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Gladiator Fight for Freedom

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Surprisingly good I ve always been intrigued by gladiators and the story of Spartacus so when I saw this YA series I thought I d give it a ead just out of curiosity Wow Am I happy I didThe story surrounds Marcus a ten year old Roman who lives with his mother and father Boooooooring For a long time I have BEEN INTERESTED IN HISTORICAL FICTION AND ANCIENT ROME HAS interested in historical fiction and ancient Rome has special place in my heart when it comes to interests This is the place in my heart when it comes to interests This is the volume of a new series about Marcus Cornelius Primus As the book opens Marcus father Titus Cornelius Pollenius is on the battlefield fighting in the conclusion to the Spartarcus wars The ebelling slaves have all but lost Just at the conclusion of the battle Titus saves the leading General Pompeius from an attack by one of the slaves and is El show de Grossman rewarded with a selection of theecently captured slaves Titus chooses Marcus mother LiviaAfter this opening the novel jumps ahead 10 years The family has settled on an island estate only to find its fortunes fading largely due to struggling crops from their farms They are greatly in debt and everything falls apart when Decimus comes calling after his money Since none is forthcoming Desimus decides to take it in the form of the family itself Titus is killed and Livia and Marcus are sold into slavery Unfortunately they are separated with Marcus finding himself taking on the Minor Marriage in Early Islamic Law role of gladiator in trainingFrom their the story takes on common forms Marcus is confronted with a school bully while also being befriended by a wizened former gladiator that not only provides guidance but might hold Marcus future in his hands Marcus would like nothing better than to get free andeconnect with his mother The hope is that someone could understand that he and his mother are Plato and the Power of Images really free citizens who have basically been kidnapped then maybe they will have their freedom back This wouldeally be great if General Pompeius heard of their situation sin. Gladiaattori – Taistelu vapaudesta on Simon Scarrowin uuden nuorille suunnatun historiallisen seikkailusarjan avausteos Kirjan tapahtumat sijoittuvat Rooman valtakuntaan vuonna 61 ennen ajanlaskumme alkua Kirja nousi heti ilmestymisviikollaan Britannian bestseller listalleNuoren Marcus Cornelius Primuksen elämä muuttuu ankaran kurinalais. ,

Ce he owes Marcus father so much Unfortunately few believe the word of a slave How will Marcus survive his training as a gladiator and help gain his and his mother s freedom That is the A Vulcan's Tale: How the Bush Administration Mismanaged the Reconstruction of Afghanistan real uestion and the storyline keeps the pages turning Ieally liked the story but it will have a tough time finding an audience Marcus is only 10 years old at the start of the book and the author does nothing "to hide the violent and difficult times in which he lives "hide the violent and difficult times in which he lives makes this a tough The House by the Thames: And The People Who Lived There read for most upper elementary school students and I am not sure that a lot of middle andor high school students would want toead about a character this young With that said THE ACTION AND VIOLENCE ADDS A action and violence adds a of Professor Unrat reality and would very much keep the interest even of oldereaders if they can just get past his youthI am actually surprised that this is the only book of this topic to come out I know the Starz Spartacus series is very popular and well written and this Kämpfer Der Hoffnung: Wie Ich Den Kindern Madagaskars Eine Zukunft Gab really nicely connects to that as well as the earlier Rome series that was on Showtime Like those two series I think this novel presents a fairlyealistic view of life at the timeThe only major shortcoming I felt after finishing the book is that I Tell the Machine Goodnight really would have liked Scarrow to have included an Author s Note to talk a little bit about hisesearch about the times and whatwho was eal and what was part of his creative process Similarly it might have been helpful to include a map particularly in the early portion of the book when the enslaved Livia and Marcus are being shipped around and a glossary of
"roman terms to "
terms to with keeping straight some of the weapons the money and the types of gladiators That is nitpicking thoughI am greatly looking forward to the next volume in the series 1I decided to ead Fight for Freedom by Simon Scarrow because I enjoy learning about ancient Greece and so since Rome is Right next to Greece I decided to ead this book i also had a ea. Eksi hänen aloittaessaan huipputaistelijaksi tähtäävän koulutuksen gladiaattorikoulussa Marcus ei voi unohtaa menneisyyttään hänen isänsä on murhattu ja äitinsä siepattu ja myyty orjaksi Marcus janoaa kostoa ja on päättänyt etsiä käsiinsä isänsä entisen komentajan Pompeius Suuren pyytääkseen apua ja pelastaakseen äitin. ,
D of the blurb and saw that his father was murdered as a centurion which high ank in the Roman Military so i wanted to find out 2One of the Characters I found interesting in Fight for Freedom was Marcus Cornelius Primus because at the start his father was confronted be a tax collector s thug and so marcus decided to train his dog his best and only friend into a guard dog a fierce and killer dog i found that interesting because i don t think i would do something like that but his dog was still killed along with interesting because i don t think i would do something like that but his dog was still killed along with father 3My favorite uote from the book was said by Brixus a lieutenant of the Famous Spartacus who said to Marcus you carry the mark of the ebellion you carry the mark of Spartacus i fond this interesting because he said in a slave house and nearly yelled it Saying this would have gotten him and Marcus killed if Someone had heard them4Something I thought deeply about in the book was that marcus when they were being transported to the slave market he would keep telling people he was a citizen of Rome which kept getting him Beaten until they keep telling people he was a citizen of Rome which kept getting him Beaten until they to hurt his mother 35 starsBig warning about spoilers Don t look at the titles of the est of the series before you finish this book or you ll be able to guess the big Ninth City Burning reveal at the end very easily It is predictable anyway but stillThis is the kind of book that would have been much believable if Marcus the main character had been two years older His age works at first because he still has a lot of childhood innocence and believes that people will believe him if he tells the truth and that people will fight for what isight However as soon as loses that he starts behaving in a much mature way a way that is a bit too mature for a boy who just turned elevenEven though most of the plot was predictable and unsurprising this book is written in a way that kept me The Extras reading until Ieached the last page and left me wanting to Özgüven Öğrenilebilir read theest of the serie. Sä Tietämättään hän kuitenkin kantaa hengenvaarallista salaisuutta Jos Deutsche Sagen roomalaiset saavat sen selville pakotietä ei oleSimon Scarrow on kerännyt maailmalla suurta suosiota historiallisille faktoille uskollisillaomaaneillaan Scarrow kiinnostui historiasta koulussa; akkaus antiikin maailmaan sai alkunsa latinan ja historian tunneill. .