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Get Paid For Your Pad: How to Maximize Profit From Your Airbnb ListingS stay as perfect as possible A number of clever hacks and tricks lit up the I hadn t thought of that light bulb and it s clear the step by step design has been well thought out It s well formatted with bullet points and a number of colorful action do this now type boxes It was published in August 2014 and the advice will stay relevant for years to come Get Paid For Your Pad is an easy read It s very insightful as to who what when where and how to manage your own AirBnB rental The book is written in such a way that your concerns and ideas are answered plus additional information is mentioned that you may not have thought ofI plan on purchasing my first property very soon What I thought might be my first private live in home has now become of an AirBnB rental idea where it can still be my live in home but with uests in mind Get Paid For Your Pad is the I was lucky enough to hear about this book on one of the Airbnb Host forums right as I was starting out It has invaluable information for the newbie host I felt so much confident having read this with what I needed to have do and consider to ensure having a Ancestral Voices: Religion and Nationalism in Ireland great HostGuest experience Insider tips have paid off In two and half months I ve had 30 bookings literally as much as I could handle currently 5 Star rated and now my listing consistently appears on the first page of listings for my area Highly recommend For the first time I actually feel confident about renting out and making a profit from my flat I ve always had uestions and concerns and not really known how too about with it or Animal Ecology get started apart from justetting in touch with real estate agents but knew Airbnb was the best way to Art and Cartography: Six Historical Essays goiven my lifestyleA must read for anyone who wants to know the tips tricks and long term solution for renting out their pad whilst making a healthy income from itAlso the podcasts are John for Everyone: Part One, Chapters 1-10 gold All in all very educational and entertaining Looking forward to future products I m new to Airbnb started hosting July 2014 and while I m pleasantly surprised at the level of bookings I have for a new listing I know that there is I can do This ebookives me plenty of information I want to reread and digest it before I start changing the information in me plenty of information I want to reread digest it before I start changing the information in my but it all makes sense Read learn improve profit. Price point for profit maximization • How to catapult your search rank within the Airbnb platform This book comes with a FREE audio book Get Paid For Your Pad is the definitive book for Airbnb hosts and includes • little known tips tricks to optimize your listing • examples from real profitable Airbnb listings • stories and strategies from successful Airbnb hosts • Do This Now action items to et your listing ready for primetime • easy to implement tactics and turn key templates that can be employed to launch and optimize your Airbnb business right awa. ,

S much satisfying than long term rentals and 2 It s very very possible to make 2 3x the typical net returns versus a long term strategyI am using this book to shape my business plan for each of my future AirBnB properties and will be using it as a tool to continually reference Great work Jasper and Huzefa Very easy 1010 I purchased the Kindle version of Get Paid for Your Pad in 2014 along with a few other books about Airbnb and this has become my favorite o to reference for myself and my partner in our own propertylisting It is also the one that I recommend to new hosts as a Betting on Ideas: Wars, Inventions, Inflation great starting point as it is well structured and easy to read As well as covering the nuts and bolts of setting up an Airbnb and the benefits of doing so the author also relates his own personal journey from stressed out employee to fulfilled world traveler and how hosting on Airbnb has provided the means for him to make this transitionWhether you re already a host new to hosting or just plain curious about Airbnb and what it could offer you I would recommend this as areat resource that you will dip into and benefit from time and again While I am an experienced short term rental investorhost I found into and benefit from time and again While I am an experienced short term rental investorhost I found book to have fresh ideas to improve my search rankings and et satisfaction The format was intelligent and the writing smooth I recommend this book for anyone just starting or wanting to improve their hosting business This book provided an excellent start for those new to Airbnb and also plenty of tips for established hosts The author writes in an easy engaging style with plenty of anecdotes and advice Note the engaging style with plenty of anecdotes and advice Note the on tax covers the US system You can safely skip the first 20 pages if the story behind the book is less appealing or you d simply rather et down to businessGet Paid For Your Pad is a step by step introduction to the world of renting our your space on AirBnB It certainly isn t rocket science and a few hours of messing around on the site would make your listing serviceable Hearing the best practices from someone that s made 6 figures on the site however is worth the time to read and set things up correctlyThe authors correctly note the processes into making a listing work not just the online listing but the offline components authors correctly note the processes into making a listing work not just the online listing but the offline components making a Berlioz and His Century: An Introduction to the Age of Romanticism guest. Are missing out on significant rental income Things you’ll learn in this book This step by stepuide to renting your home on the Airbnb platform teaches you in detail how to take advantage of this opportunity It covers • How Jasper went from making per year to from his apartment in Amsterdam • How to prepare your home like a star hotel in a cost effective manner • How to set up a dazzling and polished Airbnb listing from start to finish • How to communicate with uests in a professional and responsive way • How to scientifically calculate an optimal. I have a few decorating books some housekeeping books I pin all kinds of articles on how to make a lovely bed I am not planning on doing an Airbnb at any time BUT have been blown away by some of the reat Airbnb rentals I ve stayed at This book is awesome at telling step by step how to even make your Atlantic Double-Cross: American Literature and British Influence in the Age of Emerson guest room inviting It is really what I ve been looking for to try and add that special hotelb b feeling I had Jasper my podcast The Entrepreneurs Library toive a deep and add special hotelb b feeling I had Jasper on my podcast The Entrepreneurs Library to Awakening Spaces: French Caribbean Popular Songs, Music, and Culture give a deep of Get Paid For Your Pad With Jasper s experience heives amazing insight on how to make the most money on Airbnb If you would like to hear a review from the author himself check out episode 81 on theELpodcastcombooks If you re serious about letting your property on Airbnb reading this should be on the top middle and bottom of your list of things to doMany business books cover just basics or principles and trying to find the practical ways to apply them is not always possible or readily apparent Get Paid for Your Pad shuns that trend and digs right into the nitty Edge of Venomverse gritty Everything you need to know is coveredI ve been renting 4 properties on airbnb for around 2 years now so consider myself a somewhat seasoned vet of the airbnb rental market When this book was recommended to me my initial thought was that there would be little toain from reading it I was wrong and I m pleased about that Having begun implementing a number of the lessons delivered i ve seen an incredible increase in revenue of 21% in the past month5 stars for a truly fantastic product This is an exciting account of how Jasper a highly paid trader jacked in his stressful job changed his lifestyle and enjoyed a life of luxury Alliance Rising: The Hinder Stars I (Alliance-Union Universe) globe trotting by utilising AirBnB with his Dutch apartment The book is full of practical tips about how you can do this too A must read Purchased this wonderful piece of literary knowledge after listening to Jasper s podcast It s day 1 and I m already 23rds through the book This is a comprehensiveuide unlike anything that s available regarding AirBnB periodI had planned on long term rental strategies for my property and future properties but had been slowly learning about the benefits of short term rentals This book helps to affirm the facts that 1 AirBnB hosting can and How To Make Money On Airbnb If you have a home and an Internet connection you may very well be sitting on a oldmine You could be making hundreds of dollars a night Even just renting out a spare room could bring in well over a month Renting in the short stay market when done correctly crushes the return from long term tenants Like hundreds of thousands of people you can boost your rental profits by to times with the most well known short stay marketplace in the world Airbnb If you have a home or spare room that is ever empty when you are on holiday for example you.

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