ever write At the time it was the only thing e felt comfortable with strangers nowing about em Now Gender ueer is here Maia's .